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Bookworm (iPhone Application)

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Developer: PopCap

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    1 Review
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      14.03.2012 16:10
      Very helpful



      Good for those who like Word Games


      On my iPhone I have various paid-for and free apps that I have downloaded, some I use and play almost every day and others I've grown bored with over time. Bookworm was one of the earliest paid-for apps I downloaded having always been fond of the online version of the game and enjoying word games in general, it's a game that I can pick up and play for short periods or even for a couple of hours at a time and even though it is one of my oldest apps on my phone its one of the those games that I still play regularly.


      The idea of the game is simple really, you are presented with a screen of lettered tiles provided to you by Lex, the animated bookworm and by connecting the letters together you are able to make words from them. The longer the word the higher your score and the object of the game is to make the biggest score possible. Of course it's not quite as straightforward as that and as the game progresses you are faced with tiles that can score you bonus points if used and others that explode and end your game if they are not. It's a challenging game, very addictive once you get into it and ultimately can be very frustrating if you happen to get an exploding tile that you can't use. There are some nice features which add to the gameplay on this release, you can shake your phone to scramble the letters (when this function works, sometimes it can be temperamental) and the graphics and bright and cheerful and all in all it's a good game to own if you want to pass a bit of time whilst brushing up on your vocabulary and word skills.


      Bookworm is one of those games that transfers well to a hand held device and feels right being on an iPhone, it's an intuitive game being one that doesn't take much figuring out and is pretty much open to anyone of any age. The iPhone's touch screen is responsive, the letters are easily linked to one another and the game has never lagged or crashed when I have played it. It's produced by PopCap who are a big name in the gaming industry and sits alongside Bejeweled and Peggle (other titles by the same company) as being one of the most played games on my phone. I like it because it is easy to play but makes me think at the same time and much like Scrabble it is fun to try and come up with the longest word possible from the letters you are given.

      The iPhone release has 2 versions of the game available, a timed one in which you compete against yourself in getting the highest score possible within a time limit and an open ended version in which you progress through various levels. I tend to play the open version of the game as I find it to be more challenging and towards the latter stages of the game the bonus letters appear more frequently thus increasing the peril of the exploding tiles bringing an end to the game. It can get quite frantic at times and it forces you to think quickly which I like, there aren't many negatives to owning the game as far as I can see other than the tiles not always shuffling when the phone is shook but this could easily be resolved with an update.

      The game costs £1.99 from the app store on iTunes and is currently on its 1.0.2 release, mine has had an update since I've owned it and is now up to date. It's 9.5MB in size so not a huge game and took a matter of seconds to download to my phone from my WiFi connection. It's not quite a five star game, the bug with the shuffling letters can be annoying when it doesn't work but it's still enjoyable all the same and from me comes highly recommended to anyone who likes word games.

      Thanks for reading my review.


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