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Fisher Price Waybuloo Yo Jo Jo

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Brand: Fisher Price

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    1 Review
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      08.08.2013 08:09
      Very helpful



      A little expensive

      Hope has just turned two and her favourite television programme is Waybuloo. For her birthday she received quite a few Waybuloo items and because she recognised them and is familiar with them with seeing them on the television she got a lot of excitement out of them.

      === What is Waybuloo? ===

      Waybuloo is a television programme on Cbeebies and BBC which is aimed towards very young children/toddlers. It is about 4 characters who are Piplings called Nok Tok, Yo Jo Jo, De Li and Lau Lau. They live in a brightly coloured land called Nara in which they have many adventures. The different Piplings are based on animals for example Nok Tok is a little bit like a bear (although he is blue so not entirely accurate!) During the show which lasts about 20 minutes the Piplings meet Cheebies (children) who help them to do their yogo (yoga) and play peeka (Hide and seek). In between these routines of yogo and peeka the Piplings have adventures such as having a picnic or picking special berries to enjoy.

      The show is fairly repetitive each episode with yogo and peeka occurring in every show and this makes it very catchy as it means that young children are able to understand what is happening and try to play along. Hope is always standing on one leg or raising her arms up high like the Piplings do whilst they're doing their yogo! It is a brightly coloured programme which reminds me a bit of a modern day Teletubbies. I think it is the kind of show which you either love or hate, in our household we love it!

      === Yo Jo Jo ===

      Yo Jo Jo is an orange pipling who is loosely based on a monkey. He is orange, has a long tail and a face a little bit like a monkey. He is the baby of the piplings and wears a nappy and tends to be found sulking quite a bit about certain things like his favourite bowl breaking or the tomatoes being too squishy! For Hope's birthday we bought her a Yo Jo Jo little soft toy for her to play with.

      === The soft toy ===

      This toy is only small which is why we bought it really, we didn't want for her to have the entire Piplings collection and for them to take up loads of space but these little toys are only small, about 6 inches high so a good size to fit in small hands and to be stored easily without taking up all of the toy box.
      He has a very large head with his body being a tiny little part of this toy which looks a little odd but it is part of the Pipling look so if you have watched this show before it won't surprise you! He has very big bright eyes which make him look very cute and appealing.

      The material contains polyester and feels very soft, a little bit like a fleecy material which is very smooth if you stroke it in a particular direction. He isn't stuffed very full so it means that he is quite squishy and cuddly which is nice.

      === Cuddle-a-bility ===

      I personally don't think that this toy is a very cuddly one due to the shape and size of it. The body is so very small that you can't get a good grip on him to be able to give a good squeeze and the head is so large that the only way really of little hands holding this is by his head which is oval shaped so again a little awkward to cuddle. Because it's small it's not a great size to tuck under your arm and have cuddles with but I don't think that this matters actually. I think that the fact he's small means that little children can hold him tightly which is what children of around Hope's age tend to do as oppose to giving big squeezes. He is certainly appealing though which does make you want to give him a squeeze.

      === Entertainment value ===

      This toy isn't all singing and all dancing (you can get singing piplings though!) but it does provide entertainment in a low key way which I think is important with children, they don't always need really loud and interactive toys, instead when they become toddlers it's important for children to use their imaginations to be able to entertain themselves this is a great learning tool. This toy certainly does involve children using their imaginations and what they've learnt from watching their television show as they interact with the little cuddly Yo Jo Jo. Hope likes to make him fly up in the air like he does in the show and to have him talking to her other toys and put him to bed with a blanket over him. Whenever the television show comes on she likes to get her very own Yo Jo Jo to watch it with her.

      === My opinion ===

      In my opinion Waybuloo is a cheerful and engaging children's television show which has a way of capturing young children's attention. It is a little bizarre with the strange names and hobbies that they get up to but this seems to be the perfect formula for a television show for young children. This little toy is a great little character for your young child to have.

      He isn't the most cuddly of soft toys due to his small nature and bizarre shape but because he is very cute and soft he is very appealing. He is a great little toy to play with because he is recognisable to children who watch the show. He is only small which means that he doesn't take up a lot of space and he fits nicely into little hands.

      He is a plush material and is wipe clean only and we have found that any stains which do occur thanks to Hope having sticky fingers do come out with some warm soapy water and then being left to dry on the radiator.
      He does look a bit funny because he is a Pipling and these characters are very different to any other show I've seen before but this just seems to make him even more appealing to young children especially because his eyes are so big.

      You can collect the whole of the Piplings, the other characters are available and we do have them, they are all very cute. I like how they aren't all singing all dancing and just are basic soft toys so it leaves it up to your child to use their imaginations with them instead of having lots of interactive elements.

      We bought this from Boots before Christmas for £5 which I think is quite expensive as he is only small and doesn't do anything but you can often find offers such as three for two which enabled us to buy all 4 Piplings for a cheaper price. I think if your child likes Waybuloo then they will like this Yo Jo Jo toy that's for sure!


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    7in BEANIE, Manufacturer: Mattel

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