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Backbreaker Football (iPhone Application)

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    1 Review
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      10.06.2010 18:02
      Very helpful
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      Its a good game , but their are better

      Backbreaker is an arcade take on american football, in which you play a quarter back dipping and diving past oncoming defenders.

      ===Start up===
      The app takes a huge 22 seconds to start up, this is pretty long for a Iphone game although their is no other loading screens in the game.
      The menu gives you the choices of starting a game, uploading and seeing high scores , help and settings.
      It features a scrolling american football field and a helmet making the menu look slick and proffesional.
      Their is also a advertisement for backbreaker soon to be released on consoles.

      The first job is inputting your name, skin tone , jersey number and your team. This customizes your character for the game, its basic but a nice touch.
      The game has 3 modes rookie , pro and hardcore. These are unlocked one after another and are then further split between challenge mode and endurance.
      Once picked the game shows your helmet rank by how many challenges you've completed , as well as your personal and global scores. And the option of linking it with facebook.
      Each game level has 8 scenarios of increasing difficulty and defenders.
      The main difference between endurance and challenge is that , in challenge their is blue areas along the pitch in which you get bonus points for dodging a tackle in that area , as well as running along that track.

      The game controls are found at the bottom and allow you to jump left and right, spin left and right. There is also a sprint button and a showboat button to get a bonus score.
      The aim of the game is to get past the defenders and into the endzone, where there is a yellow area and blue area , the yellow area gives a slightly higher score in the end.
      The game offers 5 lives, each time your tackled you lose the life. There is also a countdown making sure you dont hang around and keeps the action quick.
      The gameplay is very exciting and addictive , as well as a little frustrating when you just cant beat the last defender.

      The graphics are quite good and the american football pitch is well created , the players are all modeled in 3D. The Pitch has advertising boards running alongside it and there is many cheering fans which jump around. This all adds to the atmosphere which is quite important in a sport game.

      The fans cheer , you can hear you players breathing as he runs and the tackles really crunch. Not only that but when your showboating everything fades out leaving only the players heartbeat , this is really exciting and makes the moment feel more important.

      The game is available in the app store and is 59p , theres also a lite version to see wether you like it.

      The game is quite good and if your a fan of american football this is right up your street , however for 59p there are better games like doodlejump (see review).


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