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Yardley English Rose Soap

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3 Reviews
  • Lovely soap with a gorgeous scent
  • Expensive and may not appeal to males
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    3 Reviews
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      06.11.2014 12:45
      Very helpful


      • "Lovely soap with a gorgeous scent"


      • "Expensive and may not appeal to males"

      Smell Like an English Rose!

      Review of Yardley English Rose Bar Soap

      This product was received as part of a gift set last Christmas; the set contained Eau de Toilette, talcum powder, soap and body lotion.
      The Product
      The soap was presented wrapped in a rather classy looking paper wrapper. This was prettily decorated with the Yardley logo and an image of a long stemmed, pink rose. The wrapper is mainly white and pink. My bar of soap weighed in at 100g, so it was a reasonable size.

      The actual soap is a chunky oblong shaped cake of soap. The colour is a very feminine pale pink and the soap has the Yardley name engraved deeply into one side of the bar.
      The soap is deliciously scented, sweet and floral as you would expect from a rose scented product. The fragrance of roses is released even more strongly when you begin to use the soap. I was very impressed with the lathering qualities of this soap; it produced a rich, creamy lather with no effort at all, even here in Kent where we have extremely hard water. The soap leaves skin feeling fresh and clean, not at all dry or taut as some bar soaps can. The real beauty of this soap is the fragrance, it really does linger and I love it! The scent clings to your skin and as I have several items within the range, I am enjoying layering the products for a longer lasting fragrance experience.

      As I have mentioned in other reviews about the contents of this gift set, at first I was a little apprehensive about the products being rose scented as I have always associated rose and similar floral scents with old ladies, my slight fears were groundless and I feel this would be suitable for all age groups. That said I doubt many men would want to use this, as it is unashamedly feminine!
      A quick web search shows this soap sells for around £4 on Amazon for the 100g size, at that price it is not something I would buy for myself, but Christmas is coming and this would make a lovely gift for a lady who likes floral scents.

      My Thoughts and Conclusion
      I am very impressed by this soap, it does all I’d expect a bar of soap to do, the fragrance is lovely, freshly floral with a hint of sandalwood and amber, a classic combination. The Yardley Company has been around for many years and on the whole I have usually found their products them to be very good.
      I would definitely recommend this English Rose bar soap to others, it is a luxury soap that delivers excellent cleansing properties enhanced with a lovely floral scent.
      I am awarding this product a 5* rating.
      Thank you for reading
      ©brittle1906 November 2014

      My reviews may be found on other sites under the same user name


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        01.06.2012 13:04
        Very helpful



        This soap is surprisingly pleasing and will appeal to many age groups.

        I acquired this soap from my 87 year old mother-inlaw. She resides in an old people's home and every year at Christmas - receives copious amounts of toiletries and chocolates. I must admit though that it is not easy to choose an innovative or useful gift for a lady this age. My husband and I have bought her numerous cardigans from the Wool Shop. She will not entertain synthetic fibres, only 100% wool, she puts on her glasses with the thickest pair of lens to check that the label has the 'wool' symbol on it. The problem is though - is that most of the 100% wool cardigans end up in the laundry at the care home, and these need to be hand-washed. Unfortunately 3 of them had shrunk.

        Come January time, she tends to offload what she doesn't want on to me. She hates her room cluttered, and despises carrier bags lying around.

        I was sceptical about the Yardley's English Rose Soap as I had this preconception in my mind that I would end up smelling like an old lady if I were to use it. I can't help associating Lavender with the Yardley brand, and I can recall this lady at Church reeking of it when I was younger.

        I thought about delegating it to the charity box along with my own unwanted Christmas gifts but I had opened it as I was curious about what it looked like.

        Yardley English Rose Soap out of the tin:

        I do tend to love soap that is etched with Logo's and this did. The words 'YARDLEY, London' are deeply etched into the soap, and the word 'London' pleasantly reminded me of how English this product is. I would describe the colour of the soap as being baby pink which matched its subtle fragrance.

        What's on the label?

        ENGLISH ROSE, LUXURY SOAP. Yardley's classic English Rose is an evocative light, fresh, floral fragrance. Triple milled for a luxurious lather. Yardley London Luxury Soap leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and delicately fragranced.

        What did it small like?

        I expected the smell to be really overpowering as I have found Yardley's products to have a very strong aroma. However - I was very surprised to find how subtle the fragrance was which was mildly floral and fresh. Apparently - it contains a combined aroma of neroli, camomile, jasmine, rose petals, amber and sandalwood.

        As I had opened it - I decided to use it and the first time I used it in the bath, it had a luxurious feel to it and it lathered up really nicely. I suffer from dry skin and normally stay clear of fragranced soap - hence I was mindful of the fact that I may have a bit of a flare up with this soap. However, and surprisingly - my skin was fine afterwards and I have been using it ever since. This is probably due to the fact that it contains camomile which has soothing properties.

        From my experience of using this soap I think that Yardley have reinvented their fragrance as this soap is much lighter, more subtle, and fresher. Which I feel has made this product more desirable to the younger market than previously.

        Overall -

        I feel that this soap is and does what it says on the tin. It doesn't become slimy and sludgy after use and leave all soap residue in the soap dish. I may even purchase the next one. The BONUS for me as well is the fact that both my husband and teenager son have stayed clear of it because it is pink!


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          29.01.2012 13:41
          Very helpful



          Lovely soap!

          When it comes to soap it isn't something that I purchase very often at all. I use Dove in the bath as I find it really calm to my sensitive skin and on sinks I have a liquid handwash as I don't like the scum and that I tend to get on my ceramics from it usually.

          However I love the brand that is Yardley, especially their body sprays and so when I saw this in the Christmas sales at a place called Boundary Mill in the West Midlands, its usual price being £2.09 but reduced in the sales to a quid I simply thought it had to be worth a go!

          The Packaging:

          Well this can be bought as shown on the top of this review in a tin though mine didn't it came in a paper wrapper within a matching box.

          Both are light pink and white coloured and both tell us that they are Yardley English Rose Luxury Soap and that it weighs 100g. On the back of both we are told a bit about the product, the ingredients are listed and contact details for Yardley are given. Nice packaging this is.

          The Soap Itself:

          Thick and oblong with the word Yardley engraved into one side of it this is a pink coloured soap that really does smell gently of rose.

          It lathers up nicely and releases a sort of soft musky rose type of scent that is really feminine and rather natural. It feels moisturising in use meaning that this is a great product for use in the bath or to just wash your hands with. I use this in the bath and shave my legs and bits and bobs with it, the lot. It rinses off easily, leaves no residue on my skin and leaves me beautifully and not too strongly scented for a good few hours too and I never feel the need to use a body lotion on my skin after using this.

          Once again Yardley have came up with a wonderful product. It doesn't waste away and give up under water and all in all I really do rate this one highly!

          This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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