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Burn the Rope

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    1 Review
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      13.09.2011 12:12
      Very helpful


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      Great game

      You may be forgiven for thinking that 'Burn the Rope' is just some rival company's variation on the popular 'Cut the Rope' app game. Well, that was what I thought, at least. Due to curiosity, more than anything, I downloaded this game onto my phone and found myself to be pleasantly surprised. A totally original puzzle game, this is sure to keep the puzzle fans out there amused for a few hours...

      How to play

      Essentially, the aim of the game is to burn a rope (aptly titled game, eh?) from start to finish by guiding a flame around its track. The movement of the flame is controlled by you twisting your phone in the direction you wish the flame to go. The flame will always burn the rope in an upwards direction, and therefore if the rope takes a sharp twist to the right, you must tilt your phone accordingly so that the flame can continue along the rope, or it will be extinguished. Similar to 'Angry Birds' and 'Cut the Rope', 'Burn the Rope' awards the player with a rating when a level is completed. You can either achieve a bronze, silver or gold award for the percentage of rope you managed to burn before your flames were extinguished.

      However, with a whole load of magical insects on the ropes which can either help or hinder your flame, colour coded ropes, where only flames of the same colour will burn them, as well as multiple flames on the go, this game becomes a wholly addictive, frustrating game of logic and skill, where achieving a gold award may not be as simple as you think...

      So, is it any good?

      What makes this game, in my opinion, highly successful is the fact that it is very well made. The artwork is pleasing to the eye and the animation is well done. These things, as well as the distinctive soundtrack to the game, make for a thoroughly entertaining app. Sure, you're going to look a bit silly twisting your phone/iPad continuously when you're travelling home on the train, but you won't care! This game will have you hooked after a few levels and will give you a bit of a break from your addiction to 'Angry Birds'.

      Where can I get it?

      Burn the Rope is available from the iTunes App Market for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It is also available on the Android market, as well as the Ovi Store and even for Wii! I have listed the prices for various devices below.

      - From iTunes
      Burn the Rope Lite: Free
      Burn the Rope: 69p
      Burn the Rope HD: £1.99

      - From Android
      Burn the Rope: Free
      Burn the Rope +: £1.89

      - From Ovi
      Burn the Rope: £3.00 (ouch)

      - From Wii
      Burn the Rope: 1000 Wii Points

      I have played the version of 'Burn the Rope' for both iPhone and Android and find them to be exactly the same. I have never tried any of the others, and thus cannot comment on any difference in features between them. However, with 112 levels of play in the standard 'Burn the Rope' game, players will certainly have plenty of puzzle time ahead of them! Definitely worth downloading.


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