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Vanilla Ylang Ylang Patchouli Handmade Soap

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Brand: Soape / Type: Soap / Suitable for: Hand

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    1 Review
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      18.07.2012 22:57
      Very helpful



      Sounds like an odd combination but actually works nicely

      When I first discovered the lovely Casyopea soaps available through online retailer Soape, I started to work my way though the free samples that could be bought for all of the range. Although I didn't try them all in that way before they introduced a 60p charge for each 25g sample, I tried enough of the range to know the types I liked best, so I was pretty sure when I bought this Vanilla, Ylang-ylang and Patchouli glycerine soap, I was fairly certain I was going to like it.

      It's worth saying at the outset that these soaps are not tested on animals and are suitable for use by vegans. No detergents or artificial frothing agents are used. Soape claim that these glycerine soaps are suitable for all skin types. So far as I can see, the only thing left to tackle is the packaging as the full size bars come wrapped in clear cellophane that I don't know how to recycle, or even if it can be.

      This soap does look very luxurious and indulgent, almost like a piece of handmade chocolate. It's a deep brown colour with a slightly reddish tint, and curls of a lighter colour inside. If this fragrance was just vanilla and patchouli I wouldn't hesitate to say that the colour and the scent go together but the ylang-ylang is something of a curve ball. For those that don't know, ylang-ylang is a floral scent, a bit reminiscent of jasmine but with a slight orangey aroma, similar to neroli. Patchouli is of course, a warm, slightly musky fragrance and it works well with the light, sweet spiciness of vanilla. I wasn't really sure how the three could work together but they do, and very nicely too.

      The fragrance of this soap is very similar to the amber scented glycerine soap from the same brand. It's warm and sensuous and very grown up. Patchouli is not a favourite scent of mine but I'll put up with it if it's in the background and not too obvious; it's the smell strong neat patchouli oil that I don't care for. In this blend it's very mild and obviously plays its part but happily for me it's not over-powering. The vanilla is also easily detected and, again happily for me, not too cloying as it can often be in perfumes. There's a light floral note to this fragrance but not one I'd have attributed to ylang-ylang; however, it is noticeable and lifts the scent a little though the over-riding aroma is warm and mellow rather than the sort of light and fresh scent I'd associate with ylang-ylang.

      If all this is too involved for a simple bar of soap, suffice to say that it's another grown up scent, a mix of mild sugar and spice that makes me think of long baths rather than wake-up showers.

      Like the other glycerine soaps I've tried in this range, it lathers very well (no worries about the lack of artificial frothers) and the lather feels rich and indulgent but still washes off quickly without residue. The scent intensifies slightly when the soap is wet and after use the scent on my skin is a gentle vanilla with a hint of musk. This soap doesn't dry my skin though I wouldn't use it on my face where my skin tends to be more sensitive.

      This 100g full size bar is priced at £2.40 which is about average for this kind of prooduct. Unfortunately there is a delivery charge and free delivery doesn't kick in until you sepnd £16 which makes these products quite costly; as a result I tend to wait until there's a promotion and stock up. I was very happy with my purchase as I have been with almost everything I have bought from this retailer and would recommend this particular soap to people who like rich, warm perfumes.


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