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Airport Scanner (iPad)

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A game for the iPad

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    1 Review
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      05.10.2012 15:21
      Very helpful



      An average game

      New games appear regularly on the iPad through the app store and recently I found this game which appealed to me because I knew it had the potential to be really fun to play.

      ~~ The Game ~~

      The game involves you looking through various bags at security in the hope of finding customers who have illegal items on them. These items could be anything ranging from a gun to brass knuckle dusters.

      The idea is you have a queue of people and you have an airplane nearby waiting to board them. You have each passenger pass through the scanners and you can view inside their bags. If you find nothing at all dangerous you process them through and are rewarded with money.

      If you find an illegal item you can then report this bag by tapping on the item and you're rewarded with a much bigger reward in terms of cash. However, missing out on an illegal item will dock you a life and you have just 4 of them to you on each level you play.

      You are given a list of items which are illegal and to look out for and this is updated during game play as well so you might begin with a few essential items like a crossbow and a gun and eventually as you play it ends up with you searching for bullets and spray guns.

      You also have items which are rare to find like jewellery which has been hidden and if you find these rare items you can sell them on later in the game for top money which you can use to buy new items in the scanner area.

      As you continue through the game you're required to do much more such as processing people through quicker to reach the time scales but also you have got to look out for the queues. You can alter queues so the customers who are VIP and the cabin crew can be processed and if you get them to the front in time you're given more money to use.

      You complete a mission if you pass all the customers through the scanners safely. At the end of each level you have a queue of those offending customers lined up and you choose what course of action you wish to take against them in terms of fines and other essential warnings.

      The game is quick and you have to be constantly vigilant to make sure that you do not miss any objects which are hidden so the smaller items will be more difficult to find overall so the game definitely gets you there.

      ~~ Hidden Items and Queues ~~

      The items you are required to find are not easy to locate. Obviously the gun and sword are big items so are easier to notice and because on the scanner they sometimes show up with a blue glow around them.

      You will find that the items are very good at getting tangled up with items you are allowed to process through. If you see a pair of trousers with little bits near the belt you assume it is the buckle but it might be the bullets.

      The hidden items list grows as you continue playing through the game so keeping an eye on the list is essential at all times. The problem can be that the items when you are looking for them can appear wrong.

      When I was playing you will encounter yellow and red customers. These customers can have more than one illegal item inside the bag so you have to look out but they do not always have more than one bad item in their luggage.

      You will click on an item you believe is illegal and yet the game does not register this as an illegal item yet your certain your correct. Other times you see nothing in the luggage to suggest an item is there so process the item through the scanner only to be told your wrong and 2 items are hidden.

      You have to be careful in this area otherwise you end up getting things completely wrong.
      The queues though are very hard to work out. You control the barriers so can actually move the various barriers around so the customers you need to get to the front can do in a quick fashion.

      Your biggest problem is that whilst you are moving the barriers around to try and get the best customers to the front you end up losing focus on the customers your serving at the scanner so it is all about timing.

      ~~ Spending Cash and Fines ~~

      When you are given cash you're given a store which you can purchase new items and the bigger and better the more expensive. You can purchase x ray scanners which are very powerful in terms of how they operate.

      Some of the scanners can process many bags through the scanner at once before needing time to reboot. You have about 5 bags through the scanner in a few moments but the problem is the speed this process works.

      If you have all the bags which have illegal items you need to click them as the bag goes past because if you do not you lose lives so although buying this upgrade could be essential because it helps reduce queue times you are risking losing the level.

      Other upgrades are slowing down the scanner as well so you can use this if you have perhaps five yellow customers in a row who you know could have up to 2 illegal items in each bag. This upgrade is definitely more fun to use as it does assist you better.

      Upgrades which are super fantastic cost a lot of money so you do have to be careful what you spend the money on and make sure you spend the cash wisely and also that you use the items wisely whilst playing the game.

      During the game when you have completed a level you have a queue of all those naughty customers who have walked past the scanner with illegal objects. The options at the end give you the chance to give them big warnings which could earn you cash.

      You have three options the first is where you give them basically a slap on the wrist with the hope you could earn a few pounds. This is the easy option and your always likely to be rewarded some sort of cash but not much.

      The second option is a big telling off and you can earn much more money in terms of fines but the customers can also get away with the crimes they have committed as well so in theory although this option is better you're not always guaranteed cash.

      The last option is the riskiest as you can earn up to £1,000 pounds in fine from the customers however they can counter sue you and earn money back so you have to be careful on this option. Either way you can earn extra cash if you're clever at the end of each level as well.

      ~~ Graphics and Game Play ~~

      The game play is perhaps the best part about the game because you have to be vigilant so often that you cannot lose focus for a moment. There is never any freezing taking place on this game and to be honest this is something that occurs often.

      The game play for the queues is slightly slow when the customers move from one place to the next but in terms of the scanner speed and how quick the game reacts to you clicking on illegal items the game is superb.

      The graphics is very poor though after all the game offers this is the poor area. When you look at the graphics they are perhaps very old fashioned in how they appear. If you can remember those earlier games for the Playstation and if you can remember those graphics then you can work out what the graphics for this game are like.

      I would not say they are the worst I have ever seen for an application on the iPad but they are pretty poor nevertheless.

      ~~ Final Thoughts ~~

      The game for me is one that has plenty of things going on that will appeal to many people. If someone likes a game which is very fast but needs you to be very busy this is the game for you.

      It is one of those games which gets quicker as you continue through the levels with new items to look out for and the fact you have so much to keep an eye on such as the plane departure time, helping the top customers and also looking out for dangerous items you're never allowed to look away.

      The graphics are the bad points because if they were really good this game would easily get top marks so far that reason solely I give this game 6 out of 10.


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