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Kaloo Liliblue Medium Floppy Bear - Blue

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Brand: Kaloo

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    2 Reviews
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      05.07.2009 00:53



      beautiful bears and totaly worth while buying

      I have bought a white one of these ready for my little girl for xmas as we collect kaloo bears.
      There so lovely, well designed especially for babies and young children, no poor stitching here but then i should hope not the some of the prices you pay.
      Kaloo bear come in beautiful gift boxes which are a work of art themselves and lovely lovely say oon a shelf in your babys nursery with the bear sat in front if you would prefer them to be used for decoration.
      Our kaloo bears are mostly from the lily rose collection we do have a few from other ranges my daughters favorite been a rare bumble bee pj case that she uses as a pillow for nap time its so soft and cuddly.
      The point of kaloo is that there beautiful well craft pieces and are keep sakes for your children and can be passed onto there children in future.
      There pretty,friendly looking,exciting,fun toys suitable from new born and worth every penny.
      Once you buy one and have a good look at it i can guarantee you will buy more.
      my little girl gets a least 2 or 3 new ones a year i know thats not alot to some people but at around £25 per bear/doll/toy its alot to a single parent family.


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      03.03.2009 12:44
      Very helpful



      Mums and Babies will Love Them

      Kaloo are a French company which produce a wide range of baby clothes and toys. Kaloo has been around for just over ten years. Kaloo designs are modern and innovative, but also have a really timeless appeal. I first spotted Kaloo in a small gift shop, and it was love at first sight. The quality of all the products is so high, and everything is beautifully designed. Kaloo products really stand out for their softness and colour, and also the amazingly beautiful round gift boxes which the products come in. Not only will the toys themselves be keepsakes, but the boxes make great keepsake boxes. My aunt keeps all her baby card in the one which I bought for her.

      The bear is Kaloo's brand symbol, and most of the toys come in a bear design, although you can also get rabbits and other critters. The bear which is shown in the picture has the distinctive Kaloo face, but he is actually more of a traditional shape than a lot of their designs. My personal favorites are the chubby bears (available in a range of sizes and colours) - The are very soft, round bears, covered with smooth velour, which just demand to be cuddled. Bears range in price from about £20 - £40 depending on size. This is such a great price. Although the bears are relatively small, and these obviously aren't the cheapest toys - but you will want to keep them forever, so it is well worth paying for them.

      These are such great Baby gifts, for births or christenings - They really are that bit extra special - especially because of their lovely packaging. A Kaloo bear is now my standard baby present - you can get pink, blue and neutral colours, along with any brighter or special edition ranges. No-one is every disappointed with these. Before I got hooked on Kaloo I always bought clothes rather than toys for babies, but I actually think these are a much better buy. They will last forever, can be used with babies straight away, and stand up really well to actual play. Kaloo have done an amazing job of producing a keepsake that can actually be enjoyed by the child. I have loads of silver and china from when I was born - but I'm sure I would have preferred a bear which I could have actually played with, but that is also nice enough to keep a hold of.

      Although Kaloo toys feel super soft and delicate they actually wear really well - Bears can be machine washed at 30 degrees and then put in the tumble drier - this is pretty essential for a these items, as babies and kids can't seem to resist sticking them in their mouths! The practical element of this brand is not what you would expect from such beautiful items, but it really goes to show how well designed, produced and thought through these items are.

      Kaloo also make a big range of other products - shoes and clothes, playmats, chairs, musical toys and so on - I'm sure I'll buy a huge stack of this stuff when I have my own kids, because it all looks amazing - but I'll stick to the bears as my perfect gift

      The full range of Kaloo is still relatively hard to easily get hold of in the UK - Independent gift shops have always had the best selection and nicest displays I have seen, but unfortunately Kaloo don't have a UK website, so there is no list of stockists. John Lewis has a very small range, and I have ordered from www.babyzoop.co.uk, which was fine. I once went to Selfridges to get Kaloo's for two friends who had just had babies, but the bears available were dirty, and the boxes were battered and damaged - I love Selfridges, but the baby department seems to be a bit of a wreck, so I don't recommend you bother with it.


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    • Product Details

      Soft and chubby, Kaloo bears are made from cotton velvet and arrive in smart gift boxes. Suitable from birth.

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