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Dream League Soccer

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Developer: First Touch

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    1 Review
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      11.10.2012 12:21
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      A good game for a short while

      I love football games and for me some are not always what they are hyped up to be. Over the last few weeks I have found one game which I have really enjoyed playing and it is on the iPad.

      ~~ The Game ~~

      This game is basically a football game that you are in control off. You start off in the lowest league possible and with a really average squad to say the least. You are given a team with a mixture of players from all over the world who are perhaps best qualified to being in the Championship in English Football.

      You control many aspects of the team and the first is the formation and training. You win points on this game all the time through various activities and you can use them to train the squad in various areas.
      You could pick defending or even set pieces and your team will increase their overall squad rating which comes in handy when you are facing much tougher sides in the leagues.

      You play the game like you would any other football game. You control the players, how they position themselves, shooting, tackling, heading and of course free kicks. You only control the goalkeeper when it comes to kicking the ball you cannot make him produce saves unfortunately that is up to the game.

      As you play the game you notice that each match takes about 5 minutes to complete and you can substitutions throughout the game as well. You need to try and win because if you win you gain more points at the end. The more goals you score also play a big factor into the total number of points you can be rewarded as well.

      You have around 15 teams in the league you're in and you play each team once. You end up playing no playoff games unless you're in the top few positions you will not gain promotion.

      The league that the team is placed in has teams ranging from Italy, Spain and even Scotland. You have the real names of players as well and no fake names you see on some football games. You have a transfer market as well to buy players but this can take forever as points when you first start are hard to come by.

      Your main mission is to win the Cup, the Elite League and try and beat the best the game has to offer. You will encounter Barcelona, Real Madrid and many other top sides as well and they include the very best players in the World as well.

      You can unlock World Class players as well throughout the years such as Zidane, Pele and Bobby Charlton.

      ~~ Points and Matches ~~

      The points are added up in a very weird way. If you win a game you can achieve anything from 20 points to 30 points this sometimes depends on the league position your team is in. I find also the league you're in as well plays a major part in this.

      If you score a goal each one is worth 2 points however a yellow card for a player deducts a point and a red card deducts 2 points.

      Your points are always adding at the end of each match and eventually you can buy new players but it is so difficult to do at times because you're given targets to try and reach each season. If you manage to achieve them all you get given extra points as well.

      You will have problems though using points on players immediately because if you manage to gain promotion you need to always update your stadium otherwise you end up playing in the same league again over and over.

      I find the way the game is done clever because it makes you work on the stadium and training first rather then you just going out to buy the best players in the world.

      The matches are done in a very cool way because you get to experiment sometimes but the controls are placed on the screen. The buttons are not huge but they are there to assist you and you can use them all to perform various trickery on the pitch.

      When it comes to the opposition in matches you will find they hardly give away a free kick and they can seriously hack down your players at times which is so bad but nothing is done. The game struggles when it comes to tackling because if you walk up to a player and take the ball it is deemed as a foul which is kind of unfair and usually it results in a yellow card to the team you're in charge off.

      This game it is not easy to score from acute angles and free kicks like it is on the more modern games for the biggest games consoles so it is not going to be an easy game to win over and over.

      ~~ Training, Transfers and Kit ~~

      In the game you will end up around the 3rd or maybe 4th season with a good squad which has players ranging from World Class to perhaps decent at best. You will want to improve certain areas and sometimes I find defending and shooting are key areas for me.

      If you choose to take up various training programmes they cost about 30 points each time and you will see a list of players who have improved each time. There is an issue in this procedure because you cannot pick the players you want to achieve better stats. You get told who is going to be on the training.

      You also might end up selling one of the players in the future and they have received tones of extra training and yet you will not benefit so the training part is a tough one to go on.

      When it comes to transfers you pick the area of the squad you wish to improve and the amount you want to spend. Top players such as Messi are around 900 points and that is a lot of points to save up in order to get him.

      Once you click on a player you get told if you want him and then he is yours, it is as simple as that. To be honest the overall transfer of players is very easy to do on this game you do not negotiate wages or agent fees it is a straight deal.

      One problem is when you have a player you want to remove from the squad you have to release them you can never sell them on. This for me is a problem because you end up spending a fortune for players and yet they will never have a sell on value which is a huge shame for me.

      During the game you will notice you will own this rather horrible blue kit which is bad at best and you need to alter this which you can do with points and this adds stripes to your kit or new colours and more. I do like this part of the game it allows you to actually alter your team in a good way so you can choose the kit design which is nice.

      ~~ Game Play and Graphics ~~

      The game is quite good at making sure the pace is correct for the match your in. If you're not that great in terms of overall squad skill and you're up against Barcelona who are the game tends to be slower.

      If the squad you have is equal to Barcelona the game is much quicker and that is very true to life and if you're a fan of football you tend to notice this happen often. I dislike how the game is done when it comes to tackling because it is unfair.

      As a player on the game if I just run into a player or run and take the ball you're almost sure it is a foul. Tackles you perform are always deemed as unfair and for me that is where the game play struggles. The goalkeeper will always go wondering as well throughout the game and because you do not control his movements except for kicking ability you're in trouble.

      I think the time it takes to complete a match perhaps a bit too limited because you should have an option of whether you want a 5, 10 or even 15 minute match but you do not have those options unfortunately.

      The graphics are average at best. The game tends to let you see the players you want to buy displaying great graphics. If you pick players like Messi you can tell it is him when you first buy him but on the pitch you cannot identify a single player until they score.

      I would have liked more definition on the match games because when it rains you can hardly tell. I would love to see some snow on the pitches and maybe seeing the ball go further when it rains to add more realism to the game.

      I think there are problems in the game as well with graphics when you sometimes lose the game with a grey screen and this happens perhaps once every 7 games you will play and out of the blue a grey screen pops up for a few seconds and disappears and you seem to concede a goal.

      ~~ Final Thoughts ~~

      The game was free at the time I got it which was good because I would not pay for this after I have played it. I do not think a demo is out unfortunately but overall when you have won all the trophies and accumulated all the top players you are left wondering what else there is to do.

      There are problems when it comes to the leagues as well. When you reach the top league you will see Real Madrid and Barcelona there each season but yet Manchester United, Manchester City and a few others who are on the game are not there.

      In fact you never see them in any league at all so you wonder why you do not play them in a league fixture which is a shame. I like how the points can add up if you score goals and misbehave but you will lose a lot of points due to how unfair the game is when it comes to tackling.

      The concept is good I think because they have considered training and improve the ground and even the kits but I do think more needs to be done in terms of graphics for definite.

      Overall rating for this game would be perhaps 7 out of 10.


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