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Ty Chip the Cat

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Brand: Ty

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    1 Review
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      09.04.2012 19:22
      Very helpful
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      Inexpensive beanie cat

      ---Why I Bought It---

      I was not one of those who was an avid collector in the 1990s.
      I only stumbled upon the Beanie Babies when I found a gorgeous stars and stripes teddy on Ebay. After that I was hooked!
      Since then I have bought quite a few - not to collect - but just because I like them, and some for presents.
      This special little cat was bought as part of a job lot of cats from Ebay.

      ---The Brand---

      'A Beanie Baby is a stuffed animal, made by Ty Warner Inc, later renamed as Ty Inc. in late 1993.
      Ty stopped producing the product in 1999; but demand led them to reconsider.
      In 2000, a Beanie Baby named "The Beginning" was introduced to remind people of Beanie Babies' comeback.' (Wikipedia)

      ---The Product---

      This little cat is about 10 x 4 inches nose to tail and is lying on its stomach.
      The cat is made of soft, very short fur. She is a sort of patchwork pattern of black, white and tan colours - white stomach, paws and ear inners; tan for half her head, half he body and tail and with black for half its head and half its body.
      Her body is filled with the characteristic 'beans' that are in all beanies. The head is filled with normal stuffing.
      She has a link plastic nose, white whiskers and large brown and black plastic eyes.
      Called CHIP, The Calico Cat.
      Birthday 26/01/96 - she was retired in 1999.
      Her little poem is:
      ---Black and gold, brown and white---
      ---The shades of her coat are quite a sight---
      ---At mixing her colors she was a master---
      ---On anyone else it would be a disaster!---


      As this cat is one of the 'retired' beanies the cost is hard to determine.
      Currently on Ebay Chip can be picked up for between £3 and £8.
      I only buy mine when they are either in a job lot of are around £1-2.


      An integral part for collectors was to keep the tags of these stuffed animals in immaculate condition.
      There were two tags - one was the 'swing tag' - a heart shaped cardboard tag attached to its ear and a fabric 'tush tag' sewn into its base somewhere.
      You were able to buy plastic heart shaped transparent covers for the 'swing tags' to stop them getting scuffed and damaged.

      ---My Opinion---

      This cat is so cute - lying down on her stomach in a relaxed position.
      She has very soft fur and looks different to the run of the mill stuffed cats you normally buy. She can be made to sit up but her normal position is flat on stomach.
      Her body is nice and soft and squishy from the beans inside, and she sits in just the same way as a real cat would.
      I would not have wanted to pay full price for these Beanies but picking them up cheaply on Ebay is a good way of finding what you want - and there are thousands on there for you to choose from.
      For myself I do not want the tags on them - I remove the cardboard tags and wash the beanies in the machine on a 30 degree cycle - they have all come out fine. It does say on the label to just surface clean.
      I do not buy them from the point of view of a collector and do not intend selling them on - so I rather see them without the ugly cardboard tag hanging from their ear.
      My black and white cat is my favourite but this little patchwork one is also quite cute and lovable, although I would not have bothered to buy this one but I got a bundle of cat ones on offer.

      ---Would I Recommend?---

      Yes definitely.

      ---Star Rating---

      5 stars.



      Summary: Cute little cat that doesn't need feeding


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