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Talking Yabba Duck Soft Toy

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Manufacturer: Vivid Imaginations / Type: Soft Toy

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    1 Review
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      24.01.2012 20:26
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      He's a lovely duck - but my daughter isn't too keen!

      It's Timmy Time!
      This was a present my daughter received on her second birthday. The character is Yabba the Duck who appears in the children's BBC animated show, Timmy Time, which is about a little sheep and his friends. I haven't seen this programme often, but all Timmy's friends seem to be different animals that all go to school together, and speak to each other in their own animal noises.

      He's quackers!
      Yabba is a cute, bright yellow duck complete with a pair of blue goggles on his head - these goggles don't actually move which disappointed my daughter when she first got this gift! He has a big orange beak and soft orange legs so he can sit nicely on his bottom. He also has soft yellow wings and he has very soft fur so he is nice to stroke. Overall, Yabba is a really lovely looking duck - very cute and friendly looking! He's around 10 inches tall I would say.

      But Yabba is more than just a pretty face - he also talks! Squeeze his tummy and he quacks away in a friendly way. Each squeeze only gives a few seconds of quacking which, as a parent, is obviously something of a relief.

      Give us a squeeze - please?
      When my daughter first got this she was quite taken with him, but found it difficult to squeeze his tummy as it is a little awkward for little hands. A year or so later and she can squeeze his tummy easily - although to be honest she doesn't very much! In fact she doesn't really pay much attention to poor Yabba at all! I think there may be a few reasons for this. Firstly she isn't a big Timmy Time fan - in fact I don't think she has any idea that this duck is on the TV. Maybe if she was aware that he is a bit of a celeb in CBBC circles she would have taken more of a shine to him. Also, because of the little box inside that makes the noise, this stops him being a very soft, cuddly toy.

      Finally my daughter doesn't really play with soft toys that much. She has lots of smaller soft toys in her bed, and she likes her dolls, but soft toys only get dragged out occasionally for tea parties or 'sleepovers' - she's never really formed a great attachment to any one toy and tends not to carry one around with her - and if she does it's usually an affection that's short-lived! This isn't really any fault of the toy of course, but it certainly hasn't done enough to win her over - although she is clearly a hard audience to please! So other than the very occasional squeeze, poor Yabba has had a lonely time in our house.

      Shelf life
      Overall I like this toy - he looks really cute and seems to be very well made. Ours is certainly as good as new - but then he hasn't had much attention as I say! For a Timmy Time fan I think this would make a great gift - especially one that is more interested in soft toys than my little girl. But for us, our Yabba will have to settle for sitting on the shelf looking cute.

      Yabba the Duck is currently on amazon for £7.25 - reduced from £9.99 - which I think is a really good price for this nice toy (although my little girl may disagree!). It is suitable for 2-5 years.


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