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Bejeweled Blitz (iPhone / iPad)

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    4 Reviews
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      04.02.2013 20:36
      Very helpful


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      Can you spare 60 seconds of your time to try a great game loads of fun.

      I have been playing Bewejeled blitz for a couple of years now and I still love it. Its quiet addictive as you can play against your buddies on facebook. Also every Tuesday at 6 yes I know the time the game resets and you start again.

      When you first log into the game you get a jackpot machine which gives you a free daily spin. This allows you to earn more coins ranging from 500-1,000000 its usually the lower range you get. When you have got your free coins you can share with your facebook friends and they can earn coins as well. I usually do this as its a good way of getting coins back to yourself on a daily basis.

      Now the object of the game is very simple. You have 60 seconds to match as many shapes as you can. They have to be more than 3 in a row. If you get 5 the shape becomes a dice and then blitzes the screen and you earnt alot of points. The aim is to be as fast as you can and get as many coins.

      Now after doing the jackpot machine you go to the play screen . Before you get to play you can buy some extra boosts all at different prices
      8 seconds - 4500 coins
      x2 boost - 7500 and
      switching the whole board - 4000
      multiplyer gem 6000
      shuffler 3000
      I usually buy the same 3 in every game as I have got the hang of it . Everyone is different when you first play worth trying each one out to see which you like.

      So once you are playing its a grid with
      yellow squares
      green circles
      green trianges
      white circles
      blue diamonds and
      red squares

      Now its arranged in an 8 x 8 square so easy to see what you are doing, its very easy to use.
      If you have the sound on there is a countdown to the last seconds which I am not sure is a good thing. I seem to be put off by the sound of the countdown so I choose to leave mine off.

      When you start playing there is additional boosts you can buy, but you have to wait for them to appear.
      Moonstone 15000
      Blazing speed 15000
      Phoenix 75000
      Cats eyes 25000
      Once you have bought one of them you will get the next 2 of the same boost at a reduced price. You can easily loose alot of coins playing with all the different boots so I just use my favourite cats eyes.

      If you actually need to buy any coins, they do have a store where you can pay real cash for them. My advice if you are going to buy any is do in on a Friday between 2-5 as they have a 3 hr blitz and all coins are half price.

      I play mainly on my iphone. I have tried on my laptop but it just isn't fast enough . Also playing on a ipad mini i just find the board a little too big. The iphone is great as hand sized and can be played anywhere.

      I must admit i really do enjoy playing this and actually thinking I haven't played today so off I go.

      Try it you will enjoy it.


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      09.07.2012 12:50
      Very helpful
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      Not bad for free

      Eight years ago, when my wife was on her maternity leave, prior to giving birth she became hooked on a game called Bejewelled on the computer, and I caught the bug too!  Eight years later, Bejewelled has spawned a large choice of spin off games, in particular Bejewelled Blitz which is available for free as a phone app.
      The Game
      For those that aren't familiar with the Bejewelled style of game, they involve a grid filled with different coloured diamonds.  You can swap the diamonds with neighbouring diamonds of the same colour in order to connect three or more of the same coloured shapes.  Once matched, those shapes disappear, points are scored and new diamonds drop down into the field of play from the top of the screen.
      Bejewelled Blitz has only one screen, with an 8x8 grid of diamonds.  Unlike most Bejewelled games, there are no levels to progress through.  Instead, you have one minute to score as high as possible by matching diamonds in order to earn gold coins.  Power ups assist you to score highly, which are available by spending the in-game earned gold coins.  Once you have activated the special explosive diamond that matching four or more creates, a multiplier gem will enter the field of play and every time this is matched your score will increase accordingly.
      The power ups available to buy are:
      Detonator - detonates all special gems twice per game
      Scrambler - scrambles all gems twice in a game
      +5 seconds - adds an extra 5 seconds play time to the end of the game
      Mystery gem - starts the game with a random special gem
      X2 Multiplier - starts the game with x2 multiplier gem already on screen
      These power ups range from 4000 to 7500 coins to buy, and each one lasts for 3 games.
      Also, there is the chance to buy special gems which explode at the end of the game and increase your bonus score - these are very expensive and not really worth the extra score / coins gained from them.
      The game is able to connect to Facebook from your phone which enables you to be ranked against any Facebook friends who might also play this game, but Facebook connection is not essential in order to be able to play.
      The gameplay took about two goes for me to master which I suppose is a good thing if you're short on patience, but some may find this too easy and not challenging enough.  I'd say that if it wasn't for the daily free spin of a one armed bandit which pays out coins, it would take hundreds of plays to earn enough for the decent power ups.  At least the daily free bonus gives a good amount of coins - it varies but is usually in the tens of thousands each day.
      I'd recommend this game to those who like easy to master, quick to play games on their phone as a way of passing a couple of spare minutes whilst on a bus for example.  As it's available for free from the iPhone apps store, there's nothing much to lose if you download it and then decide it isn't for you.  I would prefer it if the game had more progression - more items to unlock, different screens / levels etc, but overall I enjoy it, mainly because I only play it in short sharp bursts as there isn't enough gameplay and variation to hold my interest for too long.

      Four out of five stars - doesn't get the full amount for it's lack of progression opportunities.


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        05.07.2012 21:40
        Very helpful


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        Exciting gem matching game


        I've recently bought a word processor for my iPhone, and I thought I would challenge myself to use it to write a review on Bejeweled Blitz to publish on DooYoo.

        This is another game that I play on Facebook, and have acquired the iPhone version.


        Bejeweled Blitz was developed by PopCap Games, which is from the same stable as Bookworm (which is on my things to review but haven't got round to it list) and Zuma. As I understand it PopCap is now part Electronic Arts. The game is a free download from the App Store although there are in app purchases which I will discuss a bit later.

        I'm reviewing the latest version at the time of writing which is Bejeweled Blitz 1.2.1 released 19 June 2012. The app is of course updated periodically, and I have done so since having my iPhone. The game requires iOS 3 or later.

        The game is rated 4+ though I recommend children are supervised due to the in app purchases.

        ON YOUR MARKS......

        I can play offline or online using GameCenter, but I can also tap the play with Facebook friends by tapping the appropriate button.

        Before starting the game, I'm invited to play the free daily spin which is like a fruit machine and I win so many coins which I can use to buy power ups (called boosts), and rare gems as they appear. As with many online games, I can buy additional spins and coins if I wish, but I never bother with anything like that the free coins are more than enough. The most I've won on the free daily spin is 100,000 coins, but most of the time is a far smaller amount. All features now apply to both the Facebook and standard game.

        If I want to use any boosts, I need to 'purchase' these before I begin playing, and I can choose a maximum of 3 boosts at any one time. As I've said these cost coins, and I can choose from a handful of them. For example I can add a special gem to at the start of the game, have extra time, scramble the gems to name a few examples. In my opinion I find the special gem addition the most useful of all of them, and that is what I choose the most.

        GET SET...... GO!!!!!

        The game is very easy to learn, and there is of course a tutorial included.

        Basically, this is a fast paced version of Bejeweled. I match three or more gems by swapping them and creating cascades from chain reactions to clear them from the board to get the highest possible score in just 1 minute. If I can make my matches fast enough, I can achieve 'blazing speed' don't think I've ever achieved that, but I've seen it on YouTube videos I've watched in the name of research for my review.

        When I haven't touched the screen for a few seconds, a hint highlighting a match appears. I find this really useful as I am not the fastest Bejeweled Blitz player in the world and it can take me a while to find a match.

        At the end of the game any remaining special gems and multipliers are activated and then my final score is calculated. This is known as the 'last hurrah'. Definitely a good thing, as some of my scores are pitiful and in the infinite wisdom of Tesco, every little helps! The points are added to my total score in the lifetime I've played the game and I'm ranked accordingly. I mostly play on Facebook so my current rank is 9 gem scraper.

        I find these games are much easier to play on a touchscreen hence perfectly suited to iOS devices.

        ~Special Gems~

        Certain matches produce special gems on the board.

        Match 4 gems in a row earns a flame gem which when matched in the usual way blasts away several gems. This is the most common of the special gems I've made.

        Match 5 gems in a row earns a hypercube this can be matched with an adjacent gem to clear all gems of that colour. I seldom get many of these.

        Match 6 gems horizontally and vertically earns a star gem which clears a row and column of gems when matched in the normal way. As with hypercubes, I don't get many of these.


        Periodically multipliers, which increase my score, appear on the board. These increase by 1 as they are matched. Think the most I've had is x5.

        ~Coin gems~

        Some of the yellow gems when matched add coins to my balance. These gems look like a diamond with a coin in the middle.

        ~Rare Gems~

        Occasionally when playing a new game I'm asked if I would like to harvest a rare gem which you buy with coins. Most have quite a high asking price, so I rarely bother with them unless I've been really lucky in my free daily spin. Sometimes there are special gem streaks in which the gems are offered at a discount after using one, and sometimes PopCap have special offers for them.

        The ones I've come across most are the cats eye gem which knocks out gems at the end of the game after the 'last hurrah'. I've used this a few times including my best ever score pushing nigh on 400,000 points.

        There are also moonstone, blazing steed and a couple of others which I haven't used as yet due to costing a lot of coins.


        As I'm on Facebook, I usually enter the weekly tournament to try and beat my friends' high scores and see how I compare. I can also share my high scores and special gem use on my Facebook timeline, I only tend to share exceptional high scores as I don't want to clutter my timeline, or my friends' newsfeed with game achievements. As with many games, high scores are recorded in the Activity section of my timeline.

        This game is featured in GameCenter so I can compete on worldwide leader boards and earn achievements.


        I can keep track of my statistics my tapping on my name to check my rank, and scoring performance and how many times I've scored so many points.

        ~Graphics and Sound~

        The graphics look pretty good, and the game is optimised for the retina display. The actual gameplay is also very smooth and responsive on my iPhone 4S and gives me a better experience than the desktop version in my opinion.

        Soundwise this is about the same as other games I play and I've turned the annoying music off but kept the sound effects on so I can have an audio prompt when time is running out. It's also exciting to hear 'good', 'excellent' 'awesome' on chain reactions.


        In the settings menu (accessed from the same button as the Daily Spin) I can adjust the music and sound effects volume, and turn autohints on/off and also renew boots automatically on and off. The tutorial is accessed from the same menu by tapping the 'Help' button.


        As a big fan of Bejeweled and match 3 games in general I enjoy playing Bejeweled Blitz and as my aim is a high score, it makes the game exciting in my opinion though I still like the levelled games like the original Bejeweled and Bejeweled Twist. In addition there is the option of competing on GameCenter and Facebook.

        I also find Bejeweled Blitz easier to put down when I get too tired (due to illness) and this is where playing on a device like an iPhone comes into it's own as it's easier to put away than my laptop. It's certainly good fun, has a competitive edge and great for filling in a few spare minutes.

        Accordingly I award the game a 4 star rating.


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          25.04.2012 16:57
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          One of the best match three games for the iPad/iPhone

          Bejeweled Blitz is one of the best match three games around, and now it's been developed into an iPhone/iPad app by Popcap.This game is one of my favourites to play on the iPad as it fits in whether you want to play for 15 minutes or an hour. I wasn't sure to how good it would be when I first downloaded it as other match three games I've played on the iPad were basically a lot of freemium based and you could hardly do anything unless you purchased the in game currency, however this wasn't the case for Bejewled Blitz.

          The game can be downloaded from the App store currently for free, however they do generate their money through in app purchases of the coins which help you buy upgrades. If you do play it regularly however, it does generate money quite quickly and I don't think it's really that necessary to make in- app purchases. Below are the prices for the coins that you can purchase:
          100,000 coins - £1.49
          270,000 coins - £2.99
          715,000 coins - £6.99
          1,800,000 coins - £13.99
          5,500,000 coins - £34.99

          The game is basically the same as the Bejeweled Blitz, where you have to move gems around the board to make groups of three or more to clear the gems off and gain points. Throughout the game, there is also chances that the game will drop in certain upgrades to your games which help you gain points faster and encourages you to actually try and work through the game quickly.

          The main point of the in game currency is to allow you to unlock gems and crystals that will pop up randomly when you play asking if you want to purchase them. The things you can buy with these are quite handy, however they do dissapear after one play of them, so spending real money on them just isn't worth it in my opinion. They are best spent when you've saved up enough through playing or daily spins and are determined to beat your high score.

          Aside from trying to beat your higher scores however, the game also adds in the element of being able to play both online through your Facebook or offline.

          With offline play you can just try and beat your high score and work on perfecting your Bejeweled Blitz technique, so its great for if you are on a long car or train journey and in need of some entertainment. However, with online play, it has much more features. You can see your score along with all of your Facebook friends, so instead of just trying to beat your high score, you can try to get to the top of the leaderboard amongst all your fellow Bejewled Blitz players. Aside from comparing yourself to other players, they also offer you your own Stats board which was one of the main reasons I kept playing. Along with a graph showing you the ups and downs of your scores over the weeks that you play, they also have a fair bit of acheivements for reaching certain scores in which you have to play quite a bit to get them to the top level. This was a great addition and I probably spent hours trying to beat them.

          Both graphics and sound are quite similar to the PC version of Bejewled Blitz that I have played, in that they are clear and detailed. The little explosions that happens when you clear off some of the gems is a nice tough to. However, if you are playing for long periods of time I did find that the music can get quite annoying as it does get repetitive.

          Overall, I would definitely recommend this game. It is one of my favourites on the iPad and I can spend ages playing it because it gets so addictive trying to level acheivements and beating your high score. With a price thats free, you can't go wrong and it is as good as the PC version.


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