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Flair Pound Puppies

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Brand: Flair

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    1 Review
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      02.09.2009 10:03
      Very helpful



      A nice cuddly toy for babies or young children.

      ~ Overview ~

      When I was growing up pound puppies was one of the toys to have around Christmas time in the 80's, not because they were stylish or chic but because they were cuddly and very adorable. Now I did not personally own one of these toys, it was my sister as she loved cuddly toys, in fact most women/girls do.

      The cuddly toy was originally sold by Hornby; yes they made the railway sets! You could buy these in all types of colours with lots of different patterns. I remember my sister owning the brown puppy with dark brown spots and she also had the white puppy with black blobs with droopy ears. They were good as door stops or at least until my sister found them under my door.

      ~ Types of pound puppies ~

      * Cooler - leader of the pound puppies
      * Howler - invented the pound puppy squad
      * Nose Marie - oldest female
      * Bright Eyes - Youngest female pound puppy
      * Whopper - The youngest of them all

      In the animated TV series there were more, along with humans and cats. There were two series of pound puppies which eventually like most animated TV shows it led to a film in 1988 (Tri-Star pictures).

      ~ Price ~

      The average price of a pound puppy today would cost around £15 on the website Amazon (13cm sized cuddly toy). You used to be able to buy them from the Argos catalogue, as we used to pick a toy for Christmas from the catalogue and our parents would buy us a few toys that we wanted.

      My sister chose the pound puppies and I had a Roland Rat car along with a He-man punch bag. They don't make them like they used too!

      ~ Age Range ~

      These toys were pretty tough, especially as I used to use them as a door stop as previously mentioned. I personally believe that they are suitable for any child for any age and they would be able to use them without the need to worry if it is good quality and if the child sucks or bites on the puppy, as it won't fall apart or tear open. I would fully recommend this for babies as well as young children.

      On Amazon it does say age 3+ but I think that is because of the certificate and babies would not be able to maximise the full potential of the toy.

      ~ Design ~

      The puppies come with a wide variety of droopy eyed puppies, or with floppy ears. Each pound puppy comes with a case which also comes with a pretend adoption certificate (how much fun does this sound?).

      You knew that the puppy was authentic if it had a PP picture on its tail or body.

      ~ Conclusion ~

      These were a great cuddly toy for kids in the 80's and a big hit around Christmas time. With the added items of adoption certificates for the puppies and the cute features of the puppies, they were definitely going to be a hit with the parents and children who love cute animals.

      These things used to cover my sisters pillow and were always good for throwing at your brother or sister when you needed a throwing object. Good fun all round, and would recommend to any family.

      My rating: 5/5

      © Jazzy09 ©


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    • Product Details

      Adopt your very own 13 cuddly plush Pound Puppy complete with adoption certificate puppy name tag.

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