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Jellycat Baby Bashful Cream Lamb

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Brand: Jellycat

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    1 Review
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      06.04.2013 22:29
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      Jellycat bashful lamb

      I have a very big soft spot for soft toys and with two young children its easy to indulge my love and one of my favourite brands is the Jellycat franchise. Jelly Cat was established in London in 1999 and is one of the world's leading soft toys designers and manufacturers. They are some of my favourite brands of soft toy and I can't help but be attracted to their cute designs. Jelly Cat have lots of cuddly and very soft toys that are all different animals and usually have a very cute face/look/feel to them. The other characteristics that always tell you its a Jelly cat are a soft velvety fur with floppy ears, tails or limbs and a very cute cuddly face. If you see them in a shop they practically beg you to buy them and are screaming take me home, take me home!

      Bashful Lamb was an Easter gift for my little girl a couple of years ago now to go along with a bashful bunny that we also have. The bashful lamb is part of their Bashfuls range. According to an article I read, Jellycat's Bashfuls range is a collection of shy and reserved soft toy animals characterised by a soft plush coat and triangular shaped body. These cuddly toys are a great gift, as they make the perfect companion.

      Bashful lamb (who is called Nancy Lamb in our house.....I'll explain later) is obviously a baby sheep and is a gorgeous cream colour. She has a little pointy face which has a short plush material on it as do her little lamb ears. The rest of her body has a bit longer white/creamish coloured fur which is extremely soft and very nice to smooth up and down with your hands. She does have quite a little bashful look on her face, that sort of "I'm so cute and bashful look" which I think is definitely part of her attraction. Lamb has long floppy arms and what I really like about Nancy lamb is that you can carry her about by any one of her limbs as they are easy to grab hold of and swing around which makes her extremely easy to tote around and play with. I often just pick her up by one arm and swing her around when she is joining in with our dancing or games that we play. She is soft and squishy too so she's really nice to give cuddles to and this is what my little boy loves to do as you can squish her up and really give her a proper cuddle.

      Bashful lamb also has beanbag beans in her bottom so you can sit her up if you wish and her little legs sit underneath her so its easy for her to sit up and attend tea parties with you if you wish. She also has a cute little tail at the back too.

      My mum, who is called Nancy, gave this to my little girl for Easter, hence why we called her Nancy, as the year before my dad, called Bob, gave my little girl a Jellycat bashful bunny whom we called Bob. To make sure that you have an official Jellycat toy you should always look for the little label stitched onto your toy that says Jellycat on it. This can usually be found around the bottom area!

      You can often find these toys in garden centre shops and of course you can buy them from the website or other toy shops. I think bashful lamp costs approximately £9.50 so not cheap but so worth it, we play with ours all the time and she is still fairly clean although if you need a touch up I recommend wiping them with a wet wipe and they clean up really well. The bashful lamb is one of their biggest sellers and I can see why, a very cute toy.


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  • Product Details

    A 13cm Lamb soft toy from the British soft toy designer Jellycat . This Lamb is from the Bashfuls range with a soft plush coat and triangular shaped body. There are also other sizes and characters available in Jellycat€™s Bashfuls range including a Frog Piglet and Bunny Rabbit.

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