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Ty Grace the Praying Bunny

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Brand: Ty

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    3 Reviews
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      23.05.2013 23:08
      Very helpful



      A cute bunny rabbit!

      Having eyed up my cousin's extensive collection of TY Beanie Babies for years, and always owned several pet rabbits, when I saw the gorgeous 'Grace' in a shop while on holiday, I knew I had to have her! And that was 10 years ago!! Grace has now spent the last 10 years living on my bedside cabinet at various houses.

      TY Beanie Babies are teddy bears, in many shapes and sizes, made by TY Inc. There was a craze among young girls to own as many of these bears as possible in the late 1990's after they were first released in 1993. Grace is a Millennium Beanie Baby, released in 2000.

      As with all Beanie Babies, Grace has a red heart shaped card tag, which is in her left ear. Each style of teddy has a name, and the later ones have a date of birth and short poem on the tag. I will always remember Grace's details, her date of birth is 10th February 2000 and her poem is:

      Please watch over me night and day
      When I sleep and when I pray
      Keep me safe from up above
      With special blessings of your love!

      Grace is one of the smaller beanie babies, at 122 g and 2x3x5inches in size. Beanie Babies are not full of cottonwool like stuffing which can be flattened like in normal teddies, and are heavier, as instead they contain small plastic balls, hence the name beanie babies.

      She is a light yellow/cream coloured rabbit, who is sitting a a prayer position, with her front paws together. The inside of her ears, her nose and all four paws are white. The stitching on her paws, closed eyes and pink whiskers is great, and she has a pink plastic nose. She is made of a gorgeous soft fabric, which I could stroke all day!

      After owning Grace (and her friend Ears a large lop eared rabbit) for 10 years, plus a few others that I have acquired, they are all still in prefect condition. Grace is still very soft to touch, although her tag is a little worn (some of the beanies have a plastic cover on the tag to prevent this happening, but mine didnt). To remove dust from her, I wipe a damp cloth over her every so often to keep her looking beautiful.

      Grace is no longer in production, but can be purchased online on Ebay, and from amazon.co.uk for £8.95. 5*


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        04.03.2012 23:31
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Cute collectables - even better when bought as a bargain.

        ---Why I Bought It---

        I had one of these praying beanies in a bundle of different beanies I bought off Ebay.
        I found it so cute I bought some more as gifts.

        ---The Brand---

        A Beanie Baby is a stuffed animal, made by Ty Warner Inc, later renamed as Ty Inc. in late 1993.
        Ty stopped producing the product in 1999; but demand led them to reconsider.
        In 2000, a Beanie Baby named "The Beginning" was introduced to remind people of Beanie Babies' comeback. (Wikipedia)

        ---The Product---

        About 5.5 inches tall.
        This little bunny has slightly mottled yellow fur with cream paws, ears and nose.
        The beanie is in a praying position with its paws together and its eyes closed.
        it has a little pink nose and whiskers and a cute little tail.
        ---Beanie Bear Information---
        Birthday 02/10/00
        Style Number 4274
        Introduced 02/13/00
        Retired (06/11/01)
        --Please watch over me night and day--
        --When I sleep and when I pray--
        --Keep me safe from up above--
        --With special blessings of your love!--


        Ty Beanies also have 'Hope' which is a similar praying beanie but this time is a chocolate coloured bear - I do not know of any other praying beanies.


        As this bear is one of the 'retired' beanies the cost is hard to determine.
        Currently it can be picked up fon Ebay from between £2 to £11.50.
        I only buy mine when they are either in a job lot of are around £1-2.


        An integral part for collectors was to keep the tags of these stuffed animals in immaculate condition.
        There were two tags - one was the 'swing tag' - a heart shaped cardboard tag attached to its ear and a fabric 'tush tag' sewn into its base somewhere.
        You were able to buy plastic heart shaped transparent covers for the 'swing tags' to stop them getting scuffed and damaged.

        ---My Opinion---

        As soon as I saw this praying bunny I thought it was just so cute - especially with its lovely little poem. I went searching for more of these praying beanies - but I only found this bunny and the praying bear called 'Hope'.
        As with other beanies they have the soft fur fabric and bean/pellet fillings.
        What set them both apart is that they are kneeling and have their eyes closed - quite unusual for a stuffed toy I would think.
        I bought both the bunny and the bear as gifts for my two nieces who were having their Confirmation and Communion.
        However the bunny is not a religious item and can be given to anyone as a thoughtful gift - how lovely to have a little praying bunny by your bed!
        Although Ty seem to have done thousands of different beanies I find these the most unusual and unique.
        Would make a great Christening present as well - rather than the standard silver items.

        ---Would I Recommend?---

        Yes definitely.

        ---Star Rating---

        5 stars.




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          25.02.2012 18:41
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A lovely gift from my Grandma

          When I was 16 my Mam took me away to Oasis for my birthday, Oasis was very similar to the likes of Centre Parcs is now. Within the site there was a shop which sold Ty beanie babies which I personally had never seen before and neither had my Mam, there was an offer on that if you bought six beanies you could buy the sought after Britannia Bear. In the time we were on the site I must have been in the shop 30-40 times and eventually my Mam gave in and let me choose six beanies plus bought me the Britannia Bear.

          Ty Warner Inc created the Beanie Babies in 1993 and to begin with there were only 9 animals created. The babies ceased to be produced in 1999 and finished with The End bear which I though was a shame as I had not long started my collection. The beanie babies were relaunched in 2000 with The Beginning bear and the company changed it's name to TY Inc. The relaunch also saw a revamped heart shaped tag and Grace is one of the beanies from after the year 2000 so the tag has a holographic star on it with 2000 written across in yellow.

          My grandmother bought me this particular beanie for Easter in 2000 when she had not long been released. Grace is a delightful little rabbit who is sitting in the praying position, she has large floppy ears and is sitting with her eyes closed. Grace is pale yellow in colour but the colour is a mix of a couple of different shades of yellow and white so her fur is a lovely mix of colour when you look closely. Grace has a small white tag on her bum with a holographic sign to show she is genuine, her name is written underneath in red and the tag also tells you she contains polyester fiber and P.E pellets.

          Grace has a red heart tag like all the beanie babies do, if you want to have a resale value at a later time these tags must be kept in perfect condition and a tag protector may be useful. Graces tag tells you that she was born on February 10th 2000 and she has the following rhyme

          "Please watch over me night and day,
          When I sleep and when I pray,
          Keep me safe from up above,
          With special blessings of your love!"

          If you are giving this toy top a small child then you should remove the tag first, the tag also tells you that this toy was handmade in china and that the toy is surface washable.

          Grace was a beautiful addition to my collection and I think the poem she contains is really lovely especially when given as a present to somebody. Her fur is very soft to the touch so she is lovely for a young child to cuddle up to and she has a cute little tail on her back end. My daughter likes to sit with her and stroke her ears when she is felling tired. A lovely looking beanie baby any child would love and cherish.


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