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Jellycat Dales Farm Sheep Chime Ball

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Brand: Jellycat

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    1 Review
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      10.08.2009 15:25
      Very helpful



      a great toy for baby to help baby learn to move thier bodies

      This is a toy I bought for our young son before he was born as it was so cute in the shop I just couldn't resist buying it.

      This is a product from the Jellycat Company and its part of their sub range for babies and young children called Jellykitten. The company was, established in London in 1999, and is now one of the world's leading luxury soft toy companies and has a great reputation for producing well made toys.

      What is it?
      This is basically a baby's chime ball which is shaped as a round fluffy sheep with a sheep's head on the top. The body of the sheep is made up of white fluffy material that is wonderfully soft to touch. |Also on the main body of the sheep there are several checked flowers. The aim of which is using the contrasting fabric and bright colours to help your child start to focus. The sheep has a jaunty kerchief to help keep the body and head together and to hide some of the stitching I imagine. The sheep's head is made from soft stuffed material which has a smiley face stitched on to it. The sheep also has a tuft of soft woolly material on its head and two little ears with the same contrasting material from the body as the inside of the ears. As the child moves the sheep it gentle makes a chime noise. The product is suitable for children form birth upwards

      Our experience
      My son has loved playing with "Sheepie" as he named in our house. Initially playing with this toy just involved either me or my husband moving Sheepie and him turning towards the noise and trying to focus on what had made the noise. As his awareness of his body and it various parts increased this progressed on to him trying to stretch his arms and hands towards Sheepie. He would then try to bat at it to make the noise he associated with Sheepie. Once this skill had been mastered being the tough mummy I can be what I used to do was put Sheepie at the bottom of the change mat when changing his nappy. This was so either I would knock it myself so he would try to look downwards at it or he has he was moving his legs and feet he would knock it. This was to enough the further development of his awareness of his body. I had also used this on his play mat to help him roll towards Sheepie and encourage movement. Now that he is a big boy of nearly 19 months he doesn't really play with Sheepie regularly but he still will on occasions give Sheepie a knock or a kick at nappy changing time. The sheep is very well made in my opinion as it has stood up well to many knocks and bumps by all members of the household. It has coped well with been held and moved by its head with out any tearing of the fabric in any way. The chime itself is a nice noise not too loud but a pleasant musical bell noise that doesn't annoy in my opinion. I would definitely recommend this to new mums and babies and it would make a lovely baby present.

      Where from
      I bought ours from a local toy shop but you can get it on the internet from www.tempationsgifts.com it is currently on offer for £7.99 which I think is a bit of a bargain.


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