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Ty Halo 2 the Bear

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Brand: Ty

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    2 Reviews
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      03.03.2012 16:52
      Very helpful



      Cute little angel bear.

      ---Why I Bought It---

      I was not one of those who was an avid collector in the 1990s.
      I only stumbled upon the Beanie Babies when I found a gorgeous stars and stripes teddy on Ebay. After that I was hooked!
      Since then I have bought quite a few - not to collect - but just because I like them, and some for presents.
      This special little angel teddy was bought as part of a job lot with loads of others from Ebay.

      ---The Brand---

      A Beanie Baby is a stuffed animal, made by Ty Warner Inc, later renamed as Ty Inc. in late 1993.

      ---The Product---

      9 inch tall white short fur bear.
      Has white rridencent gold edged ribbon, shiny gold lightly padded wings and a gold halo attached to the back of its head.
      Mine has black beady eyes and a dark brown nose.
      The bear's head is conventionaly padded but its body is filled with beans/pellets which make it sort of floppy.
      ---Beanie Bear Information---
      Birthday 01/14/00
      Style Number 4269
      Introduced 02/13/00
      Retired (04/06/01)
      --Little angel up above--
      --Guard me with your special love--
      --Make sure that you will always be--
      --By my side and close to me!--


      There is also a Halo Bear which is exactly the same but instead of having gold shiny wings etc it has white irridescent ones.


      As this bear is one of the 'retired' beanies the cost is hard to determine.
      Currently on Ebay Halo II can be picked up for between £2.50 and £19.
      I only buy mine when they are either in a job lot of are around £1-2.


      An integral part for collectors was to keep the tags of these stuffed animals in immaculate condition.
      There were two tags - one was the 'swing tag' - a heart shaped cardboard tag attached to its ear and a fabric 'tush tag' sewn into its base somewhere.
      You were able to buy plastic heart shaped transparent covers for the 'swing tags' to stop them getting scuffed and damaged.

      ---My Opinion---

      I would not have wanted to pay full price for these Beanies but picking them up cheaply on Ebay is a good way of finding what you want - and there are thousands on there for you to choose from.
      Although purchasing from Ebay means that they are second hand - most have been kept in mint condition with all their tags intact and often the tags are covered in clear plastic protectors - so you could give them as a gift if you wished. Ones I have purchased as gifts I have either washed or surface cleaned just to make sure they were nice and fresh - you can wash them so long as you keep the cardboard tags out of the water - I am quite good at that!
      For myself I do not want the tags on them - I remove the cardboard tags and wash them in the machine on a 30 degree cycle - they have all come out fine.
      I do not buy them from the point of view of a collector and do not intend selling them on - so I rather see them without the ugly cardboard tag hanging from their ear.
      This angel teddy is so cute and a perfect match for my other Halo. I often use these at Christmas time as decorations or to go on top of my trees (I have a few!).
      She is so pretty with her wings and halo she would also make a nice gift as a sort of guardian angel item. Would be a good get-well gift and could sit on someone's bedside table.
      Being floppy the bear sits down nicely or you could hang it somewhere.
      Lots of people like angel items these days and a cute little gift for a couple of pounds can brighten up someone's day and show that you were thinking of them.
      Angel bears would be great as Get-well, Christening, Confirmation, Communion or Christmas gifts.

      ---Would I Recommend?---

      Yes definitely.

      ---Star Rating---

      5 stars.




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      28.02.2012 18:28
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A lovely addition to any beanie collection

      I have been hooked on beanie babies since I turned 16 and was taken away on holiday with my Mam and Grandma, there was a shop on the Oasis park site which sold Beanie babies and although none of us had ever heard of them before I was quickly taken in by the gorgeous colours and characters and quickly started a collection.

      Beanie babies were created by Ty arner Inc in 1993 and originally only nine animals were created, the interest in them was so big that more beanie babies were quickly created and then they stopped production in 1999. After the apparent public disappointment (some say this was planned all along) the company renamed as Ty Inc and started production or beanie babies again starting with The Beginning bear.

      I bought the bear Halo 2 as I already had the bear Halo and wanted them to sit together in my collection, I paid £5.99 for this bear which was about the selling price at the time. Beanie babies vary in their rarity and the selling prices of some of the retired beanies can be easily in the 100's. There was a bear created in memory of Princess Diana and the first batch were filled with PVC pelletys instead of PE pellets making this a very rare and sought after bear.

      Hale 2 is a white bear but has gold sparkly flecks within her fur, she has the same face that all the bears have with blacked beaded eyes and nose and a perfectly even face. halo 2 is wearing a gold and see through bow around her neck and has gold shiny wings and a gold halo. Halo 2 like Halo is very cute and they sit nicely together even though there is really only the gold colour that makes them any different from each other they are still both special. Halo 2 has a tush tag on her bum like all the beanie babies do, this shows a holographic symbol to show she is a genuine product and also shows her name, she is handmade in China, filled with PE pellets and can have a surface wash.

      Halo 2 has a heart shaped hang tag which I have proteted with a tag protector, the tag tells you that she has a date of birth of 14th of January 2000 so she was one of the first after they re began production, she has a poem inside her tag too,

      Little angel up above
      Guard me with your special love
      Make sure that you will always be
      By my side and close to me!

      Halo 2 was first released for sale on the 13th of February 2000 and was retired on the 6th of April 2001.

      I love Halo and Halo 2, I think they are both cute and there is something pure about their white fur, I think due to her poem inside halo 2 would make a perfect present for someone special and this is one of the beanie babies I own that is special to me and I will not allow my children to play with although she is suitable for children aslong as her tag is removed. A lovely addition to any beanie collection.


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