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Gund Classic Tigger 25cm

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Brand: Gund / Type: Classic Tigger

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    1 Review
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      31.03.2011 17:22
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      A classic softTigger

      From quite a young age I have liked Winnie The Pooh with my favourite character being Tigger, I have various Tigger soft toys from when I was a child, most of which are now in my parents loft, but one Tigger soft toy that still sits in my bedroom is my Classic Pooh Gund soft toy Tigger which I had brought for me by my parents on a family trip to London. I have never really seen my Gund Tigger as a toy and it has always sat safely on a shelf in my bedroom both when I lived with my parents and even now in my own house. This particular soft toy was purchased from Fortnum and Masons and I always saw it as something to have on display rather than play with.

      Gund is a well known company which makes unique teddy bears and other soft toys, it is the leading manufacture in the US as well as being the oldest. The company was founded in 1898 but Adolph Gund. it is 111 years old and is now based in New Jersey but distributes throughout the world.

      The Classic pooh Gund Tigger is based on the original Winnie The Pooh works by A A Milne and E H Sheppard, I do actually have the complete Winnie the Pooh book with all the original style sketches in, these are not like the modern version of the characters and my soft toy Gund Tigger is identical to the original tigger sketches which appear in the book. The Classic Pooh Tigger soft toy is made from and extremely soft plush type material, it has almost a velvety feel to it. He is positioned in a crouching position with his back paws braced and his front paws stretched out as if he is about to pounce on something. He is orange in colour, but a slightly lighter orange compared to the extremely bright orange of the modern versions of Tigger, he has the traditional black stripes going the whole length of his body and tail with a few on the sides of his face as well, again this are not the extremely dark black colour which can be found on the less tradition Tiggers but much more subtle and slightly light in colour, I have said they are black but they could be described as a very dark grey colour. He has a small V shaped nose stitched directly onto his face with plastic whiskers inserted into either side of his face and black and white shiny plastic eyes, these are securely fixed into his face so there is little chance of them falling off should he be played with by children. Tigger also has 2 orange felt pads on his back 2 feet, but not his front for some reason, his tail is extremely long again comparing it to modern versions of Tigger and it is stuffed in a way that it is slightly curved. He also has 2 small ears positioned right at the top of his head, these are lined with the same orange felt material as the pads on his back feet.

      Personally I would say that the Classic Pooh Gund Tigger is suitable for children, he does come with a small cardboard tag attached to his ear which is secured in place with a plastic tag which would need to be removed before giving it to a child. The tag does not contain a huge amount of information about the product, on one side there is a picture of a Classic version of Winnie the Pooh with the words "Classic Pooh |Gund" written underneath it, this is repeated on the back of the label with a small sentence saying this product is based on A A Milnes original Winnie the pooh. I personally have always left the tag on my Tigger as I have only ever had it on display but would definitely remove it before allowing a child to play with it. Tigger also has 2 other tags attached to the back of his leg, these are made from fabric, one simply has the words "Classic Pooh Disney" stitched onto it in brown and the other has the care/ washing instructions stitched onto it, these tags cannot really be removed without damaging Tigger himself but they would not cause any harm to a child and could quite safely be left. There are no other real issues with safety with this product, he does have eyes and whiskers which are attached to his face, however these seem to be in place very securely so again I do not think they would pose any real risk for children, but it might be worth just keeping an eye on them for any loose parts just in case.

      One thing I would say about this product in terms of information is there is very little about what fabric he is made of and what he is filled with, the stuffing is extremely soft which would certainly appeal to children. None of the tags attached to him contain this information and from what I can remember he didn't come in any sort of box which would have had this written on it. All I can say about they type of material he is made of and filled with is that it is safe for children, I have done a bit of research on Classic Pooh Gund, Tigger, and he is described as being suitable from birth.

      In order to keep your Tigger in good condition and clean he can be machine washed on a gentle cycle and also dried on a low heat, but not for too long he must be removed promptly, all of this information is stitched onto one of the labels attached to his back leg. Again I have never washed my Gund Tigger so cannot say how well he washes, being sat out on a shelf all day he does get a bit dusy but I find brushing him down or using a clothes brush on him keeps him looking as good as new. However if he is brought for and played with, then chances are he is going to get a bit dirty and possibly need a wash so it is handy to know what he can be put in the washing machine.

      As I have mentioned I was brought my Gund Tigger as a present when I was younger from Fortnum and Masons and he cost just £8.00, personally I think this is quite a good price especially for Winnie the pooh merchandise as this is usually quite expensive to buy. I do now know whether Fortnum and Mason still sell this product as it was many years ago but I have researched him online and have found him for sale on Amazon, however on here he is being sold for £34.99 for the exact same product so he has definitely gone up in value since I received him as a gift. The price on Amazon is quite high especially compared to what mine cost, however this is the sort of price I would expect this type of product to be selling for.

      Overall I would definitely recommend Classic Pooh Gund Tigger whether you are buying it as a present for a child or whether you are buying it for yourself as part of a collection, it is made to a very high quality making it safe for very young children. Whilst it would seem that this item is a lot more expensive compared to when I first received it as a gift personally I would say it is worth the money, most people love Winnie the Pooh and the other characters, this would make an ideal gift and is something that you can keep for life.


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