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Yves Rocher Candied Mallows Liquid Hand Soap

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Suitable for: Hand

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    1 Review
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      12.03.2013 16:02
      Very helpful



      A nice sweet hand wash from Yves Rocher

      **Introduction and reason for purchase**
      I buy toiletries of all brands on a frequent, and slightly obsessive, basis and in particular I have a penchant for the french beauty company Yves Rocher. I've been a customer all of my adult life and whilst there are some long running products that have become firm favourites, there are also new items cropping up on a regular basis which I feel 'obliged' to try when I place an order this - 'Candied Mallows Liquid Hand Soap' - being one of them.

      Having recently used up the entire contents of this soap my review will now discuss my thoughts and opinions on said product.

      **Price, packaging & availability**
      This liquid hand soap was released around October time of last year and is part of their annual 'limited' festive range that they tend to launch for the Christmas period. Having decided to order the accompanying EDT in the same name and fragrance, I also decided to add to my purchase this hand soap as well as the shower gel and hand cream. I loved the description and whilst I didn't know exactly how it would smell I put my faith in the brand knowing I'm rarely (though sometimes) let down.

      When the parcel arrived containing my order the first thing I opened was the EDT and wore this several times - and being quite disappointed if I'm honest - before deciding to open the matching toiletries. I did then decide to start using the shower gel and found it was far more impressive than the EDT which prompted me to start using this hand wash soap almost immediately.

      The soap itself is packaged in a rather thick plastic container which has a frosted appearance though is still transparent enough to be able to clearly view the contents, which in this instance is a soft pink coloured liquid. The bottle itself is quite large and holds 300ml of liquid soap in a chunky oval shaped container which has soft round edges and tapers in gradually from the base up to the neck. To access the soap there is a large pump nozzle which once twisted in a certain direction it 'pops up' and releases thus making the liquid accessible.

      Decoration wise there is very little here, with the exception of a large sticker on the front depicting a silver foiled background with the 'Candied Mallows' name and Yves Rocher logo though the bottle has a certain quality about it which still makes it aesthetically pleasing enough to have on display as well as for just practical purposes.

      Availability wise this is a 'tricky' one. Every year Yves Rocher launches it's festive editions and these are generally classed as 'limited' - though I use this word very loosely as they can normally be found throughout the following year still though are sporadically in stock, which is the case with this hand soap. It was in stock a few weeks ago before selling out then reappeared again but now has disappeared, though no doubt will crop up again in a few weeks time. It can still be bought from places such as eBay though prices including postage will vary.

      If wanting to order from the company themselves then it's worth keeping an eye on their website @www.yves-rocher.co.uk, alternatively their customer service number is 0870 049 22 22 whilst they also have stores that are dotted about throughout Europe and some products can be bought in large department stores so I've been informed though I can't comment on this as I've only ever purchased online or through their mailing leaflets which can be found as adverts in magazines.

      When in stock this costs around the £1.95 mark which for Yves Rocher is not too badly priced, especially given the size of 300ml so economically this is a good purchase.

      **My experience of using Candied Mallows Liquid Hand Soap**
      I purchased my bottle around late October of last year as previously mentioned along with an EDT, hand cream and shower gel all scented with the Candied Mallows fragrance. Whilst I was initially disappointed by the longevity of the EDT I did still like the sweet essence it offered and decided to save the matching toiletries until mid December to place in my bathroom for use over the Christmas period.

      The bottle this soap is housed in looks quite deceiving as at 300ml it looks to hold far less from the front view though it's large bulky base means it is just that little bit too big to keep on my sink where I normally store liquid soaps. My husband prefers 'proper soap' as he calls it so I always have a bar of soap and a bottle of hand santiser discreetly on the edge of my bath as I know my sons will be more likely to use this than liquid or bar soap. Because I seem to be the only one in my home that prefers to use a liquid soap I have free reign on which I choose, and being the only female of the house I tend to go for feminine 'girly' toiletries so this bright pick soap for me instantly drew my eyes to it when I spotted it on the website.

      On pressing the large nozzle down a few times to initially activate the soap I found it emitted with ease despite it's thick consistency and a small blob seemed enough each time to suffice properly washing my hands. The soap instantly lathers up when placed on the hands and rubbed together under water though stays more gel like than 'frothy' so a little really does go a long way as it takes a while to wash away if too much is used.

      The fragrance of Candied Mallows is much stronger in this soap than it is in any of the other related products and the hand soap has a sweet marshmallow fragrance with a strong floral tone. I've found that it leaves my hands feeling very soft after washing with this and doesn't leave them taut or overly dry like some liquid soaps can. I use hand cream several times throughout the day but even after applying a different scented hand lotion I've still noticed the candied mallows scent lingering in the background and when I've used in conjunction with the matching hand cream then the fragrance lingers for hours.

      I always like to buy 'special'' toiletries for the Christmas period as I love the whole build up and know that especially YR release Christmas editions of beauty items in plenty of time so I tend to buy a selection of matching products to 'decorate' my bathroom with because..well I just like to! I first placed this in my bathroom around mid December and though I've used it every time I've needed to wash my hands it's had limited use with my family using the different soaps dotted around my bathroom. Because a small amount is needed per application and just myself using it my bottle has lasted for almost 2 months which I think is actually very good value for less than £2.

      I would recommend this if you are a fan of sweet floral scents as the fragrance does linger on the hands and it's a very feminine scent so can't see it appealing to men much really. The bottle is a bit cumbersome for storing on my sink ledge though that's the only negative really I can think of to say about this. It's offers a sweet fresh floral fragrance, cleanses well, lasts a long time and only a small amount is needed each time not to mention it's less than £2 when available (and the bottle is also very pretty!) so it gets the thumbs up from me.



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