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Tokidoki Hello Kitty Plush

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Manufacturer: Tokidoki / Type: Soft Toys

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    1 Review
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      21.05.2012 21:09
      Very helpful



      great plush to really liven up your collection

      The tokidoki hello kitty plush is the best in my collection. Kitty's have some and gone in my collection and yet this has remained mine since the day I got my hands on her. What on Earth is tokidoki? "Tokidoki" Is a Japanese style of art work which is applied to Iconic logo's and also produce merchandise such as clothing, accessories and footwear. Tokidoki is similar to the Kawaii style which is also Japanese where they take pictures and transform them into cute pictures more often than not with faces. Simple but very effective. For example I have a tokidoki bag and they have taken a simple tulip design, turned it slightly cartoony and put a face on it making it look very adorable. Although some may find the style itself pointless and silly to me it's a good way to remain immature and yet still be mature and grown up and I see nothing wrong with it especially because I can pull off silly things like this and other people can't. The style to me is unique and we don't see enough of this anymore.

      My tokidoki Hello Kitty plush is 15" Tall which makes her the biggest in my collection so far, I did have more but I decided it was too childish but now I regret selling them and now I'm trying to get my collection to back where it was and I'm slowly getting there but currently tokidoki stands the tallest and the proudest of them all. Personally I love the bigger Plush teddies more than the smaller ones although I struggle to find bigger kitty's that stand out like this one, all the intriguing designs all seem to be in 6 - 10 inches and mainly quite plain at 15 inches with the exception of this one so far. I first saw this as I was browsing through eBay at all the delightful kitty faces waiting to be bought at 3am and when I scrolled down and saw this I just knew it was destined to be mine. This wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be it was only £15 but that's because I was buying it from someone and not a company so I was really chuffed with this purchase. I bought my Halloween hello kitty bat that's 6 inches tall for the same price as this one and she's 15 inches tall so it was definitely a bargain.

      Hello Kitty is in a sitting position with her little legs outstretched in front of her. She then has a small round body and a large head like tradition, her head is positioned slightly on the side. She has a zip up her front so it looks like she's wearing a hoodie because her head is green except her face. The green coat is cactus spikes all over it. I like that she's in the sitting position it makes it easier to stand up or rather sit down on my shelf or bed depending how I'm cleaning my room and where I put her, it stops her from falling over or moving out of place. Her head is massive making her look really cute and because of the way it is positioned it's giving of an innocent questioning look. Her green fur is made to cook like an all in one coat with it's hood up and her face poking out, but she's been made to look like a cactus which is why the coat (which isn't removable it just has a zip on the front to look like one) has spikes all over it when are just rolled up bits of hollow material.

      The kitty has a few other quirky details on her, she has skulls embroided onto her outstretched feet, this is a nice little touch. also in her left arm she has a yellow pepper with a cutsie face on it as if she is holding it and of course we have her famous bow, This version of the bow is more bubbly and plump. It is red with sparkly silver lines in it giving it that extra detail and again the middle is a quirky skull. Her holding a pepper adds to the tokidoki style and makes it even cuter than if she was alone.

      The plush teddy is quite firm and isn't as squishy as some of my other ones but it isn't hard either, it's a comfortable firmness that you can pick it up and cuddle it and it feel great to squeeze. Although I do see her as a collectors item she does sit on my bed sometimes and if my niece is around and she wants to play with them then I'm completely fine with it because if anything happens to it I can see repair it. Which is a good job I can repair things because we did have a little accident.

      She's really durable,I've had her in my possession for over 2 years now but I have no idea how old she actually is but a month or so ago her bow came off and then my dog chewed off the skull from the middle. Fortunately he didn't chew it up eh just ripped it off from the bow. So simple sowing the two pieces together so the stitches couldn't been seen and again the bow to the plush you can't even tell that happened and then I went around and made sure everything else was secure on her before putting my needle and thread away.

      Her current residence is on my top shelf with a child's pair of hello kitty slippers on her feet just to keep her warm from the cold weather we're having right now - and because it's the only Plush the slippers would fit on. Since the accident she hasn't fully recovered from the trauma (or rather I haven't) and she hasn't come down to play for a while and until she makes a full recovery that is where she will stay to rest.


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