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Fisher-Price Waybuloo Peek & Pull Lau Lau

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3 Reviews

Fisher Price / Child's toy based on a Waybuloo character.

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    3 Reviews
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      07.02.2013 01:31
      Very helpful



      Great fun, keeps little ones amused and gives them a companion to play peek a boo with.

      I brought this Lau Lau toy for my daughter the Christmas before last. She totally loved the children's program Waybuloo at the time, in fact it was the first TV program ever to catch her attention and the only time I would have her still for 10 minutes when it was on.
      The program itself if you haven't heard or seen it is based on four Pipling characters called Lau Lau the lilac rabbit, Yo Jojo the orange monkey Nok Tok the blue bear and De li the pink cat. They live in Nara land are animated and can float up into the air. The rest of the program is a real scene with real children in it called Cheebies.
      I can review the program in a separate review but that gives you a background of where Lau Lau is from.

      I hunted high and low for one of these that wasn't at it's high price of £29.97, with just a few weeks before Christmas I found Tesco had them on a half price offer of £14.98 so the next day I went and got her one. I love the colour lilac so was pleased that this particular one seemed to be her favourite and the only name she would say too. After Christmas within a few weeks the price was at a normal not offer price of £12 which did make me slightly cross knowing they had purposely put the price up to £29 to make out they were giving you a great half price deal at £14, this isn't the only shop that does that, I notice in my local coop for example a certain loo roll will suddenly jump up in price then the following week will be on offer.
      Anyway Lau Lau is currently selling at £11.50 on Tesco Direct.

      Firstly I was very surprised of the size of it, the head may be quite a big oval size but the body is very small in comparison and soft so not like made from expensive plastic. The head is solid I should add not soft like the rest of the body and it's the head that gives the toy some weight to it too.
      In the picture you can see her cute ears which are longer then they look as when you push in her tummy there is a button which activates her and her ears come down over her eyes, really cute. Also by pushing her tummy the first time she says Hi HI and then the tune from the program plays out. The second time it's pressed she says Peeka Peeka then the third time says "want to hide" as hide and seek is one of their games they like to play on the program. Each time it's pressed the ears cover the eyes too, this will also be because she is playing Peeka a boo with you.

      The arms and legs are soft and squeezable and can be moved about but not too far else you might tear her lol.

      I must say after over a year of being used quite a bit the batteries are still going strong. They take 3 AA batteries which come already fitted inside her. If you need to change them then at the back of her head there is a velcro part which you undo to get to the cover which needs a screwdriver to open up.
      The sound from this is not too loud but it isn't quiet either, not sure if that makes sense but it is loud but not annoyingly so.

      Lau Lau's big green eyes under her flattering eyelashes are solid plastic but the rest of her body has a soft to touch suede feel to it. She wears a small linen skirt which is completely attached to her so can't be removed. I like the fact that there are no parts likely to come apart on this toy.

      Over time this has had a few dirty marks appear on it but it's been easy to just sponge off with a damp cloth.

      I feel that due to the size and weight of the head this can be slightly awkward for little ones to carry about but as long as Lau Lau doesn't mind being strangled that's fine. But seriously it is awkward to get a good grip on for little hands.

      I totally recommend this toy and I'm sure any little ones you would give it too would too. A toy a bedtime buddy which ever it's use is fine. My daughters stays on the end of her bed with a few other toys to keep her company.


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      05.12.2011 18:18
      Very helpful



      lovely little toy for Waybaloo fans!

      I am a part time child minder and look after myy neice and nephew, while their mum goes out to work three days a week and it's good to keep something in the house for them to play with as they are over around at mine so much.

      As I have mentioned in other reviews, I have little nieces and nephews that I love spending time with and being a younger aunty, spend a lot of time playing make believe games and with the little ones and their toys.

      My sister first decided to get the Waybuloo Peek and Pull dolly for my niece when she noticed how much the little one loves the Waybuloo show on cebeebies, my niece gets really excited when it comes on television, though I find it (like most children programmes) really strange and a bit freaky. Waybaloos is a show where 4 little alien looking Waybaloo characters, who talk rather softly and babyish, go about their day and do strange exercises, sing songs and do other activities, in which the children copy, it is a rather popular show however and my nieces and nephew all seem to enjoy it, so I won't argue with them.

      Lau Lau is the purple Waybaloo and she looks like a bunny rabbit, there is also 3 other Waybaloos with just as strange names:
      An orange one called Yojojo and he looks like a monkey
      A pink one called De Li and she looks like a cat
      A blue one called Noc Toc who looks like a bear.

      But back to the toy in question, the Peek and Pull Lau Lau toy makes different noises and also moves and interacts with the child playing with her.

      Lau Lau is purple and has a lovely white style puffy ballerina skirt and white top on her, she has bunny ears and lovely big green eyes to play peek a boo with, she is a really pretty little toy for your little princess and really looks the part.

      To play with Lau Lau you squeeze her belly and her ears move over her eyes as if she is playing peek a boo, she also talks and sings little songs in the same voice from the television show, my niece really loves playing with her and when she first got her thought she was the best toy ever.

      Also if you hold Lau Lau upside down you can hear her music from the show, this is a lovely feature of the toy and the music isn't really that annoying for adults, my niece first thought it was hilarious that she could make her Lau Lau play music by holding her upside down.

      This version of Lau Lau toy wouldn't really be the softest or cuddly of toys, she isn't hard plastic either though, she has a soft covering but you can feel the plastic quite easily underneath, it wouldn't be a toy that you would give your child to cuddle up with on the sofa, she is more of an interactive toy to play with.

      She is easily wiped down and dried out if any liquid is spilt on her , though you cannot machine wash this toy as it is electronic. Within reason shouldn't break or be damaged very easily, this Lau Lau toy is actually quite hard and durable.

      This toy is suitable for ages 18 months and up.
      This toy takes 3 AA batteries that are included with it and are hidden in the speaker box inside him and protected by velcro and are easily replaced by opening his back, none of my nieces or nephews have caught on to open him yet.

      I bought this toy for £20 in a local toy store in my town which was a bit expensive for a doll, but my niece loves her so much I don't mind spending the money, though it should also be available in Toymaster, Argos or online or any good toy stores.

      Overall I think that this is a fanatastic little toy for a little girl, especially if she is a Waybaloo fan, there is a nice mix of interaction and music in this toy and my niece just loves hers, though it isn't a soft and cuddly toy to relax with, it is more of a toy to actively play with which is good as it keeps their little brains ticking. Overall I would give this toy 4 out of 5 stars.

      *also on ciao under lorrainek90


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      11.12.2010 15:15
      Very helpful



      A well-built, fun but pricey toy.

      Waybuloo is a children's television show aimed at under 4's. It is primarily about 4 fiction creatures called 'Piplings' that live in the fictional land of Nara. The show is designed to be fun, promote good morals, physical exercise and educational values. The 4 characters of Lau Lau, De Li, Nok Tok and Yo Jo Jo have been heavily merchandised and are available in a wide range if different media and toys.

      With another popular Waybuloo toy, I was expecting this to be similar to the talking plush De Li, but it is quite different. Something which you would not expect or see by looking at online shop or catalogues. I must admit the cost was significantly higher, and when I bought this item I found out why.


      Talking Peek & Pull Lau Lau is not soft like the plush De li, so is not really a toy to cuddle up too. It does have a soft covering though and like De Li speaks a variety of different phases when you squeeze her belly. This combines with an action of the ears folding over and covering Lau Lau's eyes, and the phase's corresponds with the action. It does have a higher volume than it's plush equivalent, and it very slightly larger in size.


      I feel that It is still an excellent toy that again is durable and doesn't fall apart, but it has a hard interior mechanism to create the ear folding. Also, the button in the belly is a little harder to push, so smaller children may have trouble squeezing the tummy to active the device. What is quite clever is the different phases it says to match what type of squeeze you give it. If you squeeze quickly, a standard phase or music is played, but if you hold the button in thus holding the ears over the eyes, Lau Lau speaks things such as "Lau Lau cant see!". Upon releasing the button, you may get "Lau Lau see now!" This is amusing and fun.

      --Safety and Cleaning--

      The talking 'electrics' and plastics are woven into the body, much like De Li, so you can't machine wash or hand wash this product fully, so to keep it clean you will have to wipe with damp clothes or a sponge. The batteries (AA's) are again well secured with a screw plate and behind a strong Velcro strip on the back, so no worries about your child chewing on the insides. Although it does have a plastic inner shell, this is quite strong and can take a bit of a battering with no damage. (It fell down the stairs once) Also note that the ears and eyes are plastic too, unlike De Li, so the eyes are a bit susceptible to wear and the ears could be liable to snap or crack. This would pose no danger though, as the ears are encased in a strong cloth.


      Overall, it is still a nice, safe and entertaining toy, which like De Li can be a little pricey due to being a popular brand, So shop around.

      Thanks for Reading. © Novabug. Also posted on Ciao.co.uk.


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