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Ty Clover the Bear

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Brand: Ty

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    2 Reviews
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      29.05.2012 12:37
      Very helpful
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      A gorgeous little beanie that may bring you the Luck o' the Irish!

      A few years ago I was a huge fan of both online and offline competitions, this gave a lot of people the same idea one Christmas and I ended up with far too many lucky Buddhas and this lucky Clover beanie bear - bought by my well meaning mother who hadn't thought about it being only four-leaf clovers that are lucky. The bear doesn't feature a four-leaf clover but in a mad twisty coincidence I did win a cruise two days after sitting it next to the PC!

      This is an official TY Beanie Baby - no idea of issue years for these things, but I received mine in late 2008. One thing I do know is that Clover has now been retired, they're always cropping up on EBay though for around £6 - £7 although are occasionally rebranded as St. Patrick's Day bears.

      The Clover bear is 8" from the tip of his ears to the bottom of his feet and (as you can see from the piccie) is a predominantly white bear with small clover leaves dotted all over his body and emerald green inner ears, feet and snout. He's very striking looking and much more interesting than the more realistic looking bears in my opinion, I was never a collector of beanies but have seen enough (and read enough!) about them to know Clover is my absolute favourite!

      Like all Beanie Babies this is a floppy toy; it almost feels under-stuffed but it's done in a lovely cuddly way, the gorgeously soft fur completes the luxurious feel and look of the bear. Clover lives on a shelf in the dining room and is rarely handled and never played with, I scared the life out of baby David recently after screaming at Mark to stop him handing the bear over to him. Imagine, a snowy white bear being handled by a grubby eleven month old - he wouldn't be white for long!

      Obviously it's surface clean only, TYs do not like being put in the washing machine. They're brilliantly made toys but are complete wimps when it comes to even a 30 degree wash, I ruined a unicorn beanie of Alice's once - the thing practically fell apart so I'm not going to chance it with Clover. You can hand wash it as wet as you like, I don't think the stuffing would cope well with being totally submerged but a sopping wet cloth is gentle on the toy and also cleans off most marks. I actually haven't ever needed to clean Clover as I'm so careful, with the bear being white it's put on a rarely used but regularly cleaned shelf and left there - other TY Beanies have always cleaned up well though, even the ones that are played with rather than just being a cuddly ornament.

      There are the perfect amount of beans in the bears 'hands' and bottom, he sits up really well and despite the general floppiness of the bear he doesn't slouch over as much as other TY Beanie Babies. This is great as I remember my friends collection of Beanies cost a fortune but looked absolutely crap because of the way they were all slumped over and slouchy, Clover looks much perkier!

      This is a really unusual Beanie Baby, it's brilliantly made and suitable for children of three and above. For those reasons I'd recommend it as a gift; this probably isn't the sort of thing most people would buy for themselves, but for a competition lover or the Irish person* in your life this could be a perfect little Secret Santa! It'd go down well with Beanie Baby collectors obviously, and even a little good luck charm if you know someone with a big event coming up.

      *If this is a faux pas and Irish people find this offensive or too stereotypical I apologise... ;)


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        04.03.2012 13:12
        Very helpful



        Cute collectables - even better when bought as a bargain.

        ---Why I Bought It---

        I was not one of those who was an avid collector in the 1990s.
        I stumbled upon the Beanie Babies when I found a gorgeous stars and stripes teddy on Ebay. After that I was hooked!
        Since then I have bought quite a few - not to collect - but just because I like them, and some for presents.
        This special sitting bear is covered in clover leaves and was bought as part of a job lot with loads of others from Ebay.

        ---The Brand---

        A Beanie Baby is a stuffed animal, made by Ty Warner Inc, later renamed as Ty Inc. in late 1993.
        Ty stopped producing the product in 1999; but demand led them to reconsider.
        In 2000, a Beanie Baby named "The Beginning" was introduced to remind people of Beanie Babies' comeback. (Wikipedia)

        ---The Product---

        8 inch tall white short fur bear. His fur is covered in small three leaf clovers or shamrocks.
        His snout, inside his ears, pads of his hands and feet have plain geeen fur.
        He has a lime green ribbon around his neck.
        Mine has black beady eyes and an embroidered black nose.
        The bear's head is conventionalLy padded as is his chest but the rest of its body is filled with beans/pellets which make it sort of floppy.
        More like a conventional bear than the tedDy bear sort of beanies - this one has a small little stub of a tail.
        ---Beanie Bear Information---
        Birthday 03/17/01
        Style Number 4503
        Introduced 12/27/01
        Retired (05/24/02)
        --A bit o' good luck I will bring--
        --If you believe in such a thing--
        --Fortune will follow everywhere--
        --As long as you have friends that care!--


        This is often classed as being for St Patrick's Day and there are others who are mostly green, beige or yellow but just have a clover leaf on their chest..
        Ty have brought out 15 items connencted with St Patrick's Day and there is a little dog called Blarne-E and a teddy type bear beanie called O'Fortune in this same fabric.


        As this bear is one of the 'retired' beanies the cost is hard to determine.
        Currently it can be picked up for between £2.25 and £7.
        I only buy mine when they are either in a job lot of are around £1-2.


        An integral part for collectors was to keep the tags of these stuffed animals in immaculate condition.
        There were two tags - one was the 'swing tag' - a heart shaped cardboard tag attached to its ear and a fabric 'tush tag' sewn into its base somewhere.
        You were able to buy plastic heart shaped transparent covers for the 'swing tags' to stop them getting scuffed and damaged.

        ---My Opinion---

        This little bear is made in a sitting position and has more of a snout - so actually looks more of a natural sort of bear than the conventional Beanie Bears which have more of an appearance of a teddy.
        The green of the clover leaves and his snout is quite vivid and I had him as part of a job lot.
        I was quite pleased with him as I love ivy and collect ivy china so he has been in my dresser along with them - his clover leaves at a distance looking similar to my ivy stuff - well to me anyway.
        The bear has a cute little face and sits down nicely and doesn't seem to 'flop' as much as the teddy versions.
        Ty brought out a lot of St Patrck/Irish items for the Irish market in the USA - I also have a dark green teddy with just a white clover leaf embroidered on its chest - called Erin.
        Would also make a nice 'gook luck' gift for someone.

        ---Would I Recommend?---

        Yes definitely.

        ---Star Rating---

        5 stars.




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