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Milly The Black Cat Pull-Along

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Brand: Orange Tree Toys

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    1 Review
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      11.11.2010 22:28
      Very helpful



      I love it

      My daughter got this for her 2nd birthday, and although when you see it for the first time it doesn't look like much, it is a great toy and my daughter LOVES it.

      It's a typical 'pull-along- toy in that it's an animal on wheels with a cord attached so that your child can pull it along behind them. But this one is also slightly different. The cat actually detaches from the wooden wheels (Velcro tabs fix the wheels to the body) so it can be used as a cuddly toy as well as a pull along. This is also handy if your child (like mine) likes to drag the cat through puddles and so it can be washed easily without damaging the wheels.

      The cord has a cute little fish on the end which your child holds to pull the toy. It also has a plastic orange section in the middle of the cord which can be pulled apart easily; I'm guessing that this is to stop any strangulation possibilities?! My daughter likes this part of the toy, and often takes the detached fish to bed with her!

      The cat itself has quite an old fashioned look to it, there's no oversized eyes or cartoon like qualities to it like you get with many modern toys these days, it actually resembles a real (chubby) cat. The fur is really soft, and he's squishy too, I actually love the look and feel of this cat, it's like nothing I've ever seen before in a child's toy.

      The wooden wheels work really well, I'd actually read a review that said the wheels don't turn, but the ones on our cat work fine. My daughter likes to run up and down the hallway with this toy and she has had no problems with the wheels. She also takes it out with us sometimes and pulls it along behind her, and it actually runs really smoothly on pavements, it doesn't tend to topple over very often or go off course. It just bumbles along nicely behind her, the cord is just the right length for a 2 year old to use, i.e. it's not too long so it gets tangled, and it's not too short so that they are tripping over the toy. It also goes really well through puddles, and the wheels are coping with this really well!!

      Despite the cord being detachable this isn't a problem, the only time it does detach itself is when the cat gets stuck on something such as a kerb, or around a doorframe when my daughter has run too fast into a room, then she just ends up with the fish in her hand, and the cat gets left behind. Thinking about it, this is quite a good feature because if the cord didn't detach itself then it could well be my daughter's arm detaching itself as she careers carelessly into a room.

      I think this is a perfect toy for a 2 year old, especially an energetic one like my daughter. She enjoys playing with it so much and loves taking it for walks around the house, and out of the house. I would definitely recommend it.

      The cat is approximately 25cm in length and 20cm in height, so quite a compact size, but ideal for toddlers.

      You can also get a horse, dog or a lion, and perhaps a sheep!

      Available on Amazon. Prices vary - usually between £9 - £13.


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    • Product Details

      Practical design allows the soft toy to be taken off the wooden wheels for washing.

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