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ClubWorld (iPhone Application)

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Type: iPhone Application

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    1 Review
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      06.06.2011 14:27
      Very helpful
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      Build The Best Club Ever!!

      When I first got my iPod a few months back I assumed I wouldnt bother with the apps. I thought mine would be filled with my music and maybe some films because my old iPod didnt have an app function on it but I couldnt have been more wrong. My iPod is now overrun with all different apps and Im pretty addicted to some of them - one of which is this 'Club World iPhone App' which is a game Ive had pretty much since the start and one which I cant stop playing - its pretty damn addictive!!

      Useful Information:
      Price: FREE!! - Although as with most apps you have the option to spend real money to buy things within the game.
      Stockists: The App Store on your iPod or this game is available directing from iTunes on your computer.
      Other Info: This game is compatible with iPod Touch, iPad & iPhone - iOs 3.0 or later. This game is 15.6MB in size - so it requires a little more memory than most apps Ive found. Also this game is rated 12+ because it does contain alcohol/tobacco references and suggestive themes.

      *A Wi-Fi connection is required to play this game!!*

      The basic point of this game to create and manage the coolest new nightclub in the world. You can make your club literally anything you want it to be because everything about the design, music, drinks etc is all your choice. You start off with a very small club that simply has a bouncer, a bartender and a DJ - you then chose what drinks you want the bartender to serve, what music you want the DJ to play (which is played directly from iTunes) and what tickets you want the bouncer to give to your customers. Now the higher level you are the more drinks and ticket options there are for your workers and the better the level the more experience you earn at the end of each shift. Also the design of your club is all decided by you - the flooring, wallpaper, bar design, DJ booth etc and again the higher you are level wise the better decorations you can get and the better your club looks the more people will attend your nights - thats the best way I can describe the point of the game overall hehe.

      Now one thing to mention is this game is in real time. What I mean by that is if you hire your bouncer to collect say gold tickets for 18 hours it will take 18 hours in real time for the bouncers shift to be finished so be prepared to wait around for a little bit if you want a lot of experience after each shift - and more money. Now the money in the game is pretty easy to accumulate - each of your employees earn a certain amount which you recieve once their shift is finished and again the more employees you have [the higher your level then the more employees you can hire] the more money you earn - it does add up pretty quickly. That money can then be used to buy things within the game - new flooring, lamps, seating etc or it can be used to get a club extension which you will need to purchase as your club starts getting more popular. You can also buy special items with 'sugar' now the sugar is harder to get hold of than the regular money - you can get a small amount by levelling up OR you can buy different amounts for actual money - thats the only in app purchase you can make, the only one Ive come accross so far anyway. But again if your level is growing quickly the more sugar you will get - Ive never personally had to use real money to buy any anyway so dont worry you dont HAVE to spend real money in this game.

      One fun thing about this game is it has quite a nice community feel. Your club starts off on a strip which also has clubs that are run by (not the real people obviously) Paul Oakenfold, David Guetta, Tiesto & Mr Clubworld - the apparant boss of the game so you can visit their clubs to see what makes a brilliant night club. You can then add your own firneds to your strip of clubs - if you know their usernames - or you can add peoples clubs who you dont know. There is a little row at the bottom of your screen that shoes other peoples clubs who are playing the same songs as you and then you can visit them and add them as a friend and chat with them if you wish. I have to say I dont use the chat boxes that much but its nice to have the option if you enjoy the community aspect of this type of game.

      This game is very easy to get the hang of but still remains very enjoyable to play - maybe not for long periods of time as I couldnt be waiting around 18 hours for my bouncer to finish but I check into my club at least once a day - Im very addicted to making sure all my employees are working hard hehe. Its worth downloading I think because even if you dont enjoy it you wont have wasted any money, you might like it and your nightclub might turn out to be the coolest on the strip! I definitely recommend this app - I cant think of any problems Ive had with it so far, give it a go!

      Thanks For Reading.

      x0 Salz 0x


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