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Linens Limited Pillow Pet Soft Toy

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2 Reviews

Brand: Linens Limited / Type: Pillow/cushion/soft toy

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    2 Reviews
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      10.10.2011 11:14
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      see review x

      Well by looking at the picture above this product may have changed name to the now called Huggle Buddies as it is exactly the same, they do come in many different types if animals including a dalmatian which is the one I will review as it does not state on here that it is just for the panda, so please bear this is mind when rating ty x

      After much nagging from my kids, I bought them a snuggle buddy. I did buy them two different ones, when my daughter saw the dalmatian one she automatically wanted it. We actually bought ours off Ebay and they cost £10 each with free postage, which is a lot cheaper than what was advertised and shown in the online shop.

      When it was delivered my daughter soon ripped the packaging open to reveal the pillow. This was 16 inch in size but you can pay more to get an 18 inch one, but 16 inch was big enough in my opinion.

      When i felt the pillow it was really soft and squidgy, the pillow is just shaped like a dalmatian, it has 2 plastic eyes, a tail, its ears, a tail and the most important the spots. The dalmatian is white in colour, with black spots all over, but with it having white parts as you can imagine with kids, it does get dirty, but it can be put in the washing machine, which it does tell you on the label, however to dry you can not put it in the tumble dryer, so I just leave this on the radiator to dry, which usually takes a couple of days if the heating has not been on.

      The huggle buddy acts as either a pillow or a toy, it has a velcro strip on the pillow which will fasten to make the dalmatian into a standing up dog that is then used as a teddy bear. Then you just undo the velcro to use it as a pillow and it then lays flat. When this is used as a pillow it is just like any other pillow but it seems more softer somehow, I have laid my head on this and it is so comfortable I could just buy myself one.

      My daughter has also decided that this can act as a pyjama carrier as she puts her pyjamas in the middle of the pillow before she closes the velcro strap, and it does actually keep them in place too. I would recommend buying one of these as my kids love them and they are really comfortable to use, and also act as a toy so you have 2 things rolled into one.

      Please note on the label this states that it is not suitable for children under 3 years old.


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        07.01.2011 19:28
        Very helpful



        A very cute and unique multi-functional panda.

        I was browsing Amazon looking for 'Panda' related products for my daughter who adores panda's, when I came across this cute-looking panda, which I thought at first was just a soft toy.
        Closer inspection revealed that this panda was in fact what is described as a 'Pillow Pet.' The reason being that this panda is more than just a soft toy, as it also transforms into a pillow or cushion for your bed.

        Right away, I knew my daughter would love one of these and I ordered her one from Amazon, via Linens Ltd at a price of £9.95 plus £1.95 postage and packing.

        This pillow pet panda is shown in the photograph here as a cuddly toy. What you can't see, is the velcro strip located underneath the panda which holds it together. Peeling back the velcro which holds the panda together in its cuddly toy form, enables the paws to be pulled apart and the panda becomes a cushion, with a head at the top and paws either side.
        You will find photographs on Amazon of what this panda looks like when opened out to use as a cushion.

        When flat, the panda is the size of an average cushion, measuring 30 x 50 cm. Made of 100% polyester, the panda is very soft and feels lovely to touch. It is recommended you wash the panda by hand according to the label.

        My daughter was delighted with her panda and I must admit it does look nice sitting on her bed, as either a cuddly toy or a cushion, depending on which way she has it.

        The quality overall is very good and I would say it is well worth the price I paid. It is well made, with no faults in the stitching etc that I could see and it looks durable as well as attractive.
        The only slight niggle I have with it, is the the velcro strip which holds the panda together when using as a soft toy could have been a little wider and stronger. I say this because when the panda arrived it was packed flat as a cushion and at first, when folding the panda and fastening the velcro into place, it did not seem strong enough and the velcro was popping open and the panda went back to being a cushion.
        However, after fluffing the panda up a bit and trying again, the velcro held in place and has been fine ever since as long as you stick it firmly down by pressing on it. If you just attempt to lightly stick the velcro together without applying any pressure, I find it doesn't hold in place.

        Also, if you play around with the panda once fastened, the velcro easily loosens and opens, which reverts the panda back to being a cushion again. Therefore this really isn't meant to be played with as a soft toy, it really is just a novelty to sit on your bed.
        Use it as a cushion however, and you will find it is perfect. As long as you are buying this to use as a cushion or just sit on the bed then you won't be disappointed. My daughter loves it and I think it is really cute. The fact it doubles up as a cushion, I think gives it a unique appeal.

        There are also other animals available in this pillow pets range, including sheep, cows, puppies and monkeys. As I mentioned, I found these pillow pets on Amazon and I have not personally seen them anywhere else except in Asda just before Christmas and they did not have pandas at the time. There were only three or four left and they were ladybirds and priced at £10 each.

        This panda pillow pet is still available from Linens Limited on Amazon at the same price I paid a while back.
        Overall, I feel this panda is good value for money and makes an ideal gift. Its cute face and soft fur is so appealing and my daughter loves it!


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