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Cooking Dash (iPhone application)

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Developer: PlayFirst Inc

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    1 Review
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      15.05.2012 10:25
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      If people are familiar with Diner Dash then they would be easily mistaken if they thought Cooking Dash was the same game.

      The idea is virtually identical but slightly different in how the game is done. You are in control of a character named Flo and this character is basically a waitress taking orders and delivering them to the correct customers.

      You have another lady who makes the food such as rolls and burgers and you have to make everything else yourself. You have to make various items such as chips, cakes, drinks and more.
      You run around trying to give the customers the correct orders on time so they pay you money for them. The concept is very easy but I shall give people a rundown about the game now.

      You are given a tutorial before you use new equipment so you are aware how to use it. You get sometimes new items to sell and use each time you take up a challenge on a level and this might be using the chip fryer or maybe making a smoothie from the machine.

      The guides are there to assist you and you will need them to start with but after a few times with a tutorial you will not need them again. Flo is the central character you control her every movement she takes part in so if you need her to run around the kitchen space to get orders she does.

      To start with the characters are pretty slow to be fair to them they seem to stroll around like nothing is the matter but eventually their attitudes change when the game speeds up.
      You are given targets in terms of cash to reach on each level you do this by getting orders to customers on time and building chains which double your cash revenue. Every customer is going to wear a set colour of clothing if you seat them on a coloured chair matching there uniform you get more points.

      The idea is easy the game play is very easy to remember but then comes the problems. Although the idea is good behind the game there are a few faults. Let's think about how long it takes to cook various items and this game really is weird it sometimes shows that a steak can cook quicker than ice cream coming out the machine which is unrealistic.

      You also have problems as well with the game in terms of how repetitive things are. You begin to get used to what customers want because if you notice the same character showing up on various levels they always seem to want the same item so there is no variety in what they need and want from you.

      You can spend the cash you earn on new items such as new tables and chairs and new clocks and decorations and even quicker items to use to get the food ready on time. I like this idea as it shows that the game has a story behind it and you get the chance to move from one restaurant or café to another which is nice.

      The game price and this is for the full edition is around £1.99 but you can download a lite version which enables you to play the game for free so you can judge how good it is before you make the commitment of purchasing this item full price.

      I am happy with the game speed as it is quick and very good at making you work hard and the graphics are just decent enough without me needing to moan about them.

      There is no sound and in terms of updates you get the occasional one offering new places to use but other than that there is nothing else which springs to mind. I would say this is a useful application to own but it is very similar to Diner Dash.


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