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Disney Bedtime Buddy Microwaveable Warmer

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Manufacturer: Disney / Type: Microwaveable Teddy

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    1 Review
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      24.01.2010 16:02
      Very helpful



      A cute and cosy warmer for adults and children.

      During the cold months it seems that no matter what I do I am constantly freezing! I live in a building with thin walls and built with bricks so I am surrounded by the cold. The heating warms the room up but as it is too expensive to have on for hours on end, during the night it becomes almost so cold it wakes me up. I wasn't happy and my boyfriend must have realised with my constant... brrrrrrr I'm coooooooooooooooooold whinging as he bought me this extremely cute Eeyore warmer. I have to admit that the child in me does love Winnie the Pooh characters and I always have done so I was smiling when I realised what he had bought!

      ** What is it? **

      At first the warmer just looks like a cuddly toy. It's quite big but extremely soft and silky. Made from a plush material it is the same material that a lot of cuddly toys are now made with. However, looks are deceiving and this is actually a microwaveable warmer! The cuddly exterior is the perfect Disney Eeyore image including a pink box on the tail and a little tuff of black hair peaking out from under it night-time hat, as well as the famous droopy ears which you can't help but stroke. However, this cute outer material holds inside a wheat bag which you pop in the microwave whenever you are feeling a little chilly. You then put the wheat bag back inside the easy Velcro opening on Eeyore's tummy and there you go. A cuddly warmer to beat the chill! Suitable for adults and children I think it is a brilliant idea and a very cute gift.

      ** How Does It Work? **

      At first I assumed that you put the whole of Eeyore into the microwave... but NO! It has a soft oval shaped wheat bag inside which you have to remove. It looks very similar to the bean bags that I used to have at school which were usually used on sports day! The wheat bag is popped into the microwave for 2 minutes which half a cup of water. The water helps to keep the moisture in the bag. When you take the wheat bag out it doesn't feel hot just slightly warm and over the next couple of hours the wheat bag releases the heat and warms up the cuddly material which makes Eeyore. Simple!

      ** What Is It Like to use? **

      The warmer is quick and easy to use. I find it so much better then a hot water bottle because it is completely dry, wont leak and you don't have to worry about the water being to hot. Especially when children are concerned. The wheat bag is easily removed and the Velcro fastening keeps itself in perfect place. I also find that the wheat bag has a slight lavender smell. This is an aid to sleep and relaxation which is always nice to have at night time. As well as a warmer, wheat bags are also a natural relief from aches and pains. As Eeyore is completely soft, you can mould him into to fit wherever you want. You can let him lay on the back of your neck to relieve any aches or pains and it's also great for resting on your stomach if you suffer from cramps etc. I love leaving him on the end of my bed so when I get in my feet feel warm and cosy. As Eeyore stays warm for longer then the average hot water bottle, I put him in my bed about an hour before I go in so he warms up the sheets but is still warm enough to cuddle up with once I am ready to sleep. (He of course replaces my boyfriend when he is not around!)

      The design of the warmer is completely child friendly. The facial features are embroidered in for night time safety so there are no bits that can be pulled out or unfastened, and the sleeping face is a great way of bribing children that it is definitely time to sleep! (My niece may fall for this one.) Even in the summer it will still be useful as a cuddly toy but in winter it definitely adds a bit of warmth to my bed. The lavender smell was a bit surprising at first but it is far from over powering and just acts as a delicate soother at night time.

      With many wheat bags the outer packaging can not be washed, with this Eeyore one it I surface washable. So grab a cloth and a little bit of washing powder and give it a scrub. It only needs a little bit to get clean and it doesn't turn matted or dry out. It just returns back to its fluffy original self.

      ** Recommendation? **

      There are many different types of heat pads and warmers on the market. This one works perfectly as not only is it a perfectly cute replica of the Disney character Eeyore, it is soft, can be formed to rest on the neck or over your feet and you're guaranteed no leaking water! Because of how rich and thick the teddy is, you won't get cold once the wheat-bags heat has fully evaporated. Eeyore also stays warm for a good couple of hours before the heat begins to fade and you can just pop it back in the microwave for a couple of minutes to heat it up again.

      I recommend this to anyone who wants to keep a bit warmer or who suffers from aches and pains and want something a bit more appealing and charming then a normal hot water bottle. Child friendly I wouldn't hesitate to buy this as gift for anyone.

      It has a RRP of £24.99 which I think is quite expensive, even though it is constantly reusable. But it is sold on places such as Amazon for around £13.00 which still sounds slightly on the expensive side but for a Disney character if anything it works out quite cheap! Eeyore isn't alone, they also have the other Disney favourite, Winnie The Pooh himself and not forgetting Tigger. All of the characters look like the original designs and you can name then straight away.

      So if you are thinking about buying someone a Disney cuddly toy or a little delightful gift then this is perfect. A cute, cosy, cuddly toy and warmer in one. Perfect for cuddling up with too, I know I will be fighting with my niece over who gets Eeyore at bedtime!


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