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Family Fortunes and Friends (iPad)

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    1 Review
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      01.10.2012 18:17
      Very helpful
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      A game not worth rushing to download

      ~~ The Game ~~

      If you are a fan of the television game show Family Fortunes this game might appeal to you because this is what this application is all about.

      The game is done on the iPad for me and can be also downloaded for the iPhone as well. The idea is you use coins you're given to face opponents online who are anonymous to you except the name or you can play your friends who have the application.

      I usually play random people who I will never likely to meet and begin the game. You're given three rounds and a question at the top of the screen. You're told to type in the potential answer you want to use.

      An example of a question might be 'Name something people are afraid off the most?' You then might have six potential answers to pick from. You type in any answer you feel might be in that top six category.

      You get points for guessing right an answer but failure will result in a loss of life and you have three of those per question. Not only that but you have a timer so you cannot sit around ideal and hope to get help you're timed.

      The game continues in this vain and at the end of each game board your scores and the opponent you're facing are revealed. Your aim is to try and beat the opponent and advance to the main game board.
      The main game board is where you have forty five seconds to answer five questions quickly and hope to reach a top score and reach a score of 200 as well.

      Everything you do is done via points and coins. When you play someone it will cost you twenty five coins and you get given coins for every five minutes you have the game. If you fail to beat your opponent you can continue to play the game and win the jackpot by spending ten coins.

      If your coins have run out you can buy some more with your own money or you can wait until you have stored more the following day. The game has variation of questions when some have just 6 answers to find and some have just 3 it all depends on the question you are given.

      ~~ The Questions and Answering ~~

      This game for me has a major issue and it is in regards to answering the questions your given. If you have a question to 'Name a daily job people hate to do?' and you wanted to type in ironing you might score zero points.

      However, at the end of the game when the missing answers are revealed the game might have 'Do the ironing' as the missing answer. I find this annoying because the game tends to be very odd how it judges what you have written and what it wants to have you write.

      Numerous times I have seen situations where I have put down an answer which I know is wrong yet the game alters what I have written to include it in my game board.

      You can cheat with answering as well because if you're given a question and you have begun typing in an answer the game will reveal some potential answers to match the letters you are using so you could easily cheat at the same time.

      The questions are very different to what you might encounter on the actual game show we all see from time to time on the television. The reason for this is because this game is based on the Family Feuds game show in America.

      Therefore if you write an answer in you have to think if the American language has a different word for what you want to use as this might be the answer you are missing.
      Altogether the game in terms of winning is more difficult than you think and it would be nice if the game said Family Feud rather than Family Fortunes which is misleading.

      ~~ Coins and Players ~~

      You are given coins as mentioned before every five minutes you have the game. This is just the one coin so you need to wait a few hours in terms of getting enough coins to play just the one game.
      The coins can also be captured by a lottery type machine which lets you pull down a lever and you can score extra coins so you can use them to play the game.

      You get given messages and if you are playing friends you can have them help you complete a game which you might not have finished and they could assist you in many ways to make sure you finish the game you have started.

      The players you play are the best part because if you do not know the opponent you have no idea how good they truly are. Each player is given a level to which they are at and you get this revealed underneath there name.

      You're not told how good they are in terms of how many games they have won and what their worst or best subjects are. It adds mystery to the game and makes you work twice as hard to make sure you win. The fact you might see a face in a picture and a name it just adds to the mystery of the opponent you are playing.

      Overall the idea behind the coins is clever it stops you playing over and over and makes you take your time to use them carefully. I think the players you play as well is very good as well especially the mystique behind them.

      ~~ Graphics and Game Play ~~

      The graphics are sharp and the studio to which you get a few moments to have a look at is pretty good but overall there does not need to be any decent graphics for the game.

      You do not encounter an actual panel or a presenter on the show and all you do see all the time is words so in theory the graphics are just basic and that all this application needs them to be.

      The game play for me is very much hit and miss throughout. If you play the game when it comes to the final round you can notice how the game tends to get slower when one question appears and the next pops up.

      This can be a problem if you need to try and complete the questions in a set time period so that this is annoying. I would say the one good thing about the game play is how quick the reveals what score your answer has received.

      ~~ Final Thoughts ~~

      This game offered plenty when I saw some screenshots online before downloading the game for free. It appeared to have the same sort of game format as the original show with the same sort of rounds.

      However, the game tends to resemble the American show family feuds. To prove my theory if you download this game and type in the question you're asked on a search engine, a website for family feuds is loaded with the answers.

      I find some of the answers given quite weird as well and when you see them revealed sometimes you are completely stunned as to how the game has actually allowed this answer to exist.

      I like how you can play friends and random people so it adds a mystery to the game and unfortunately this is the best part to the game. I think it would be nice if you could add your own questions and answers.

      It would be nice maybe to choose a particular opponent from a list of people rather than the game choosing them for you as well.

      You can cheat on this game and most people will realise they can and because there is no real incentive to continue playing the game you end up getting bored rather quickly.

      Rating wise I would give this application a very small 3 out of 10.


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