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Hasbro FurReal Friends Teacup Pups

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Manufacturer: Hasbro / Type: Moving soft toy / Moving head and sound efects

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    1 Review
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      12.01.2010 07:24
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      See review.

      My daughter has always been a real girly girl, always wanting the make-up and hair kits over footballs and bikes (sorry real generalisation then, but hey ho!). So after spying this just before Christmas, I knew this would appeal to her, not only does this include a so-called "pet" but also a handbag! Perfect!

      The product I will now review is - "FurReal friends - Teacup pup".

      The basic idea behind this toy is a fully interactive pet pooch, the same size as the celebrities tend to favour, you know the ones, like little furry rats! Then said pooch comes with it's own designer bag, perfect to carry the toy but with enough give in the top for the dog to be seen when taken out and around town!

      After actually removing the pet an bag from the protective packaging (which if you have to do for your kids toys, you will be aware that this is a task in itself!), you will be faced with a small almost rigid bag that comfortably holds the dog toy, leaving the sensor that is housed on the back of the dog exposed enough to be activated without removing from said bag.

      Before use you will have to change the setting on the toy, when purchased the toy has been left in "try me" mode, which means if left in that you will only get a small demonstration of the toys abilities! We forgot and was initially disappointed that the dog only whined and looked around!

      Once the switch has been changed (the battery box is held on the base beneath the fur), there are a few different abilities these being,

      Playful mode - This the mode that is activated with the sensor on the back, to enable this you simply pet the dog, stroking it's back, this in turn will activate a series of movements and sounds, though the movements are limited usually small movements of the head and opening and closing of the eyes, and the sounds being barking and whining.

      Waiting mode - This is when you don't pet the dog for a little while, so the toy starts moving and making sounds to attract the attention of the child, this of course can be overridden by turning it off on the battery case....and you will after ten minutes of it!

      Calm mode - This really entertaining to my daughter, to activate this mode you simply hold the sensor/button on the back for 3-5 seconds and the dog will fall asleep, lowering it's head onto the two front exposed paws and starts to gently snore, it's actually quite cute!

      To clean it can obviously be dry wipe only, if immersed into water the toy will cease to work!

      Battery wise this toy takes 3 x AAA batteries, but comes with some already due to the toy being in try-me mode for display purposes, I have yet had to replace these and it has been on for quite some time already.

      For more information on this product visit - www.furrealfriends.com

      Price wise this was purchased for £10 from Asda when they were having there toy sale before Christmas, normal price you are only looking a few pounds more.

      Would I recommend.......well my daughter loves her pooch (now imaginatively named Teacup!), and for the price it has given her hours of pleasure, which I am sure a real dog would do, except with much more poo! But for the range of movement the dog manages, no, I don't think it is that great, so I will have to mark it down!

      Thanks for reading x


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