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Golden Bear 11" Pingu

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Golden Bear /

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    1 Review
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      21.10.2010 21:10
      Very helpful



      Sometimes simple really is the best.

      When I suggested this Pingu to dooyoo, I also suggested another one, but only this one was approved with advise tow rite about the other one under this category as well. Fortunately this is my sons very favourite, but I will take dooyoo's advice as liberty to review our whole Pingu collection in one go.
      My oldest son has loved Pingu since he was nearly 1 , and the youngest has followed suit.

      Our first Pingu - Pingu With Lollipop
      This soft cuddly Pingu is approximately 6" tall and makes the characteristic "Nook Nook" and a raspberry sound when squeezed. he was purchased when there were no new Pingu soft toys available so I spent about £10 for this second hand. It has since been sold for about £6 new but is unavailable at the moment.

      My son loved this toy but unfortunately the battery wore out, and I bought him some other Pingu's online. I did find that you can cut the toy open, replace the battery and sew back up though, making this work again. It is also reasonably easy to clean with a surface wash. I do wish they made these open for battery replacement.

      Our next Pingu's were the one pictured, an identical one with a hard box in one wing that makes the Pingu noises, and a lovely soft Pingu backpack. These were second hand as well and the one shown was older and well loved when we got it. It is quite simple, just a stuffed Pingu with no special features. It is 11" tall and does have a very cute face. I do think this looks just like the animated Pingu it is modeled after. It even has the yellow stripe at the top of the stomach, but it is a very basic toy compared to the others. I would not have chosen it except in came in a package with the other two. However, that just goes to show you what parents know. This toy was immediately chosen by my son, as his special toy and almost 4 years later is still his favourite and best loved teddy. I think I went overboard looking for the most modern and best gadget in toys. He just wanted something soft and cuddly, and this one completely fits the bill. It has grown on me since, and this is one toy that will not be going to ebay when the kids outgrow it - I'll be keeping it myself :)

      The backpack - I would also recommend this for Pingu fans if you can find it. It looks like a lovely plush teddy but opens up to hold a child's treasures. My son keeps his gameboy and games in his. It also has straps so this can be worn as a backpack and is brilliant for holidays, unfortunately limited availability.

      We also have:

      Walking Pingu: bought from ebay for £18. This is a small stuffed Pingu which walks and makes Pingu sounds and I really expected to be quite a hit last Christmas. It is really cute, you can see them on you tube, but not worth the money in retrospect, and will never rival the plain plush Pingu in my son's affections.

      Pingu with Teddy: this Pingu is available for £13.99 from Hit Entertainment. We bought this for my youngest son for Christmas last year so he could have his own Pingu. It is about 12" and makes the raspberry sound and "Nook Nook" when his tummy is pressed. This toy is also easy to surface wash, but like the others does not have any way to replace the batteries other than cutting the toy open. Thankfully the batteries are still working perfectly and this toy is well loved by my son.

      I have to give all of these Pingu's 5 stars. They are all well made and I do think Golden Bear, the company that produces these is a very good toy company. If you have children who love Pingu, I am sure any of these will be popular, as will any of the very similar models released this year.
      But for all the noises and movement and special features, my oldest son prefers his plain old plush Pingu and my youngest seems to love the identical one with the voicebox (which no longer works) in the flipper.
      While I was looking for something fancy and electronic, it seems children have different qualifications. The best loved have been the least expensive and most simple toys. For that reason I would recommend this 11" soft Pingu above all the others.


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