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Intelex Cozy Plush Microwaveable Bunny Warmer

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Brand: Intelex

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    1 Review
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      04.10.2012 11:44
      Very helpful



      An excellent warmer and a cuddly toy too!

      I have always had a microwavable warmer in my household; I've been using it for years now and it has become a very handy item. I purchased my previous one 6 years ago for £1 and lasted me until about 3 months ago. The wheat inside was utterly burnt. Since I cannot live without a microwaveable warmer, I decided to buy a new one using my amazon vouchers. I was shocked to see that the price rise was colossal, there were some that cost £20, a stark contrast to the price I paid for my last microwaveable warmer.

      After a few searches, I found a few that looked exactly like mine however with when I searched in depth; I found something extremely exciting (yes I'm still talking about a microwavable warmer).

      The product was made by a company named Intelex Ltd and it has some very unusual warmers, most of them are cute toys such as cats, dogs, elephant, dinosaur and bunnies. I was spoilt for choices but in the end I resorted to the brown bunny as I found it very cute.

      == What does the bunny look like? ==

      If I didn't purchase it myself I would have easily been fooled to think that it is a real cuddly toy! It looks exactly like a normal cuddly toy but of course when you look at it closer and hold it you will realise the real purpose of this soft toy. The bunny is about 30cm long which is a lot bigger than my previous one. The bunny is fluffy and extremely soft to touch. It has the cutest face ever and it has very long floppy ears. The bunny is light brown in colour, nearly all of it is brown except for the lower part of its face, inner ears, hands and legs and his tail which were white in colour.

      Mr Bunny's tummy is filled generously with millet; it felt very heavy in the middle while his hands and feet not as generously filled. The head of the rabbit wasn't filled with any millet although to be honest I thought it would be nicer if the head was stuffed too but they left it as it is, soft and spongy.

      The millet grains were so small and tiny; they are roundish and solid grains fragranced with lavender. I must admit that I'm not a big fan of lavender but through previous experiences, I knew that the smell will not last.

      Over all, the bunny was very soft and plush; it was a bit on the heavy side though as it was just under 900g.

      == My experience ==

      I loved the look of it; the appearance of the microwavable warmer was a winner for me as it doesn't look like any ordinary heat pack, hence tempting you to use it whenever you feel like it. Once I unpacked it, a very strong smell of lavender came out and while microwaving the new bunny, the smell of the lavender got stronger and the aroma was nearly everywhere. After using it a few times, the smell faded and it was hardly noticeable.

      Using it was very easy and the size of it was perfect to fit in any microwave; big or small. I followed the instructions and microwaved it for only two minutes; it was nice and warm, perfect for my liking.

      I mainly use it for myself and my family, to ease pains and all my family were happy with the results. My youngest is nearly 7 now so it's fine for him to use it in order to keep him warm in cold nights. He was absolutely astonished with it even though sometimes he mocked me for having a soft toy as a grown up.
      I've used it for several months now and neither any member of my family or I can recall any accidents while using it.

      I must say that the colour of the soft toy was and still is as vibrant as it used to be. However, the smell of lavender was replaced with a smell of burnt wheat. I noticed that the millets were stronger and longer lasting than the usual wheat grain used in microwaveable warmers.

      Sometimes, it feels a bit heavy on my tummy or my feet and sometimes it feels a bit awkward but still it does a good job in easing the pain and keeps me warm especially the rabbit's fur coat ;)

      My youngest son loves playing with it, hugging it and cuddling it and he has even named it "Toffee".

      == How to use it ==

      It is very safe and easy to use! All you have to do it put it for a 2 min turn on the microwave and then place it on the source of pain.

      == Benefits ==

      The bunny is fully microwavable and it doesn't have a removable inner wheat bag like the previous one. It's quicker, easier to use and unlike the old fashioned way of using a hot bottle it's safer too because it reduces the risk of scalding and burns. Another benefit of using a microwavable toy is that it can be used both ways, hot and cold by placing the soft toy in a plastic bag or a freezer bag and leave it in the freezer for 3-4 hours. Don't forget you can always use as a normal soft toy!

      == Where to use it ==

      This microwavable soft toy can be used as a bed warmer, also to ease back and joint pain and I also found it very useful to use on my tummy when I have painful period pains and I found them very effective.

      It can also be used as an ice pack to reduce temperatures, easing sprains and bruises and reducing swelling.

      == Warning ==

      Please don't over heat it. Heat it for only two minutes as directed and avoid leaving it for long directly on the skin, if you want to use it for long hours try to put a thin layer of material to avoid burns.
      Not recommended for children under the age of 5
      It's for microwave use only don't try to heat it with any other way, it might catch fire.

      == Taking care of your bunny ==

      Taking care of your microwavable soft toy is so easy, try to clean it with a slightly wet sponge to remove any dirt and keep it in top clean condition for hygiene purposes.

      == My recommendation ==

      I highly recommend it; it's soft, cute and cuddly and simply works. I loved it and I will keep using it for many months or maybe years who knows!

      I'm more than happy to give it the full 5 stars.

      == Prices and availability ==

      It's available to buy from Amazon, there are so many microwavable soft toys to choose from and the prices will vary from £6.99-£25.

      I bought mine for only £7.60 which is a very good price for all the benefits I'm getting from it.


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