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Amateur Surgeon 2 (iPad)

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    1 Review
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      03.10.2012 14:15
      Very helpful



      A poor game

      When you play games for various consoles or smart phones and tablets you always try and find bargains in terms of price or a new game which appeals. This game is one of those which look good and fun from the pictures but turns out to be a real car crash.

      ~~ The Game ~~

      The game title I guess suggests what the game is all about. The game involves you performing surgery in a game friendly mode. You do not encounter real bodies and see real surgery procedures.

      The game does require you to be 17 years old because when you download the game it does insist that you are this age so again this does gives you guidelines for what you might encounter.

      The game requires you to use various skills and speed to keep a patient alive whilst also fixing them up. The first patient you see is showing you the basics such as stitches and you do this with the thread and using cream to seal the wound up.

      There are some things on the game in terms of equipment you use which might scare some people or make them worry about the game. You use a chainsaw to cut through bones on this game and for me that is going perhaps beyond what the game requires.

      You will use injections to help give patients some much needed medication to keep them alive and you use other items as well such as scanners to locate various items inside the body and to also put implants in some patients as well.

      Each patient has a story you can read before performing the surgery and you can also upgrade items for speed and better accuracy when you visit and finish a patient. Your aim is to try and achieve an A grade rating for the surgery you perform.

      Your given a timer to finish all procedures you need to do and you have a life line signal as well which is there to give you an indication as to how well the patient is overall. The patient might have low blood levels due to the surgery you're performing so everything you do is going to need to be done accurately and quickly.

      The game has weird tools and the patients do seem to be bizarre in terms of appearance and the things you might need to remove from their bodies which are kind of weird as well.

      ~~ Operations and Tools ~~

      The operations can take a few minutes to a few seconds. You get told at the start of the game about how to use various tools as and when you need them so tutorials are there to assist you.

      The operations usually concentrate around the main torso of the body and you do not encounter arms and legs and your left usually sorting out issues with the chest mainly. You might see some cuts and need to stitch them up before the patient loses blood.

      Blood is done with little spots of dark red which hardly looks like blood at all because it can appear black on the screen so the blood is hardly worth mentioning as it does not appear like blood on the game.

      You are sometimes required to cut patients open using a knife and you're asked to pull out objects stuck in them such as glass which is madness in my view but this is a game after all. You use some tongs and place items into a dish and then help the patient recover by fixing them up.

      If you require to remove some bones you have to use a chainsaw which as mentioned above is in my view pathetic. The game and the tone of the game are bad enough as it is so using a chainsaw just takes the game to a new level.

      You even have a vacuum to suck up the blood splatter rather than a tissue to use so that is strange as well on this game and to be honest makes you wonder where they thought about these items.

      The tools and the operations you need to use in tandem because failure to use the right equipment could cost the patient there life so this is another issue altogether. Fortunately if you do fail to give the patient there surgery on time and they do end up dying you can replay that level again.

      ~~ My Experience ~~

      I first downloaded the game in the hope it might be fun. I never knew this was the second instalment of this game brand so to me it was new territory to explore and see how well the game did. I admit I did like how the game was giving tutorials because to be honest without them you would be lost.

      I found the game very peculiar instantly after the download because your given characters who see to have either one eye as the main surgeon and patients who want bolts attached to them in terms of implants. In theory the game should have been named Amateur Surgeon on the Addams Family.

      The game had a timer which I respected and the patient had a pulse rate to give you an idea of how well they are but the problem I found was once you begin using the various tools which you will use often you begin to get bored.

      The game is bizarre as people can most likely work out with the descriptions I have given but I found after a while that stitching up patients, cutting them open and removing objects very repetitive and boring. I wanted to perhaps explore other areas of the body like the arms, legs and more.

      The game is named Amateur Surgeon so if they tried to teach you how to use new tools often and introduced them as you went through the game it would have perhaps have made the game more enjoyable but sadly you get bored too quickly.

      My experience has been one of unexpected discoveries and playing a game like this worries me over what next I might actually download.

      ~~ Graphics and Game Play ~~

      The game play is hard to explain because the game fails in this area on certain aspects. You sometimes need to stitch up a huge hole in the torso and you draw lines up and down from one end of the hole to the other. This is meant to cover up the hole for you then to put the cream over.

      However, sometimes the game does not notice you have done this and makes you retry this movement again. Sometimes you need to do this time and again and other times you are half way down the incision on the torso and the game says you have completed the entire incision with a stitch which you have not.
      The game play for me is a problem and not quick enough and when you click on an item and use it and need to use it again the game wants you to keep on selecting it and it can become frustrating very quickly.

      The graphics are at best poor. This game is meant to be number 2 in the collection yet I doubt much has been done to improve on this game from the first instalment. The characters are perhaps the best graphics on the game and even they look freaky and silly.

      The operations you perform are lacklustre and the blood as mentioned previously is nothing more than little dots of black dirt it appears so I am confused as to what the graphics are trying to do here and achieve. Both graphics and game play are at best poor.

      ~~ Final Thoughts ~~

      The game offered me some hope when I downloaded it due to the first patient being so easy to complete and I never paid much attention as to what each item on the surgeon list was meant to be as they were hard to identify.

      As I have discovered chainsaws and pulling items out of patients like glass from deep within the patient are nothing more than silly and worthless. The game offers very little in terms of realism and the whole concept I struggle to appreciate.

      The game is free of charge but for me it struggles to offer any longevity at all and is best left alone and not worth downloading at all. This is perhaps one of the worst games I have ever played on the iPad and is at best going to receive a rating of 2 out of 10.


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