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Disney Talking Dug Toy

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Manufacturer: Disney / Type: Talking toy / Moves tail and head

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    1 Review
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      18.01.2010 20:00
      Very helpful



      If you have seen the film UP you will want this toy!

      We managed to watch Pixar's new offering "UP" a little while ago, and I fell in love with Dug ("But, Its a Talking Dog!" for any of you that have seen the movie!). My husband says I sound like Dug sometimes which i'm not sure how to take, but Dug is by far the best character from the film as he tries hard to please everyone and he is just lovely.

      I was delighted then when for Chritsmas, my husband had bought me this Talking Dug toy from the Disney store! He was my star present this year. Dug is awesome!

      Dug comes stood on a Disney box secured with cable ties at the feet. He has a "Try Me" sticker on his back left paw and if you see these in store, you can touch the fur and try them out whilst they are on the shelf. My husband said "we need batteries as he doesn't work" which immediately threatened to put a dampener on Christmas day (no batteries!?! BUT HE'S A TALKING DOG!!?!). Luckily, I spotted a "pull me" plastic strip leading to Dug's back and pulled this out.

      Dug has a velcro seamed pouch in his back which contains what looks to be a black hard battery pack. The velcro is quite hard to open you have to really tug at it to open it. The pouch is quite snug and the battery pack sits neatly inside - you cannot really tell there is a velcro closure until you get up close so it may not be immediately obvious to a child there is "anything to see" around that area....("nothing to see here" ie leave Dugs battery pack alone!).

      You can take the battery pack out of his back easily by opening the back if he needs new batteries. It is fixed into the toy so the ack comes out and there is a screw closure so you wll have to unscrew a door to fit new batteries. We do not have a screwdriver to hand so I cannot check what size batteries he takes though the shape of the box would indicate AA.

      The product measures 8.5 inches tall, 12 inches diagonally from nose to tail and 8 inches at his widest part. Dug is set in a seated postion and you cannot move his arms or legs. He is made from lovely soft material, his eyes are fabric too and feels great to stroke or hug. He is squeezeable and filled with a lovely soft material. You can feel the battery pack inside Dug when you squeeze him but this is an essential part of the toy. The tag on his base states "Surface washable" and "Made in China".

      The toy striking resemblance to Dug as he appears in the film (I say this because I google image searched for the picture here when I suggested it to Dooyoo and the first pages and pages on the google image site were or a dog like Dug but with a mohican ! I'm not sure if that is a cheaper version of this or a non talking version of Dug maybe brought out in a different country but I'm glad I did not get the other one as it does not look as much like Dug does in the movie).

      HE TALKS! When you press Dugs back left paw he says one of the five phrases he is programmed to say. I was going to list these but my hisband has urged me not to to keep an element of surprise with the toy! I was quite disappointed he only has five phrases and that (I will tell you this) he does NOT say "SQUIRREL!" as this is one of his catchphrases in the movie.

      When he speaks, Dug's collar flashes red and he moves his head from side to side and he wags his tail. This is great to watch and I'm sure any child would love this.

      *Price and Availability*
      This retails for £15 new from the Disney Store (labelled as Talking Dug 11" when he is 8.5 inches tall- Disney must measure differently?). I have also seen this for sale on ebay etc Dug's tag states "Made exclusively for the Walt Disney Company".

      Dug is brilliant. He is really soft and great to cuddle. He speaks in the same voice as he does on the film and he looks just like he does in the movie. As he only has five phrases, you may get a little tired of him speaking- but he only talks when you squeeze his paw and on the side of the battery pack there is an ON/OFF switch so you can switch Dug off if you like too.

      I would say he is good for children of any age when supervised due to his soft fur and no small parts. I cannot find a recommended children's age on the Disney site or on Dug. I'm only giving Dug 4 stars due to the only 5 phrases but I would have given him 4.5 stars if I could have as he is otherwise brilliant.

      *UP won at the Golden Globes last night too- so I hope Pixar bring out a Dug spin off movie at some point*


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