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Timmy Time Picnic Timmy the Sheep

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Brand: Vivid Imaginations / Type: Soft Toy

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    1 Review
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      06.04.2012 12:13
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      A nice soft interactive toy

      We came across this Timmy time in the Tesco sale for £10 and decided to buy it for my son's birthday. Regular retail is supposed to be around £25 but to be honest I have never seen it on sale at this price so I would shop around.

      Timmy is a popular character from the show Timmy time on cbeebies that my son loves there is no talking in the program just a lot of animals noises but it seems to amuse my little boy .

      The toy

      The toy is rather big at 25 cm tall so not one of the smaller teddies you receive but my son loves this as it means he can give it a good cuddle especially at night time he likes holding him while he sleeps. He is an exact copy of the character from the TV show and is very soft and cuddly apart from the two interactive parts attached to his hands.In Timmy's mouth is a plastic sensor and this is what makes the toy work. Attached to Timmy's hands is a sandwich that has a bite taken out of it and a cup with a straw, raise either one of these to Timmy's mouth and he begins making noises associated.The sandwich and milkshake cup are both made out of plastic and painted with detail to show what they represent so easy for little one to recognise straight away. They are both attached to Timmy's hand so that they cannot be lost and in the many months we have had Timmy the stitching has not come loose and they are still fully intact.

      How to play

      When you lift the cup to Timmy's mouth he starts slurping and for as long as the cup is in his mouth and when you lift the sandwich to his mouth he makes chewing noises for the whole time the sandwich is at his mouth.Once you move the pieces away from the mouth and the sensor Timmy does 1 of three things he either hiccups a few times, bahs happily or does a strange sheep giggle. This only happens for around 10 seconds and then the interactive part is over until the process is repeated again.All three of my children love this toy although it is fairly simple and the interactive appeal of it is only small and simple it seems they never get tired of watching Timmy eat and drink and love waiting to see what response he will have.They all think it is great that he can recognise what he is eating and always try and switch and change quickly to try and confuse Timmy but it never works he always chews his sandwich and slurps his milk.This is not a noisy toy although it does have sounds it is not one that I get fed up with by the end of the day no matter how much my children play with it yet it provides enough sounds to keep them interested.

      My only downside to this toy is you have to potion the straw of the cup in Timmy's mouth in the whole where the sensor sits and it has to sit just right to make the noises begin. The sandwich is not so awkward but it can be frustrating for little one.


      The toy requires 3 AAA batteries which are included when you purchase the toy and we have had this since may and it has had a fair amount of use and they are still working fine the noises have not slowed down and there seems to be plenty of life in them yet.Age recommendation for this toy is 2 years old plus now my son actually got this for his first birthday and although there were no small parts so he could hurt himself he did get the general idea that if he held the sandwich or cup to Timmy's mouth he would make noises but he much preferred it as a teddy bear. He also loved watching Timmy eat his sandwich and drink his food but only if mummy daddy or his siblings were making Timmy eat he just showed no interest in doing it himself until he was about 19 months old so I do think the age recommendation is correct.Over all this is a great toy it can be used as a teddy bear but has an interactive feature too and my children who are nearly 2, 3 and 4 all love this toy and the novelty does not seem to wear off.


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