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Hasbro FurReal Friends - Scamps My Playful Pup

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Brand: Hasbro

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    2 Reviews
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      16.08.2008 20:03



      a very cute toy that will ammuse the whole family

      My daughter had this dog for christmas and everyone was totally amused with what it can do. It will sit, lie down, howl and give you his paw if you tell it to. It also responds to "want a treat". You have to say the command up to four times in a quiet environment for the dog to respond. It comes with a treat and a rope toy. My daughter plays with it quite often and the dog is only on his second lot of batteries in seven months. I didnt really want to buy her the dog as i thought it was a lot of money for a cuddly toy but i am very impressed with it and has bought her many days of enjoyment. She even bought a pet carrier, collar and dog bowl for it. I think it is worth every penny and is ideal if your child wants a real pet but you dont for some reason, a very good compramise


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      30.01.2008 03:48
      Very helpful



      Good for a laugh, but not for everyday play.

      My daughter was given one of these for her birthday.

      It is pretty cool- and her elder teenage brothers liked it much more than she did.

      It is basically a robotic dog - you "train" it by issuing commands and it does what you say. So the novelty value here is very high.

      For example; you say "sit" and once you've done it a few times and the dog "learns" your voice, it will sit.

      Same with "lie down" , "wanna treat?" etc. Apparently you can train it to count as well, but we've not managed that.

      The dog comes nicely packaged though it is tied into the cardboard packaging box with loads of those annoying metal ties so actually getting it out of the box took me, even with scissors in my hands, ooh about 10 minutes. Way too long for my two year old daughter!

      It comes with a certificate of ownership (sweet) an instruction manual and a bone - which you put in its mouth and it will lie down and chew on the "wanna treat" command.

      The instant hit value was 10 out of 10 - it was a show stopper. At least it was once I'd gone down to the shop and bought 4 C batteries for it. Grrr, why do they sell battery operated things without the batteries????

      It has, however, for the last few months spent a lot of time on my daughter's windowsill, looking out mournfully onto the front drive. Because of the electronics inside it, though it looks cute, it is not very cuddly - due to the metal in it, and so does not fit into the cuddly soft toy category. It does get played with, but doesn't seem to have the lasting play value of some other, less technical toys.

      My daughter enjoys shouting at it to make it do things- it was hilarious when we introduced it to my friend's puppy - she didn't know what to make of it...

      But what you do with it is set out I suppose, and the toys in our house that have the lasting value are the ones which interact with a child's imagination to let the child take the lead. And it doesn't seem to fit into that category.

      So overall - it's cool, and it's fun, but it's not a "must have" by any means.


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