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Ty Punkies Splash the Duck

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Manufacturer: Ty / Type: Soft Toy

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    1 Review
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      11.01.2012 14:55
      Very helpful



      An adorable soft toy from Ty

      Many years ago I was an avid collector of Ty Beanies and Bears, as they were the "in thing" to collect at that time and whilst I did not go as mad as my sister I bought quite a few in the hope that they would be worth a fortune in years to come. Unfortunately, the collecting appeal for Ty toys seemed to vanish as quick as it started and I ended up selling the majority of mine on ebay at a rather large loss. However, I kept half a dozen, which I couldn't bear to part with and this review discusses Punkie Splash the Duck.

      There are dozens of different types of Ty toys, but the cutest as far as I am concerned is the Punkie Collection, which are absolutely adorable, but I have resisted buying any of this range other than for this duck, named Splash who measures 22 cm in height and is bright yellow in colour. It is such a shame that Dooyoo have chosen not to use the image that accompanied my product suggestion, as he is so cute! What I adore about this little toy is his appearance, as whilst he is made from a soft fabric, which gives the appearance of loose knitting, he proudly displays a mass of spikes, which are in fact, lengths of sturdy cotton. As I have long since removed the Ty label that would have been attached to him I am unsure of the age range that this toy is best suited and can find no information on the internet. However, I have had a good tug at Splash's spikes to see if they will detach themselves and would advise that they are firmly affixed, so children would be highly unlikely to remove them. The majority of Ty toys seem to be best suited for those over the age of 3 years and I am of the opinion that this would also apply to Splash.

      Splash sits down on his bottom and according to the attached label he has been stuffed with a mixture of PE pellets, which are contained within a cloth bag and I can feel these in his bottom, feet and lower section of his wings. The remainder of Splash is filled with polyester fiber, which makes him very soft to the touch and perfect for little ones. He weighs around 60 g so can easily be lifted and is unlikely to cause any damage should he fall on the face of a child. The only sturdy areas on Splash are his black coloured safety eyes and as I used to make hundreds of soft toys many years ago, I believe them to be fixed by way of a short length of plastic and a circular piece of metal or plastic, which is located inside his head.

      Splash's beak, legs and feet are absolutely adorable in their vivid orange colours and are made from an extremely soft velour type fabric. Each of his three toes are perfectly formed and children can move around his legs, as they are floppy whilst being firmly attached to the lower side of his body. His wings can be easily moved around and as his bottom contains small pellets he can be placed into a sitting position without falling over. I have never had the need to place Splash into the washing machine or tumble dryer, but my experience of other Ty toys is that they wash extremely well. I have squeezed the PE pellets in Splash's bottom and they seem extremely firm, so I am of the opinion that they would not damage if washed.

      As I don't have any children my Splash looks as good now as the day he was bought, which was probably around 9 years ago and as I could not recall the cost I have checked on Amazon and at the time of writing he can be purchased for £8.95 inclusive of postage and packing. However, I feel this is too expensive and I am sure he could be purchased for a much lower price at a high street Ty retailer. Splash now lives on a wicker basket in my bathroom and the constant humidity has caused him no damage, so he is clearly a considerably robust and well made toy. Consequently, he gets 5 stars from me together with a full recommendation.

      I hope you found my review useful and thank you for reading.


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