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Wild Olive Apricot Honey & Almond Soap

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Brand: Wild-Olive / Type: Soap

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    1 Review
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      22.07.2011 04:13
      Very helpful



      An all natural soap with a lovely country smell & does what it says.

      After I finished using Wild Olive's Oatmeal & Vanilla home made soap, I couldn't wait to try the rest of the soap products from this private company, based in England. A look on the company website revealed the truth about this small business which is owned by Ms. Holmes who started soap making and now continues to sell her products in many private shops, some of which include health shops because of the botanical roots and for the fact that the soaps are made from 100% natural ingredients. Despite the lack of response to share my enjoyment of the previous product, I was really taken with the scents on offer from the range of "inspired by nature," soap blocks that Wild Olive also sell.

      In this case, or quite literally another edible looking square of fudge, "Wild Olive Apricot, Honey & Almond," claims to nourish skin and comes with the most wonderful inspirational scent from the fruits, honey and nuts that it contains. Like the last soap product purchased, this soap looks like a glycerine block with natural additives trapped inside and comes in its own delightful square slide out "trinket box" packaging that would make the most ideal gift for soap fans. Prices however are quite expensive - yet again - for the quantity you get here, for 100g the cost prices can be costly ranging from £3-50 to £4-80 (Amazon.co.uk) per 100g although Wild Olive themselves sell 50g bars at £1-99 and £3-99 for the 100g respectively - though it is best to check for availability and from my local health store, the 100g bar soap cost me closer to £6 for the privilege! Although the promise of quality is always a statement that the owner of this company, Julie Holmes makes - I couldn't wait to get the soap home and try it because of the lovely, clean scent emanating from the delightful glossy box.

      In use, "Apricot, Honey & Almond," is a wonderful country like scent that leaves a mild fragrance on my body. Under the duration of a hot flowing shower, I found that it didn't take long for the soap bar to start diminishing in size - a factor for its all natural ingredients - but unlike other soaps I've bought over the years from "home made" roots or soaps that claim to be made of natural additives, Wild Olive's soap never breaks up in two and keeps its shape right to the end (why else do you think it's taken me this long to post a product review on, fresh from Ciao, another exclusive for Dooyoo?), even though hot steam seems to affect its longevity and for that purpose alone, I always keep the slide out box in the bathroom to retain its size until next use.

      On my skin, the soap has a very silky feeling under water and doesn't dry the soap out - so unlike other mass brand soaps made with chemicals. The soap has a silky, velvety tactile feeling very similar to Johnsons & Johnsons mild baby soap, a product that I had to use whilst on holiday following a spate of midge bites when camping out in North Scotland but then found Wild Olive's Apricot, Honey and Almond to be far more effective when washing the bites and spots when I returned home. This soap also lathers up quite well, citing the feeling that a little goes a long way IF used sparingly with this product rather than the intention of constantly using it until it disappears away to a square wafer thin like pebble in a continual-three to seven-day usage! Using the soap maybe once or twice a week will give this product much better longevity.

      It is the natural ingredients here and the actual quantity of 100grams that can be a downside despite being overly impressive as my soap seems to run down faster because of the use I've had with it. Because the cleaning factor is excellent with the mild aspect on skin, I have used it to wash my face as well and find it universally excellent with the only downside that it can dry skin out on my chin and lower neck after towelling down, but not around my cheeks or forehead where other soap products leave my skin dry and blotchy, Wild Olive here wins -only just - by leaving the rest of my skin blemish free and normal looking. A secret to its nourishing factor is simply because of its contents:

      Olive Oil: A natural oil that keeps blackheads and spots away as well as acting as a soft moisturiser.

      Palm Oil: An oil that is rich in antioxidants as well as Vitamins A & D, it normally has a fairly light consistency that doesn't block pores. Also moisturises well and when used in hair, leaves hair soft.

      Coconut Oil: Makes an ideal oil to combat dryness and rough skin and normal unrefined oil usually doesn't carry such a strong scent, either.

      Honey: A natural protector & antibacterial that also leaves skin radiant.

      Natural fragrances added: Apricot, honey and Almond.

      Once again, this is another great soap product from Wild Olive. It does what it claims and promises with only a few downsides to some dry skin than most after rinsing off. The scent however could be stronger as it is quite enticing and very warming to relax with. However, but for the fact that its honey additive has relieved me of mild midge bites, it is a wonderful all purpose product to consider - it just doesn't seem to do well on stubble areas! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2011


      Handmade in Derbyshire


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