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In The Night Garden: Goodnight Friend Iggle Piggle

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Brand: Hasbro / Range: In The Night Garden / Type: Soft toy with pyjamas

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    2 Reviews
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      04.10.2011 20:12
      Very helpful



      Cute but expensive for what it is.

      My son loves soft toys and although you wouldn't think it to look him (with him being all rough and tumble!) his bed is covered in soft toys!
      He received money for his birthday and I took him into town to see what he wanted to buy, after picking out a few items, we also popped into Tesco for me to pick up a few things and whilst in there we had a look at the toys, this particular Iggle Piggle was on offer for £10.99 and he wanted it.

      It came in quite a large box and although it is really very cute it doesn't have much purpose, Iggle piggle himself doesn't do anything, nothing at all! He has cute pyjamas but that is it, he is very soft and ideal for babies and toddlers. He does come with a little lantern that lights up with a subtle orange glow, this stays on for approximately 5 seconds! He also has a little book. Oh and a cute pair of slippers!

      I think it is an ideal toy for little one's who dislike bedtime as they can get Iggle Piggle ready for bed in his pyjamas and tuck him in ready for a story. I think it would have been more effective if it maybe had movable eye's like the dolls, that once laying down close their eye's.

      Although really cute I think the usual £19.99 retail price is way too much. The talking, dancing Iggle Piggle toy's usually retail at approx £25 so I do think it is £5 more better spent.
      I wouldn't pay full price for this but with Christmas coming up this is a great gift idea for little ones, keep an eye out for when it's on offer!


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        14.02.2011 20:40
        Very helpful



        Iggle Piggle in his PJs

        In The Night Garden (ITNG) is an animated show on CBeebies. The show is aimed at pre-school children. ITNG is set in a bright and vibrant garden with various characters and storylines than children of such a young age can react to and understand. Characters include Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka, Tombliboos, Hahoos, Pontipines and Watingers, There is also a train called the Ninky Nonk and a spaceship called the Pinky Ponk.

        As with any childrens show, merchandise products are available. Children can be treated to DVDs, toys, teddies and even jigsaws and yoghurts with their favourite ITNG character on it. New products are released in time for Christmas in a hope of children pestering their parents for the latest Iggle Piggle design!

        *~*~*Meeting Iggle Piggle*~*~*

        Iggle Piggle is probably the most popular of the ITNG characters as he opens the show and closes it as he drifts off to sleep in his little boat. There are many toys relating to Iggle Piggle including ones which sing and dance, go in the bath or are simply designed for cuddling. Iggle Piggle in appearance, can be described as a loveable, blue teddy bear with a odd shaped head! He has a few tufts of red hair and carries around his red blanket which may be familiar to many children.

        *~*~*Goodnight Friend*~*~*

        Goodnight Friend Iggle Piggle was released pre-Christmas 2010. Whilst many of the Iggle Piggle toys are simply all blue, Goodnight Friend comes with his own PJs giving Iggle Piggle some dignity! Also included with this Iggle Piggle, is a set of red slippers, a removable blanket, a lantern req 2xAAA batteries and a mini story book. The purpose of this Iggle Piggle is for the child to snuggle up in bed with him and read a story with help from the lantern.

        Iggle Piggle is suitable for those over the age of 2. The filling is specified as being polyester fibres and Iggle can be washed inside a pillow case on a cold, gentle cycle.


        Iggle Piggle comes housed in a rather oversized, cardboard box. A clear, perspex from keeps him safe from harm until it arrives with you. A cardboard back and a small amount of plastic clips hold Iggle Piggle and the accessories in place. His PJs are already on but his slippers need to be slipped on his blue feet. The batteries are already in the lantern so he is really good to go and be cuddled!

        *~*~*Availability and Price*~*~*

        Goodnight Friend Iggle Piggle is available in many outlets and your best chance is to buy it online.

        www.toysrus.co.uk - £19.99 with £4.95 delivery
        www.amazon.co.uk - £24.99 with £7.58 delivery
        www.argos.co.uk - £19.99

        *~*~*Our Experience*~*~*

        Whilst my son is Thomas the Tank obessed, he does have a place in his heart of In the Night Garden. We watch it together when we have a day at home and it is always his choice of DVD before bed. His Thomas trains are too hard to take to bed so he likes a soft toy to cuddle into. For Christmas 2009, we bought him the Sleepy Time Iggle Piggle costing £40.00. It really was a waste as it sang a few short songs and that was it.

        My sister had alerted me to this new Iggle Piggle toy called Goodnight Friend. She had purchased one for my nephew and when I seen it, I thought how adorable it was and decided to purchase one for Ryan for 2010 Christmas. Like every other present I had attempted to buy for him, this was out of stock everywhere so I added it to my wish list on Amazon and at the start of December, I blagged it for £22.99 and had it delivered to our home in time for Christmas.

        The box is oversized when you consider the size of Iggle Piggle. It was wrapped up and on opening on Christmas morning, Ryan was over the moon and immediately asked for it out the box..this was fairly easy compared to most kids toys. Iggle Piggle took prime position next to Ryan and the year befores Iggle Piggle on his brand new Thomas sofa. Pictures were taken and Iggle Piggle was soon a bedtime essention for Ryan who insists on tucking him when he goes out with Mummy.

        *~*~*Iggle Piggle Gets Dressed For Bed*~*~*

        Iggle Piggle is quite small in comparrison to some of the other Iggles Ryan has but he is perfectly shaped to be cuddled. He is plump enough to not go floppy when squeezed too hard and keeps his shape well. He is very much life like as far as Iggle Piggle being life like can go and all features are present are correct including well attached eyes and his famous red hair.

        I would estimate Iggle to be about 30cm tall and has a very soft and rather fluffy, two tone blue colour. The base of his feet are a silky red colour and his famous blanket is soft red with perfect blue stitching around the edges and can be secured into place with a small, tab of velcro. The selling point that sets this Iggle aside from others is the accessories he is sold with.

        The PJs are removable and hug Iggle Piggles curves with ease. The PJs consist of 2 parts. The top velcros together with button effects present and has a red collar scooping around his neck. The sleeves come right down only revealing Iggles hands. The trousers offer a slightly elastic waist and sit around Iggles waist where the top finishes. They come down to his feet and sit just above the slippers. Both the top and trousers are made of soft but wearable material, They offer a blue backing with random white stars. The design on them is acceptable with little, colourful images of Tombliboos, Upsy Daisy and Makka Pakka.

        The slippers presented with Iggle Piggle are round and hollow. They are red so match the overall ensemble. Their softness is evident but they have a firmness that when slipped onto Iggle Piggles rather large feet, they mould around and keep shape. The lantern is quite big and doesn't sit comfortably on Iggles hand but you wouldn't expect it too. It is navy blue and has a large carry handle and a strong base. A round, opaque ball in the middle houses a small light and a red button on the side turns the light on. I cannot comment on the story book as it was a tiny bit of paper that we accidently disgarded.

        *~*~*Ryans Opinion*~*~*

        My son is nearly 3 and already makes his feelings clear on toys and foods etc but I will be writing on his behalf! Iggle Piggle became a favourite right from the start. Whilst Ryan feels it neccessary to drag other Iggle Piggle soft toys out and about, he reserves Goodnight Friend Iggle Piggle for in his bed. I think the PJs give this impression to him and also the fact that the little lantern allows him to have extra light at night time.

        Iggle Piggle is easy for Ryan to cuddle and although he isn't very big, he is easy to interact with. Many a times have I passed the room to hear him roleplaying one Iggle Piggle with another and giving him kisses.He does also have an Upsy Daisy doll which his female cousin left and he won't part with. Unfortuantely in the show, Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy kiss quite a bit and I have noticed Ryan doing this with each doll!

        The PJs although sit comfortably when Iggle Piggle is sleeping during the day, at night time with Ryan bouncing him around the cot, the trousers start to slip down below his bum..not a good look and Upsy Daisy would be mortified! They are really nice on him though and although he doesn't wear PJs on the show, he really does suit them, The blanket is long gone as has every other blanket we have had as the velcro isn't strong enough to hold it down.

        The lantern isn't really something Ryan uses for reading with in bed. It is easy for him to hold and he does like to have it in his cot incase he gets scared. The button is easy to press and the batteries are well secured and have yet to need replacing. The light does shine to an acceptable level but not enough to wake anyone up should it be pressed. It is a gentle glow that only lasts for 8 seconds before dimming and switching off. For reading, Ryan much prefers his rechargable Toy Story torch as it stays on until he turns it off.

        Overall Ryan is content with his Goodnight Friend Iggle Piggle and even 2months after Christmas, the novelty of PJs, slippers and a light hasn't worn off so thats a good sign!

        *~*~*Mummys Opinion*~*~*

        If Iggle Piggle keeps Ryan happy and makes bedtime easier for us then I am pleased. He is sweet to look at and cuddly with no jaggy edges or stitching that come loose. He is well made by Hasbro and illustrates a strong resemble to the character. His PJs still fit well but the slippers seem to have went walk abouts with the blanket which is disappointing as they make up the whole ensemble.

        Although there is no really educational benefits to this Iggle Piggle, there is roleplay aspects which encourage Ryan to interact. It is simply a soft toy ideal for bed time and cuddles with the added benefit of a little light which makes this Iggle more special this time around. We have yet to need to wash it despite constant use in Ryans bed and he doesn't even look grubby in any way. Due to there being no batteries in the actual soft toy, I think this will wash up well and dry up on the radiator or in the airing cupboard.

        The price is quite high considering this is essentially a soft toy with pyjamas so I would recommend pick it up cheap if possible. Whilst the 2009 Iggle Piggle is still in Ryans possession, it has been thrown in the toy box in favour of his new one and no doubt a new one will be released later this year for ITNG fans and parents to locate and pay over the odds for! I feel £15.00 would be a fairer price but my son loves it and that makes me happy.

        I recommend Goodnight Friend Iggle Piggle.

        Thanks for reading x


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