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Disney Back to School Lumpy Soft Toy

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Brand: Disney

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    1 Review
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      14.06.2010 17:47
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      This Was Supposed To Be A Joke To Do My Sisters Head In But She LOVES It!

      I brought this as a joke for my sister when she went back to school after the Xmas holidays, she's going through one of them phases of hating school so I got her this cute elephant toy to do her head in a bit! lol I brought it from a car boot and paid £1.00 for it, I didn't even realise it was Lumpy the elephant until I got home and saw the Disney tag.... I think that was a bit of a bargain and now I can see the Lumpy thing I definately think the elephant is even cuter!

      The joke back fired any way and my sister LOVES it! She's a bit of a girl and takes her teddies to bed even though she's 11, as soon as she got Lumpy she got rid of one of her other teddies into the toy box to make room for him on her pillow!

      Lumpy is about 8 inches tall and is sitting down, he's made to sit down and you can't make him stand up. He's got a school cap and scarf on and in his trunk there is a little black board that says 1 + 1 = ?. That's a shame because it makes him look like a bit of a dunce and I think it would have been nicer if the black board said LUMPY in kiddies writing or something like that. The toy looks dead cute and it's one of them soft toys that most people would rather have to put up as an ornament instead of giving it to their kids to play with, I know my sister keeps hers in bed but wouldn't ever give it to our little sister to play with.

      The toy is nice and soft and the outside is made of material like a very soft baby fleece blanket. There's nothing to stop you giving this toy to a little child but it doesn't DO anything and I think there would be a risk of the black board coming off because it doesn't look like it's sewn on all that tightly to me. I like how cheerful they have made Lumpys face but I've noticed it's starting to look a bit out of shape even just moving it around in the bed, I think that would be the thing that would stop me getting one of these toys for my 2 year old sister. It's because the stuffing isn't packed into the toy very much, they've under filled it to make the toy seem softer I think but over time it's started looking obvious that it needs more stuffing to keep Lumpy from going too lumpy!!!

      This is a very sweet toy and I think it would be ideal for giving to kids who are going back to school after the summer holidays, any Pooh Bear fans will LOVE it straight away and it's a nice little pressie to start the school year off with. Going on the price of the other Disney toys this size I'd say the proper price to buy it new would be about £6.00 and you'll probably get one from the Disney shop, I'm going to have a look at some of the others in the Disney Back To School range to see if there would be one suitable for when my sister starts nursery in September.



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