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Ty Halo the Angel Bear

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Brand: Ty

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    4 Reviews
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      23.04.2012 12:43
      Very helpful



      A lovely gift to recieve

      I have quite an extensive beanie baby collection and one of my favourirte bears is Halo the bear, I was bought this bear as a present from my little sister although i'm pretty sure my Mam would have had a hand in the purchase.

      I have been collecting beanie babies since 1998 and have loved then since first laying eyes on them at Oasis Holiday Park, the beanies used to sell for £4.99 but when they were relaunched in the year 2000 they went up to £5.99 which I still think was a decent price for the lovely little creatures. Now a days you can pick these up muich cheaper at boot sales or on ebay although the bears do seem to sells for more than the animals.

      Halo is a lovely white bear which has small black beaded eyes and a beaded brown nose, the bears head is stuffed but her body is filled with PE Pellets which make it nice and pliable. The bear has a lovely little pale pink bow around her neck which is trimmed in shiny gold and then she has a large set of wings and a halo in a plastic feel material which changes colour depending on the light hitting it giveing off hints of pink and green which is really nice.

      Inside Halos hang tag which is a heart shape red tag hanging from her ear it says that her date of birth is the 31st of August 1998 and then there is a lovely little poem which says,
      When you sleep, I'm always here,
      Don't be afraid, I am near,
      Watching over you with lots of love,
      Your guardian angel from up above.
      I think this poem is really nice and think this bear could provide someone with added comfort if they have just lost a loved one.

      The bear is really cute and she sits up really well, the bear ios soft enough for a child to play with although you should always remove the tag for a child however I won't let me children play with this one as this is one of my special beanies. A lovely addition for any collection or a lovely gift for someone you care for.


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      03.03.2012 14:55
      Very helpful



      Cute collectables - even better when bought as a bargain.

      ---Why I Bought It---

      I was not one of those who was an avid collector in the 1990s.
      I only stumbled upon the Beanie Babies when I found a gorgeous stars and stripes teddy on Ebay. After that I was hooked!
      Since then I have bought quite a few - not to collect - but just because I like them, and some for presents.
      This special little angel teddy was bought as part of a job lot with loads of others from Ebay.

      ---The Brand---

      A Beanie Baby is a stuffed animal, made by Ty Warner Inc, later renamed as Ty Inc. in late 1993.
      Ty stopped producing the product in 1999; but demand led them to reconsider.
      In 2000, a Beanie Baby named "The Beginning" was introduced to remind people of Beanie Babies' comeback. (Wikipedia)

      ---The Product---

      9 inch tall white short fur bear.
      Has white rridencent gold edged ribbon, irridescent lightly padded wings and an irridescent halo attached to the back of its head.
      Mine has black beady eyes and a dark brown nose.
      The bears head is conventionaly padded but its body is filled with beans/pellets which make it sort of floppy.
      ---Beanie Bear Information---
      Birthday 08/31/98
      Style Number 4208
      Introduced 09/30/98
      Retired (11/19/99)
      --When you sleep, I'm always here--
      --Don't be afraid, I am near--
      --Watching over you with lots of love--
      --Your guradian angel from above!--


      There is also a Halo 11 which is exactly the same but instead of having white irridescent wings etc it has shiny gold ones.


      As this bear is one of the 'retired' beanies the cost is hard to determine.
      Currently on Ebay Halo can be picked up for between £2.50 and £17.
      I only buy mine when they are either in a job lot of are around £1-2.


      An integral part for collectors was to keep the tags of these stuffed animals in immaculate condition.
      There were two tags - one was the 'swing tag' - a heart shaped cardboard tag attached to its ear and a fabric 'tush tag' sewn into its base somewhere.
      You were able to buy plastic heart shaped transparent covers for the 'swing tags' to stop them getting scuffed and damaged.

      ---My Opinion---

      I would not have wanted to pay full price for these Beanies but picking them up cheaply on Ebay is a good way of finding what you want - and there are thousands on there for you to choose from.
      For myself I do not want the tags on them - I remove the cardboard tags and wash them in the machine on a 30 degree cycle - they have all come out fine.
      I do not buy them from the point of view of a collector and do not intend selling them on - so I rather see them without the ugly cardboard tag hanging from their ear.
      This angel teddy is so cute I bought another pristine one with all tags on to give to my niece one Christmas.
      I often use mine on top of one of my Christmas trees. She is so pretty with her wings and halo she would also make a nice gift as a sort of guardian angel item.
      I have also bought a smaller version for a friend to hang on her Christmas tree.
      Being floppy the bear sits down nicely or you could hang it somewhere.

      ---Would I Recommend?---

      Yes definitely.

      ---Star Rating---

      5 stars.




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        30.06.2010 09:39
        Very helpful



        a well-respected TY family member

        TY's initial range of beanie babies were introduced to the world in 1993 and adults and children went crazy to buy them either as toys or collectables. I remember going to a Beanie fair witnessing grown men on their mobiles bidding huge amounts for rare or soon-to-be-retired bears and was amazed.

        My daughters & I were well into Beanies and bought the magazines, scanned our local shops for these little beauties, visited local fairs and bought the protective tags and perspex boxes etc. Whilst loving them to keep,we hoped that they would either hold or increase in value.

        So the craze went on and before we knew it we'd amassed quite a collection of the small Beanies and the larger Buddy ones.

        Halo the bear was introduced by TY in the late summer of 1998 and was 'retired' the following year. We bought both the small one (with beans inside) plus the 14" furry Buddy costing around £7 and £15 respectively. I'm hoping they'll appear on the Antiques Road Show in years to come and then be worth a fortune!

        I'm sure Halo is female because her face is so pretty and cute. Her body is white with pink accents and the wings and halo are constructed from a silver & pink iridescent fabric which has hues of green and blues which are evident in certain lights. If you were buying this bear for a child I'd just like to point out that TY bears can't be machine washed so may end up getting grubby although well-loved I'm sure! Collectors will already know that tags should be protected if they are to maintain/ increase in value.

        The heart shaped tag informs me that Halo was born on 31st August 1988. Each Beanie/Buddy character has their own poem & Halo's is as follows:
        When you sleep I'm always here
        Don't be afraid I'm always near
        Watching over you with lots of love
        Your guardian angel from above

        OK - this may sound twee/ sentimental/ soppy to some but believe me when I tell you I've purchased Halos for a couple of friends who needed a little TLC during illness/ bereavement and they still cherish them to this day.

        I must admit that I'm not keen on some of the TY Beanies/ Buddies out there but Halo is one of my favouites and both of ours will be coming out of their protective boxes to sit under the Christmas tree once again come December!


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          23.06.2010 09:31
          Very helpful



          An angelic little bear

          Halo the gorgeous Angel teddy bear is one of the range of Ty Beanie Babies that are widely loved and collected across the world. Who would have thought that a small range of 9, now highly desirable soft beanie plush toys, first premiered in 1993 in the USA at a trade fair, would have become the phenomenon that they have.

          Halo the Bear is very cute! I am not sure if Halo is a she or a he, but as Halo has a soft pink metallic tone to her wings, I have always thought of her as being a cute lady angel bear.

          We bought Halo from a beanie shop some time ago. It was one of those places that sprang up once the collecting craze for beanies and especially bears had gone into over drive. Halo was a fair price at the time, we paid £7.99 for her, but she was being sold for between £10 and £15 back then, so £7.99 seemed a good price. We also have Halos larger fluffier big sister, Halo the Beanie Buddy, so she is in good company.

          What sets Halo apart from some of the other similar winged beanie bears is the gorgeous soft pink sheen of her wings. They really are pretty and reflect light really well, they match her little halo too and make her look very angelic indeed.

          Halo is a lovely arctic white color plush, the pic of Halo shown here is not of Halo the Beanie, its of her big sis Halo the Buddy Bear! The Halo beanie has white paws and pads, not the pale pink ones shown here. She has a cute expression with a nice little black button nose and matching black button eyes. Her ears are set each side of her round face and set her off a treat, she looks a friendly and sweet little angel bear.

          She is soft and cuddly but we have had her as part of a wider collection, so she is in mint condition complete with her very important Ty heart shaped ear tag. Any beanie without their tag is greatly devalued, but if you are buying Halo for a child to play with then that will not be a consideration.

          Halo can be surfaced washed only, she should not be popped in to the washing machine! She is white, so if she gets into any scrapes she is bound to get a little messy.

          Halo has her very own birthday, which is on 31st August 1998, making her 12 years old. She was first introduced by Ty in September 1998 and later retired by Ty in November 1999.

          Each beanie has their own little poem, within the heart shaped Ty tag. Halos poem is very sweet it says of the little angel bear:

          When you sleep, I'm always here
          Don't be afraid, I am near
          Watching over you with lots of love
          Your guradian angel from above!

          As with many of the retired beanie bears, Halo can still be found for sale on Amazon and also on sites like Ebay UK or from specialist beanie collecting websites. She can sell for anything from £8 upwards, so has not held her value too badly.

          Once collected widely beanies have lost value over recent times, but they are worth hanging on to as collecting fads do tend to go in cycles and Halos value could well go up.

          Giving Halo 5 stars a she is so very sweet.


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