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Fisher-Price Waybuloo Talking De-Li

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8 Reviews

Fisher Price / Talking Soft Toy.

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    8 Reviews
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      13.05.2012 15:16
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      Talking De li

      De Li is a character on Waybuloo. Waybuloo is one of my little girls favourite shows on CBeebies and De Li is probably her favourite character. For this of you who have not seen the show, it is set in the magical land of Nara and follows the magical creatures called Piplings. De Li is one of the Piplings. I think she is my little girls favourite character as she is a cat and is pink in colour and is actually very cute. Each of the Piplings embody a range of emotions and De Li represents love which I think is very cute too. Waybuloo is a bit mystical and a bit magical and if I'm being honest a bit of a mind trip for adults but kids love it. Waybuloo  The show really focuses a lot on the way children and feeling and is meant to be a show that calms children down and makes them feel good. I like this aspect of the show as there is no frantic singing, dancing, loud music, shouting etc that really gets kids worked up. That's fine in its place and we watch shows like this too but nearer bedtime or when you want some quiet time this show is great. They even do some yoga moves for children in it too.

      My little girl loves the fact that she has her very own De Li that she can cuddle and love and talk to as well as this character will talk back to you. The toy itself is really nice and cuddly and made well. She is made of a soft plush fabric and this can be cleaned by just wiping with a damp cloth or a baby wipe which I find keeps everything clean. De Li is lovely and pink and has a really friendly, welcoming smile. Her bright blue eyes are lovely and piercing and she has a pretty flower on her ear. 

      When you press De Li's tummy she will talk. There's obviously a little button inside there as you can feel the little mechanism and its quite easy for little kids to press. We have one bear that talks when you press his tummy but its hidden so far inside the tummy my little girl can never do it and it frustrates her but with this toy its very easy for her to press it and she does, over and over again. De Li will say phrases such as De Li loves his, De Li loves flowers, De Li loves gardening etc, all the things that she likes to do on the show so its very fitting and realistic to her character and the television show. She will also play the Waybuloo theme music which is nice and calming and a welcome change from the talking all the time.

      My little girl loves this doll and I think its well made and a nice way to bring a little bit of Waybuloo into your home. 


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        11.04.2012 22:45
        Very helpful



        No different to any other talking toy!

        My daughter watches Waybuloo on C-Beebies everyday. For Chirstmas I wanted to get her a De-Li and I struggled to find one anywhere. They had the other characters but not De-Li. It was only one day when I happened to go into Wilkinson's I managed to get on for £15. I have since seen them in Tesco.

        For those of you who haven't seen Waybuloo it is a children's programme aimed at preschoolers. The characters are called Piplings and they live in the magical land of Nara. It also features children. The programme encourages excercise through 'yogo' which is similar to yoga. They also play 'peeka' which is a form of hide and seek.

        The piplings are based on animals, Nok Tok is a blue bear, De-Li is a lilac rabbit, Yojojo is an orange monkey and De-Li is a pink cat.

        The characters are computer generated and they have large heads and big eyes.

        De-Li is like her character in the programme. She has a small body and a very large head. She is pale pink in colour and has a little flower on her ear. She also has a pink tail and a little pink.

        To get De-Li to speak you simply press her tummy in a random order De-Li says;

        Come on Cheebie
        De-Li loves huggles
        De-li loves flowers
        De-Li loves gardening

        she also plays the Waybuloo theme tune.

        The sound comes from behind De-Li's head and it is quite loud. The voice is clear and realistic to the programme. If the button in her tummy isn't pressed again De-Li will prompt your child to continue to play if your child doesn't continue to play then she will simply switch off.

        My daughter loves this toy and smiles when she sees it. However it is rather large, the body is tiny compared to the head and she struggles to hold her to press the buttons. As a result she is constantly bringing her to mummy to press. The button in her tummy is however easy to press and my daughter if helped is able to do this.

        I would give this toy 3 out of 5 stars. She is realistic and like the programme and the sounds are good, however she is far too bulky and my daughter tends to get board of her easily.


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        08.12.2011 12:15
        Very helpful



        my son adores De Li

        Waybuloo is a childrens television show featuring 4 colourful character known as Piplings. They live in a world called Nara and each have different personalities.

        *~*Getting To Know De Li*~*

        De Li is the shyest and most caring Pipling. She loves gardening and getting cuddles. So enough about her personality and lets discuss the toy!

        This range of plush toys are created by Fisher Price and each character is available though I will concentrate on De Li. De Li is a plush toy which features built in sound. She is just over 12inches in height and her voice box is located behind her head. De Li works by inserting 2 x AA batteries which are included. De Li is suitable for children from age 18months.

        De Li is the pink Pipling. She has an oversized head and a tiny little body. She has a long pink tale and has a baby pink pinafore dress on. Her face is peach and features huge blue eyes. De Li features many phrases and the Waybuloo theme tune which are activiated by pressing her tummy. De Li has a pretty flower on her head.


        Talking De Li is available from a few online outlets :

        *Amazon - overpriced at £38.50.
        *Ebay - £13.99
        *Mothercare - £19.99

        *~*Our Thoughts*~*

        My son is a fan of the Cbeebies show Waybuloo. Last Christmas he received one of the talking plushes (the orange one - Yojojo) and loved it Now, none of my family are in the habit of buying Boo pink teddies and this one was down to Boo himself. Earlier this year we went to a small toy sale and he spotted a familiar plush - yes it was De Li. The girl only wanted 50p for it and as Boo had 50p in his pocket, he wanted to buy this. Well I couldn't exactly say no could I! It joined his other Pipling and has been very much loved though isn't one we take outdoors with us.

        De Li is very girly in appearance being almost entirely pink in colour.My neice adores hers but Boo won't part with her mainly because she is a Pipling and well Nok Tok needs a friend. She is well made with neat stitching and has a soft, furry coating.Her dress is neat and floaty. I personally find the Piplings to be rather freaky and find the whole, huge head, tiny body aspect a little weird but who am I to judge when my son adores them.

        De Li has a huge head and it is very padded though the voice box (which thankfully has an on/off switch) can be felt through the padding. It tucks neatly into her head and we have yet to replace the batteries. De Li is designed to interact with more than cuddle as she is an awkward shape for my son to cuddle. Her tummy is easy to press in and my son can do this alone. I would say it is probably too easy to press and can be accidently pressed hence the reason it no longer stays in Boos bed.

        There are lots of phrases that can be heard by pressing De Li's tummy and they tend to mix up a bit. The volume of the phrases is quite loud and echoey. De Li has a rather squeaky and does tend to get on my nerves after a while. De Li sounds exactly as she does in the show and speaks similar phrases which sound very babyish. Phrases include :

        "Hi Hi"
        *Come on Geebees" - special talk for the children who visit Nara.
        "De Li Loves Huggles"
        "Gardening Makes De Li Happy"

        If you don't press the tummy again she often starts speaking encouraging you to interact. My son often keeps pressing until she starts to play the show theme tune which lasts only 5 seconds or so. Boo likes to use De Li in roleplay scenes alongside Yojojo and they speak to each other and play games. Boo actively enjoys acting out "Yogo" aka Yoga scenes from the show and his Pipling plushes also participate. He does get enjoyment from playing with De Li.


        De Li is surface wash and does get grubby so I wipe over with a wet wipe. She is showing no signs of wear and the batteries we received are lasting well as there has been no crackling or sound distortment after several months of Boo owning this. It would be more suited to a girl but if your child is a fan of Waybuloo then they might want the full collection which includes pink De Li. £13.99 is a decent price to pay though anymore than that, it wouldn't be as value for money.

        Boo recommends his talking De Li and is happy with his 50p find.

        Thanks for reading x


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          14.09.2011 13:42
          Very helpful
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          De-Li is a talking character toy based on BBC/Cbeebies' "Waybuloo".

          Widely available from toy shops and supermarkets, the average price is approx £25, although I have seen all the characters on offer ranging from £15 - £20. The other Piplings are also available in the same places.

          For those of you who don't know, Waybuloo is a children's programme aimed at toddlers and young babies / children. It features lovable creatures called 'Piplings'. The Piplings are different animals (cat, rabbit etc) but this isn't really referred to in the programme. Aside from De-Li, there is also Nok Tok, Lau Lau and Yo Jo Jo. The Piplings live in Nara, a colourful world with lots of flowers and fields, very pretty and visually stimulating. The Piplings take part in something called Yogo (similar to Yoga!) and show the viewers a few simple moves in each show - my daughter is 21 months and loves trying to copy them! They also like to play 'Peeka' which is hide and seek. There are children in the show who are referred to as 'Cheebies' and are friends with the Piplings, helping them with tasks. The whole show is very colourful and bright, ideal for babies and toddlers. There are also moral stories in each episode, such as learning to share etc. The theme tune is very catchy and recognisable to even the youngest of babies, and the Piplings are also very colourful with big smiley faces.

          ----THE TOY----

          De-Li is a pink cat with a white flower next to her ear. She has a long thin tail and a big smiley face. She has cute little cat ears and big blue eyes. She has a pink body and a pink dress. My little girl loves pink so De-Li is her favourite as you can imagine! Batteries are included, so you don't need to do a thing!

          ---WHAT DOES DE-LI SAY?---

          When De-Li is pressed, she says several phrases in a random order:

          "Come on Cheebie!"
          Waybuloo theme tune
          "De-Li loves huggles"
          "De-Li loves gardening"
          "De-Li loves flowers!"

          The voice is the same as the tv character so it is easily recognisable, and the phrases she uses are the same ones she uses regularly on the show.

          ---PLAYING WITH DE-LI----

          If the child doesn't press her tummy again, after 5 seconds she will say "come on Cheebie!" to encourage further play. If her tummy isn't pressed again, she switches off by herself.

          De-Li's head is very large compared to her body (which is true to the tv character, all the Piplings have larger heads than their bodies) and as a result, her head is significantly heavier than her body. This means that when the child holds De-Li by the body, she is very heavy, easily dropped and not easy to keep hold of. For this reason, it isn't a cuddly toy and not one you'd put in a cot for example. It would be difficult for a small baby to grip and play with, but it doesn't necessarily mean small babies can't play with it - they can still enjoy pressing her tummy and hearing her talk. My daughter is 21 months and she can hold De-Li very well, but when she first played with her (approx 12 months) she struggled a bit to keep holding her due to the weight.

          Pressing De-Li is easy so that small babies don't get frustrated trying to get her to talk - my daughter was very young when we bought De-Li and has always been able to easily press her tummy.

          The batteries are in the back of De-Li's head and accessed via a strong velcro strip, which so far my daughter has been unable to open (and not for want of trying).


          I love this toy and so does my daughter. The fact that it turns off after it recognises that it's not been pressed is a blessing - there are so many talking toys that just do not shut up until they are manually turned off and it drives you potty! It also means that the batteries won't run out very often. We've had De-Li for over a year and she's still going strong lol.

          The downside is that it is not easily cleaned. It can only be wiped clean which is a big problem if De-Li is used regularly and goes everywhere with the child. It is very easy to get dirty and very difficult to get clean!

          This is a great toy, exactly like the tv character. When my daughter saw De-Li she was really excited and recognised her straight away. She still giggles at the phrases, and even grabs her to watch Waybuloo with!!

          All in all, an excellent toy at an excellent price! But 4 stars as it can't really be cleaned.



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            15.04.2011 14:41
            Very helpful



            cute toy

            Hope is 2 years old and loves the television programme Waybuloo. For her second birthday she was bought this- De Li Talking soft toy. I was concerned at first as I am not a fan of 'talking toys' as they tend to be very repetitive and irritate me but actually this one isn't like that and I'm very pleased with it.

            *******Waybuloo ********

            Waybuloo is a children's television show which is shown daily on BBC2 and Cbeebies channels. I think you either love it or hate it as is it a little abstract like you expect very young children's television shows to be. It is set in a land called Nara which is brightly coloured with big moutains in the background. There are lots of flowers and fields and trees- all great for playing peeka- a game very similar to hide and seek.

            The main characters are De Li, Nok Tok, Yo Jo Jo and Lau Lau who are called Piplings. They are different animals- monkey, cat, rabbit and bear although these are not referred to throughout the programme.
            The programme has a very structured set up with the same events happening in each show which is good for young children who like repetition. The piplings take part in yogo (yoga) every day and this shows children a few funny little moves which they can copy. Hope loves to do this and she gets really involved in it! They also play Peeka (hide and seek) every day with their friends. There is often a moral to the story too as Piplings learn to share or to appreciate things that are not quite perfect.

            The Piplings are very cute looking as they have big eyes and smiley faces so they do appeal to a young audience and with the repeition, bright scenary and panpipe music it has been a big hit in our house.

            The soft toy

            *****What it looks like ******

            This Pipling is De Li who is a pink cat. This toy is about 20 cm tall so it is quite big which is good as it means that your toddler can get a good grip on her to give her a big squeeze. De Li has a long cat tail, big blue eyes, little cat ears with a little white flower next to it. A pink body and a little pale pink dress. She is very appealing to a little girl. The head is much bigger than the body and is rather heavy- this is where the battery pack is so it is a bit top heavy but the Piplings do have heads that are very large compared to their bodies so it does reflect the characters. It is quite well stuffed so it's not squishy but more dense although I don't think that this effects it's ability to be a good cuddly friend!

            ********Let's get talking! *******

            De Li talks when you press her tummy and this doesn't have to be very hard which is good as it means that little fingers can manage to do it fine. She has about 20 different phrases and they come in a random order which is fantastic as it isn't as irritating as toys which have the same order all the time. The phrases include:

            "De Li loves flowers!"
            De Li loves gardening!

            And other little phrases which this character would be likely to say. It's the same voice as the cartoon chracter so easily recognisable too. If you don't press the tummy after 5seconds she shouts "Come on cheebie!" to encourage your child to press the tummy again bu if they don't she then remains silent. This is good! We have other toys which continue to make sounds until you have to turn them off but this just turns itself off if it hasn't been pressed for 6 seconds- a very welcome change!


            I like how this toy reflects exactly what you see on the television from it's appearance to it's voice. It may not be appealing to some people but if your little ones are fans of the show then they will love this. It isn't the most cuddly of toys as it's head is heavy and so much bigger than it's body but it does certainly make a nice companion which can provide some comfort and fun for your child.

            It comes with batteries already included which is a good thing, I do tend to get irritated when you buy a toy and it can function without you having to start taking it apart to get the batteries in! We have had this for 2 months now and the batteries are still going strong despite being played with on a daily basis.

            In terms of keeping De Li clean it is a little difficult as it is a plush toy so you can only clean it with soap and warm water so it is quite easy to stain if your little one is anything like mine and likes to take her along with us wherever we go. This toy will get grubby quite quickly.

            The talking aspect of this is fantastic, it sets it aside from other toys which Hope has and it's surprised me that I like it. I often find talking toys are patronising and irritating with very annoying voices but this one doesn't annoy me at all and I think it's because it isn't repetitive and it does just stop talking if you don't interact with it.

            When we first opened this toy on Hope's birthday she was amazed. SHe couldn't believe she had her very own Pipling to play with and when she heard her talk she was delighted! I too was very impressed as it was refreshing to see a toy which was easy for a child to interact with without applying much pressure. Hope doesn't need to press hard on De Li's tummy to create the effect of her talking and so she doesn't end up getting frustrated and fed up like she has with other toys which are more difficult to work.

            The fact that this toy doesn't carry on talking away once it's played with is good as it preserves batteries and doesn't annoy me! There is no on/off button or volume control but I really don't think that this toy needs it. To turn it on you simply press the tummy and to turn it off you simply don't press anything and it will remain silent. To remove or replace batteries there is a velcro strip at the back of De Li's head where the battery pack is. This velcro is very strong so does secure back together and so far Hope's little fingers haven't been able to pull it apart but I can imagine her inquisitive mind will be exploring this soon.

            I am very pleased with this toy and it's obvious that Hope is too. She likes to take De Li with her everywhere and takes a lot of pride in carrying her around. She doesn't always make her talk and is quite happy just having her as a little companion which is very sweet.

            This toy can be bought from The Early Learning Centre and costs around £15 which I think is good value for money for something which is a recognised character and is a nice companion for your child. You can also buy the other characters too which talk as well as various other Waybuloo products.


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              16.01.2011 00:26



              great toy even for a boy!

              Waybuloo is a childrens show aimed at pre-schoolers on Cbeebeeies and my son loves it, the show is about 4 cute characters called piplings. It promotes great morals with a big theme being healthy living and exercise. I had orginally bought my son the blue pipling called Nok Tok but after discovering asda was selling these for £7.49(jan10) compared to its RRP of around £16.99 I ended up buying him all 4 and De Li the pink one is his favourite much to his dads dislike.

              The toy just a nice size for little hands the body is easy to hold and my son likes to cuddle into De Li's head, when her tummy is pressed it says different pharses from the show.

              This toy will make any little waybuloo fan very happy boy or girl as a parent I feel this toy is child friendly and the programe itself is one I encourage my son to watch its very relaxing and its nice to see him getting up and interacting with the characters trying the different 'yogo' positions.

              In conclusion I would recommend this toy and programe to any parent even at the £16.99 rrp!


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              05.01.2011 00:59
              Very helpful
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              A fun toy that will be loved, watch that price though!

              This was a present for my daughter from her grandparents, and it has been the hit of the year since!

              Waybuloo is a children's television show aimed at under 4's. It is primarily about 4 fiction creatures called 'Piplings' that live in the fictional land of Nara. The show is designed to be fun, promote good morals, physical exercise and educational values. The 4 characters of Lau Lau, De Li, Nok Tok and Yo Jo Jo have been heavily merchandised and are available in a wide range if different media and toys.


              Waybuloo is popular, and I can see why. I feel it can very good for young children's development and progression, and of course a toy version of one the main characters is also a great comforter. Talking De Li is soft, so can be cuddled like a soft teddy-bear, but also speaks a variety of different phases when you squeeze her belly. It is an excellent quality toy which is safe, doesn't fall apart, is durable and is a great comfort to a child, well, at least mine anyway.


              This toy can also take a fair bit of punishment too. My daughter has had this for over a year and a half, and it has developed no rips or stopped working without reason. It has been built very well but this is reflected in the price. The colour is not to bright as too distract your child of sleeping. It's easy to carry in a bag and is also very light for your child to pick up.

              --Safety and Cleaning--

              The only negative I would say is that because the talking 'electrics' are woven into the body, you can't machine wash or hand wash this product fully, so to keep it clean, (and it does get dirty quickly) you will have to wipe with damp clothes or a sponge. The one time it accidentally got soaked through, the talking mechanism stopped working, be after a day or so started again, so the electrics are quite robust. The batteries (AA's) are well secured with a screw plate and behind a strong Velcro strip on the back, so no worries about your child chewing on the insides.

              Overall, a nice, safe and entertaining toy, which of course can be a little pricey due to being a popular brand and its high build quality, So shop around.

              Also posted on Ciao.co.uk.


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                04.12.2010 11:37
                Very helpful



                Always a winner

                My 2 year old is a big fan of the Cbeebies show Waybuloo, so when her 2nd birthday arrived she received one or two Waybuloo themed gifts, with this talking De Li being one of them. Now these are not cheap, ranging in price from £15.99 (Mothercare) up to £17.00 (Boots). These are also available from many chain stores such as Tesco, ELC, WHSmith, Argos, etc - you get the idea, Waybuloo is a popular TV Show so you can't avoid it in the shops.

                Anyway, what you get is an average sized soft toy which also 'speaks', it comes supplied with batteries (2x AA) so if you are browsing in the shops you can listen to her voice before you choose to buy. De Li has many phrases from the show such as 'Hi Hi', or 'De Li love gardening', or 'Come on Geebee', or 'Buloooooooo' - this might sound like gibberish to you and I, but the kids love it and will recognise it from the show.

                To activate the sounds you have to press De Li's tummy, and this is surprising easy, especially when you compare it to other toys of this style (we have an Upsy Daisy from In The Night Garden and you really have to squeeze her to get her to speak). But De Li is quite simple and it is more like a button just under her 'skin' rather than a pad located deep in her stomach, so my 2 year old has no issues with activating the sounds.

                The problem I have with it is the oversized head; I mean it is just huge. I know on the show they have large heads, but I think for the purposes of the toy they could have scaled this down a bit because the entire toy just seems like one giant head. The body is flimsy and minute compared to the head, the batteries are even located inside the head which makes it even more top heavy and quite difficult for a child to cuddle properly. In my opinion they should have made the body a bit larger and more solid to make the toy more even.

                But saying that, my daughter does love it and her little face when she opened the present was priceless. The oversized head doesn't seem to bother her in the slightest, but I have noticed when she cuddles De Li she has to cuddle the head rather than the body.

                So although I am not particularly keen on the toy, it is definitely a winner for young Waybuloo fans, but this one is more for girls being that it's pink and very girly looking!

                Recommended for age 18 months plus.


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