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Tobar Sooty Hand Puppet

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Manufacturer: Tobar / Type: Hand Puppet

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    1 Review
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      13.07.2012 20:16
      Very helpful



      Sooty is a great puppet, of good quality and well-made.

      I have spent some time working in schools and with children.
      One of the products that I have come across and used is this Sooty hand puppet.
      I remembered watching Sooty on tv when I was younger and it was great to come across him in puppet form.

      ---Who is Sooty??---

      Well, Sooty is a bear. But unlike most children's characters he is mute to the audience.
      We never actually hear him speak but he can be understood by whispering in a persons ears.

      ---What's the puppet like??---

      Sooty is a yellow puppet with black ears, paws, eyes and nose.
      He is pretty basic to look at but he is still eye-catching and memorable.
      He is well made and so there is no sign of any loose stitching or tears appearing throughout use.
      He fits nicely in your hand and it is easy to move his hands about.
      Although the puppet may not be able to do much, it is still good in making different expressions and using it in various ways.. such as placing Sootys hands over his eyes or moving them about along with nodding his head. He is also really soft and great to hold.
      Putting your hand inside the puppet is also comfortable to hold and it is not made of material that makes your hands itchy unlike some other puppets that I have used.

      ---What's it good for??---

      I thought Sooty was quite handy to use with children, it was fun to use whilst reading stories and to interact with the children.
      Some comedy moments can come out of it by the audience not directly knowing what Sooty is saying.. and it also helps as you do not need to make silly voice changes for the puppet lol.
      Also children can be kept entertained with the puppet and play and explore it themselves.
      This can bring out the creativity in them as they use their imagination.
      I found children generally tend to like puppets and playing around with them.

      ---The packaging---

      Sooty comes in minimal packaging which I think is good. He is not in a box but just held on cardboard that he just needs to be deattached from. We never put him away in a seperate box, he was just stored with other toys as it's quite a good quality puppet I didn't find you had to be extra careful with it so not to damage it.

      ---Where can it be bought from---

      It can be bought online from Amazon. It is currently selling there for £14.98.
      I think this is quite expensive for a puppet and it is probably due to Sooty being such an iconic character.
      I would have a look online and around to see if it can be found cheaper and think £10 would be a better price.

      ---Overall thoughts---

      I give Sooty 5 stars as I think he's great. Children can have lots of fun with it and enjoy playing with it.
      Adults can also use it to interact with children and keep them entertained and engaged in activities.
      It's a good quality puppet which would last a while.. and there is also more puppets available of the other characters such as Sweep (a dog) and Soo (a panda).

      Thanks for reading :)
      (this review can also be found on ciao)


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