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Airport Mania: First Flight (iPhone application)

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    2 Reviews
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      04.01.2013 21:00
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      see review

      I have played this on my pc before so when I saw it in the app store I just had to have a try and see what it is like. The game was free to download, so even if it was not that good it would not be a waste of money. I liked it on my computer but thought it might not be as god on the phone but it was worth a try.

      Start screen

      This have four different options, play which I will talk about soon, users which you can create new users or use old ones and load them from here so that people who might want to play this on your phone can have heir own profiles and play their own game. Options where you change the sounds of the game, then lastly there is more games, where when you click it, then it will take you to another list of games that you may be interested in playing.

      The play screen

      This had two different game modes:

      Campaign - When you first start this it will ask you if you want to get your diploma, this is basically just a tutorial where it shows you how to play the game, this lasts for about 4 rounds while it shows you everything you need to do to play the game.

      On this you have 8 different stages to complete all with six levels in each stage. As your going through them you can also win trophies which you can see shown in your trophy cabinet.

      Endless - This is just where you play the game instead of completing stages you need to land and take off as many planes as possible. There is two different levels to play, normal where the game is over after 10 late planes, then expert where the game is over after 5 late planes.

      How to play the game

      The aim of the game is to land planes and send them back on their way on time. This is all shown in the tutorial. The faster you land a plane the more money you get for that plane. To land a plane you tap it, then tap the runway, and the plane will land. Then you need to sent it to the loading bay, where the plane will unload passengers and load more, then you have to tap the plane again and tap the runway for it to take back off.

      The planes are different colours with some been the same colour and you get more of a bonus if you match colours on the loading bay. You also get a bonus if you land and take off planes in quick succession. The money you earn can be spent on upgrades to make the levels easier for you.

      In each level you can gain from one to four stars, but you must gain at least one star to be able to move to next level.

      My overall opinion

      I did enjoy playing this on my phone just as much as I did on my pc, for a free game it is really good, I did find it too easy to start with but the game does get harder and its a lot more challenging and fun.
      I would recommend this to anyone to download, it is free and can give you hours of fun.


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      02.03.2010 11:52
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Addictive game with a well thought out conversion to the iPhone (desktop versions available)

      --- Overview ---

      Cartoon style graphics and quirky sounds with an airport maintenance theme. You are in control of Air Traffic Control essentially and must land the planes when, unload them, re-load them and send them off flying again without taking too long over doing so!

      --- Features ---

      Intuitive touch screen controls that respond well given the amount of items on the screen at any given point. A vast selection of levels to play with around 6 per stage and 8 stages to play this game will take a few days to complete, unless you have an addictive personality and get hooked straight away (me? no...ok a little). As previously mentioned the game features cartoony graphics with the airplanes having large eyes that tend to show how happy/angry it is with you (longer you leave it, the angrier it gets and the less points you get).

      To begin with it's a simple game that you must simply click the plane, land them on the runway, unload at the gate, re-load the plane and send it off (via the runway again). However as time goes on it gets progressively more difficult with more planes (and less patient planes) in the air to land, break-downs, re-fueling, ice on the runway and the presidential plane (treat it quickly to earn the seal of approval from the president).

      Upgrades can be purchased (via cash earned from points in the game) to help run your airport a bit more smoothly, such as an extra runway, gate upgrades (to speed up loading/unloading) and more.

      Bonuses can be earned from putting specific colour planes to the same gate i.e. 2 green planes to Gate A in a row and this is how you can score big to get 'Master' scores.

      The game is timed by a dial in the top left of the screen which counts down and sends planes to deal with whilst running, when its empty, deal with the remaining planes on the screen to complete the game.

      --- Gameplay ---

      --- Playbackability ---

      You are rewarded with trophies for various tasks throughout the game and so paying a visit there to see what else you can earn gives it an edge of playbackability for the dedicated gamer.

      Completing the game also unlocks 'Paper Airplane' mode, which i'll leave you to explore for yourselves but needless to say it extends the games life a bit further. You can also re-visit levels to try and get the top score on every level if you wish.

      --- Price ---

      $0.99 or £0.59 - an absolute bargain considering how big this game is and how addictive it is.

      --- Links ---

      http://itunes.apple.com/uk/app/airport-mania-first-flight/id312410211?mt=8 - Apple Information Link for Airport Mania Lite (free sample version)

      http://itunes.apple.com/uk/app/airport-mania-first-flight/id306440575?mt=8 - Apple Information Link

      http://itunes.apple.com/uk/app/airport-mania-first-flight/id306440575?mt=8# - iTunes Direct Link (information & download)

      --- Overall ---

      A highly addictive game with well thought out conversion to the iPhone (desktop versions available) platform and responsive touch screen controls. Fun, yet challenging in parts and a good degree of playbackability for the dedicated gamers, well worth the money!


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