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Vivid Imaginations The iTeddy

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4 Reviews

Brand: Vivid Imaginations

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    4 Reviews
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      26.01.2011 02:04



      a fantastic toy

      I bought this toy from tjhughes for £25 and it came with an episode of fifi and roary the racing car. My little girl was only 2 when I got it and she loved it. I was impressed with how easy it was to use, even my daughter at 2 years old could use it by herself! With it being built inside a teddy i didnt have to worry about her droppin it. When I put more stuff on it i was amazed how easy the software was to use and how fast it was. It held about 10 episodes of peppa pig but you can buy memory car for it. If I needed to do some housework I gave her her iteddy and i didnt hear a peep out of her. Another great thing about it is that it has a volume control many childrens toys dont and the battery life is fab it last for hours. And when the teddy needs a was the media player is removedwith ease. I would definatly recommend this.


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      29.05.2009 15:54
      Very helpful
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      Fairly good value for money as long as you use it to do what YOU want.

      The product:

      The i-teddy is a novel cuddly bear with an easy to use built in media player. The player comes with pre-loaded games and cartoons ("Fifi and the Flowertots" and "Roary") but these only really appeal to pre-schoolers.
      The player is powered by a rechargeable battery which can onlyl be charged via the provided USB cable from your PC or laptop.
      Both the bear and the media player have all the CE kitemarks for safety.
      The sofware interface needed has to be downloaded from the website using the ID number provided with the product.

      Ease of Use:

      I bought this for my 6 year old daughter and I have put a 2GB SD memory card in the slot and transferred her favourite audio books, DVDs and digital photographs onto it, using the relatively user friendly file conversion package that you download when you register it. It is particularly good if you use it with the read along book and CD combos that are available on the market. This way the teddy appeals to the older child and functions as a bedtime story teller as well as providing entertainment on long car journeys.
      As a guideline t takes about an hour to convert a legitimate DVD into a file that can be put onto the SD card, but I am not particularly good with software packages and there may well be easier or faster methods that other people may find.


      My main criticisms are the small screen size and the constant need to re-charge the battery using the USB connector.
      Battery life is probably 4 hours before needing a recharge, but takes a very long time to fully recharge, at least overnight, so it is easier to do constant mini recharges topping up the battery than let it run down fully and wait.
      More often than not I had to rip my original data files prior to I-teddy conversion because the software didn't recognise the file format, but I think that will vary from person to person, as everyone will have different PCs and software.


      My daughter thinks it is fantastic, and she finds it easy to navigate and play, so it works for the target market!
      It is robust, and despite seeming to be a novelty item, it is actually a very good media storage and player product.
      On the reproduction side you won't get HD or HiFi quality but it is far better than expected.


      I paid £20 for this on the high street (thank you HomeBargain!) and feel at that price it represents very good value for money - I personally don't think it is worth much more than this, but then again I can't put a price on the pleasure that my daughter has got from iTeddy.


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        19.01.2009 16:15
        Very helpful
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        A great idea which needs a lot of work to work!

        We bought the i-Teddy for my youngest daughters main Christmas present. We paid 49.99 for it from one of the larger Asda stores. I was initially excited by the concept of this toy, as it could play video, music, photos and games and is aimed at preschoolers. Upon taking the bear out of the box I was initially struck by the general mediocre quality of the actual soft toy, and noticed that the toy came with only two shows ready loaded, games which were quite frankly boring for a three year old and no music.
        However undeterred I decided to register the product online and upload the media. The file convertors are available on the website and despite one of the main features of the I-Teddy being ease of use, I found the instructions too simple, ie they didnt give enough information. I had a real problem converting files to suit the I-Teddy (using Windows XP) and there are many formats of files which it does not recognise, hence I was unable to upload music files from CD or I-Tunes.

        Eventually I was able to (slowly) upload some photos and episodes of Peppa Pig from DVD. Once uploaded the films were grainy and stilted and the photos take so long to load onto the screen my daughter never bothers with them.
        The upside of this product is that on car journeys etc the I-Teddy is invaluble, it kept my daughter happy on a two hour journey and she fell asleep hugging it on the way home. The screen however was too small for more than one child to view and she had to get her older sister to help with operating it.
        Overall I think the I-Teddy is brilliant as a concept, however the screen needs to be bigger, the instructions and softwear needs to be improved, and the whole unit needs to be more user friendly for a three year old. I would happlily pay more money for this with the necessary improvements but as it is I would not bother buying it even if it seems like you are getting a lot for your money.


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          02.01.2009 21:06
          Very helpful



          A good toy to have but ask child before buying

          ===What Is It?===
          The iTeddy is one of the newest toys on the market to keep up with the electronics used by younger generations. This is basically a media player for children, to allow them to catch up with the quickly advancing technology used by people more and more everyday. The bear has a little screen and speakers to allow the child to watch and listen to music in a very cute and innocent way.

          ===Why Buy It===
          First off, it is exceptionally cute and cuddly. Looking at the picture it can only slightly show off how soft it is. So the innocent traditional 'teddy bear' factor is just maybe the smallest reason to buy it. The fact that you are able to watch movies, listen to music and play games on it is just really cool. It is a fantastic and actually really simple idea.
          It also has other features such as its own child safe website which your child can join and play games and download free stuff. But the best bit in my eyes is the fact it is really portable. Ok it is is not the coolest bit of it, but you can take it anywhere, it is fairly light and safe to let them watch in cars or planes or any other type of journey. Basically it will keep them amused for a long time.
          This is for children who are too young to have an iPod or MP3 player, but are old enough to want to listen to their own music and films by themselves. So this appeals to a lot of children as it does give them a sense of 'being grown-up' and a bit of independence.

          ===Claim To Fame===
          I am an avid watcher of the hugely successful show "Dragons Den" which was where it was found. The two dragons Peter Jones and Theo Paphitis invested £140,000 in creator and inventor Imran Hakim who did a very good pitch infront of the dragons. So it was pretty cool to see it on the shelves about a year later.
          If the dragons can see potential in this, it must be pretty good. It also won a very big award which got it a lot of publicity which was the 'Practical Pre-School Award' which it got a Gold which means it is really good. From their website it claims the award means:

          "it has been designed to identify and reward excellence in the field of educational equipment, childcare, books and toys, suitable for children aged from birth to eight years old for use in professional childcare and educational settings."

          This is a huge advantage to the appeal of the bear and after deciding whether to give this as a Christmas present, I decided to as it sounded fantastic.

          The box is very tight around the bear so has a more enviromental factor as there is no extra packaging. Once opening it up, you get to touch the bear and it is so soft!!!
          It is quite big about 30cm and is a chubby little thing adding to the huggable factor. It has a very cute face which has a cheeky smile on it. It looks friendly and you do just want to cuddle it. It comes with a little t-shirt which you can use to cover the screen when it is not being used to it does not get scatched. The paws are very cute with stitched on pads and a little logo on one of them.
          Now on the tummy you have the little screen (at about 4cm) which is surrounded by lots of buttons. These are to play, pause, control the volume and turn it on. Oh and to of course to let you look and scroll through the songs or movies you want to listen and watch to. Cannot flaw the design it is really good.

          ===How Easy To Set Up===
          This is a bit odd but a nice little surprise. You only get one lead which acts as the power lead AND the USB lead. The USB lead connects into a docking plug (a lot like an iPod) and is a great and simple idea. And if anything were to happen to the lead you could just go and buy another one from almost anywhere.
          I have a Mac laptop but we also have a Windows XP computer. We tried it out on the XP computer first and connected it up. Now the computer actually started to charge it up like it does with the iPod. I thought I could save time but it didn't seem to work. The computer wasn't seeming to recognise the device which confused me a bit. So I left it to charge using the mains for a couple of hours before trying to set it up.
          Now after reading the instructions again tried to set it up. Again for some reason it did not seem to recognise the iTeddy. So I tried it in my Apple laptop. It worked fantastic and I was able to add music immediately. I am still a bit confused why it did not work on the XP however after Yahoo questioning it, I found a couple of people had this problem but it works absolutely fine on Vista. It may work on your XP, I just don't know i'm afraid. It did not work with ours but it worked on our Macbook absolutely fine.

          Now it has 512Mb which is exactly half a gigabyte of memory. This is pretty good however you have to option to just add a memory card (It must be SD). I have not done that however it is a great option to have. The internal memory will hold around 100 songs. Now he wanted movies on it so we bought of iTunes the cartoon of "Scooby Doo" which cost about £1.89 a episode. You can download free cartoons on sites however have not tried that but it is worth going. The instructions say all the common formats are supported including MP3, MPEG4, WMV, WMA and JPEG. So once I was happy about the song choice, we decided to try it out.

          We switched it on using the power button and were taken to a navigational screen. We wanted to play the Scooby Doo episode as he is simply obsessed with it at the moment. So we clicked play when we found it and it started out at the very beginning.
          It played nicely and worked well. He ran off with it and went to watch it. Now as it was a Christmas present it has been in vigorous use and has had one or two problems. Apparently it has froze for about 2 seconds, and this has happened about twice. Now this is just an inconvience and only seems to happen when watching a clip, not when playing music. Another thing that has happened is sometimes the buttons on the tummy of the bear just simply don't work? This is a bit odd, but it only happens randomly. They sometimes (rarely I may add) just do nothing when clicked. This has happened a couple of times. However there has been no problems at all listening to music which I can only praise.

          ===Picture/Sound Quality===
          The screen is small at just 4cm wide, however this is actually a really good size because remember it is a child watching it. The screen is very clear and we still have not taken the protective film off it and it is still great. I'm impressed at the sound quality though. It is very crisp and clear and seems to have a volume control as it is just loud enough but is not teenager loud (I love to have my music on deafening!) Both combined are very good. You have the options to use headphones in the iTeddy which is handy as it fits my old iPod headphones so I have just given them to him. It isn't as good quality as an iPod or a MP3 player, however it is really good for the price and as it is for a child as well. Very, very good quality for the price.

          ===Battery Life===
          Very good. The iTeddy company says 15/16 hours on a full charge which is excellent. I have only had to charge the thing three times and it has been to a lot of use. It can be charged through the computer and through the mains which is an advantage. You could easily take it on a long plane journey and it will not run out of battery.

          ===Price/Where To Get It===
          Argos is where we first saw and heard of it. It cost £48.89 (as you can see it got the VAT cut). Now we thought this was a really good price as you are basically getting a multimedia player for that price. You can get it much cheaper however on Amazon which I wish we had found. You can get it for a knocked down £29.99 which is a very good price. You can get it also in John Lewis and I have seen it in other Toy shops. Price comparison on the web shows Amazon however the cheapest to buy from. Don't pay over £50 for it however as there are some really good and better deals out there.

          There are also two other versions avaliable. You do not have to get it in Brown you can also get it in White and Pink. The pink one especially is SO CUTE and would especially appeal to girls. If you are buying this for a girly girl then it would be perfect for her. You could also get it in the version of a backpack in which the bear is basically not stuffed unlike the other three, and has straps and can put stuff in. If you are thinking of buying this then it is worth considering the alternatives.

          Grown-ups love it because it keeps the kids quiet and so they can have a secret hug with it (believe me you will end up doing that) and kids will love it. This seems to appeal to quite a wide age range but after around the age of my 8 or 9 it may not got so much use. At that age I think they would rather have a MP3 player (or at least a teenage version such as a Disney one, see Argos!) It is super cuddily and a FANTASTIC idea and my brother seems to love it so much. He can take it to bed, hug it, use it and is looks so cute, everyone can bare it. Unlike a certain Play Plane he got which drives us all mad.

          If half stars were avaliable this would actually get 3 and a half. I changed it from 3 to 4 about several times when writing this but decided to stick with three. I would recommend it, however if you are using Windows XP check the box.

          Copyright of Scotlandizdabest - Dooyoo.co.uk


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        • Product Details

          A wonderful interactive cuddly bear with inbuilt media player! This awesome I-Teddy allows children to watch cartoons, play music, games and so much more! I-Teddy has built in speakers or you can plug in headphones to listen! There are fun games which will help develop learning and the opotunity to view holiday pictures! The menu system is easy to navigate! This adorable I-Teddy comes with episodes from the popular TV shows Roary the Racing Car and Fifi and the Flowertots! The personal media player is detachable and can be used in isolation without the bear! Use the USB cable to hook him up to the computer! There is a 512Mb memory for you to store tunes, photos and more! This memory can be expanded with the SD memory slot! I-Teddy even comes with his very own t-shirt which can cover the screen on his tummy! Keeps young ones entertained for hours allowing them to decide how they want to play and interact with iTeddy! Great for on the move, in the car, bed time or anytime! Kids will love this soft teddy which they can hug and use as an electronic console! The cuddly way to watch, learn and play! Please note: Computer and internet access is needed to use me!

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