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Harrods Lloyd Bear

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Manufacturer: Harrods / Type: Soft Toy

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    1 Review
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      17.07.2012 22:19
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      A nice teddy bear but not the sort of thing I would let a little child play with

      When we bought Jayden home from hospital all of our friends and family bought him presents ranging from clothes to teddy bears, one gift he received was the Harrods Lloyd Bear. Personally I have always liked bears and have one or two Steiff Bears myself, this one is extremely cute and cuddly, however it is nearly the same size as Jayden and due to where it is from and the price I think this may be one which is kept for display, it currently sits in his bedroom, we have let him have it on the floor with him a couple of times but have always kept an eye on him to make sure it does not get chewed or sucked as he currently uses everything as a dummy.

      The Harrods Bear came in a large solid square black box, to open this you lift one side of the box up, secured with a magnet which in turn lifts the lid of the box. The word Harrods is also written on top of the box is gold swirly writing, the bear was snugly fitted inside the box without it being too squashed up, I think it was also wrapped in tissue paper for added protection. The whole of the box came gift wrapped in shiny gold paper, the quality of the wrapping was excellent and it was stuck in a way so that no tape was showing, even if you chose not to have the gift box wrapped by Harrods it still looked very stylish.

      Lloyd Bear
      The Harrods Lloyd Bear is basically a dark creamy coloured teddy bear with slightly darker fur on his paws and around his nose, the fur on his body is quite long and extremely soft to touch. Lloyd bear is quite detailed, he has stitching on his paws to give the impression of toes, this is in a similar colour thread to the fur on his paws making the indentations noticeable without the thread showing too much. He has a cute friendly face with shiny glass black eyes and his nose and mouth stitched on in a ark brown thread. On his back right paw the name Harrods is stitched into the fur in a gold thread, this does stand out against the lighter brown fur but does not look out of place at all, he also has a bright blue ribbon around his neck with the Harrods name printed on it in white swirly writing, this is stitched in place so that you cannot remove it. The only other detail on Lloyd Bear is a small white tag on the back of his leg again with the Harrods name and address on it, there is also a card gift tag attached to one ear, this is held in place with a plastic tag but can be removed using scissors. The Harrods Lloyd Bear comes in a sitting position, he is not jointed so this cannot be altered, he is stuffed in a way that means he does not fall over but at the same time the stuffing is very soft. The bear is of a decent size and measures between 10 and 15 inches from base to the top of his head.

      The only warning that comes with the Harrods Lloyd Bear is not to leave children under 3 years old unsupervised as some of the pile may naturally be shed during use due to the length of it. There is also nothing to say that the eyes are suitable for young children so I would also personally recommend supervising children with this in case they managed to pull the eyes as these could be a choking hazard.

      Price and Availability
      Obviously the Harrods Lloyds Bear is purchased from Harrods, unfortunately this bear is not advertised on the website however very similar items are sold for anything up to £20 - £25, although at the moment a lot of the Harrods soft toys like this are on offer and being sold at half price and a lot of them are being sold for around £10. Personally I think that the Harrods Lloyds Bear is worth the money as this is something that Jayden can keep as he gets older, the bear is very well made and of excellent quality, personally I feel it is not the sort of bear that a child would take everywhere with them and play with constantly, to me it is more the type of bear that you would keep in excellent condition.

      My Opinion
      I would definitely recommend Lloyd Bear, this makes an excellent gift for a baby or child, this is one of Jayden's first teddy bears and I will definitely be encouraging him to keep it in good condition and it is likely it will remain displayed in his room rather than one he drags about with him as he plays. The Harrods bears are not the cheapest Teddy Bears you can but they are perfect as a gift or as something for your child to keep. The bear is of an excellent quality, the fur is lovely and soft as is the stuffing inside, the bears face is friendly and appealing to children and the whole thing is very well made. Whilst the Lloyd Bear has a blue ribbon around his neck it is suitable for both boys and girls. I would definitely recommend these bears to anyone especially if you are looking to buy a gift for a baby or young child.


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