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Flick Champs

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Developer: Chillingo Ltd

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    1 Review
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      13.10.2012 14:43
      Very helpful



      Not the best game

      Playing games on my iPad is a big thing for me I perhaps play games more than using it for the internet and other features. This game looked good to me because it sounded fun when I saw a small review on it online.

      ~~ The Game ~~

      This game is rather hard to explain and talk about because it is rather funny. You play a character in different sports such as tennis, football, hockey, archery and more.

      Your character is fun to look at because it is like a stick man for the torso and then the main head is done like a box with eyes attached to it. I think the pictures online perhaps help me explain that better because it is kind of difficult to explain.

      The game then lets you play the various sports mentioned above and you take part by playing as the character I mentioned so it sounds simple but in fact it is not.

      My favourite game to play is Ice hockey which is so much fun because you begin by playing the easiest computer character they have got and you continue until you win.

      To be fair winning is simple on the easiest mode for any of the games and then you advance up the more advanced levels.

      Winning on the various difficulty levels actually unlocks new items and areas for other games. Perhaps if you beat the veteran at Ice Hockey it will unlock a new outfit for you in another sport. You're not told what the unlockable things are before you begin so that is why it is a mystery to you.

      The game is done mainly by you flicking items so you play tennis and the motion you need to hit the ball back is done by flicking the screen rather than swiping the finger across and in theory they sound the same but if you try swiping the finger it seems the motion is done differently.

      Some of the games are not realistic in terms of how the score is counted and also how the game is done. I will explain further on about this because the tennis game is the real issue overall. The games are done in a variation of sports and all they all involve plenty of thinking but fun as well.

      The game has got plenty going for it and a few minor issues as well but the sports on offer will suit most people.

      ~~ The Sports ~~

      The games vary in how good they are and fun to play. The Ice Hockey and Tennis game are my favourites partially because they are easier to play and understand. The tennis game though has issues in how you score points.

      In this game you can hit the ball on the sides of the court and the game will bounce the ball into play so it is in theory making you either cheat or lose by a cheater. The game is done with a ball which is quite hard to see and the speed to which the game is done is slow and not realistic.

      The game wants you to try the easy opponent first and then advance to the grand master of that sport which I think is a good idea and the fact you unlock items great but the game is not helping you when the sports change the rules.

      During the Ice hockey game the easiest opponent takes 6 points to win and yet the toughest opponent takes 9 points to win against and you wonder why they are not the same for?

      You cannot buy new items to advance your character such as speed and new tennis rackets so I find that also a problem.

      The sports are not equal also in how they are done. If you play the tennis game you notice faults and there is nothing going on there to appeal to you. The ice hockey game looks authentic and it looks like a proper place to play that sport.

      I think the archery game is not great in terms of what it offers and this goes for a fun of the other games. Once you have played a few games in all the sports unfortunately you begin to ignore the game and stop playing it.

      ~~ Graphics and Game Play ~~

      The game play as mentioned already is hard to justify. Some of the sports such as archery and ice hockey are quick and they offer plenty of speed and accuracy so you would hope they are all the same but they are not.

      Some of the games are slower and they need to be faster and some other games offer nothing in terms of game play at all other then you are actually moving occasionally.

      The game has problems with the graphics also. Just like the game play you have some games which offer you so much colour and depth in terms of the arena/venue you're playing at yet others are dark and it begs the question why is one game better than the other?

      I think the only good part to the game play and graphics is that not all the games are terrible in these areas so some of the sports are not too bad when you are playing them which are the only comfort I can think off.

      ~~ Final Thoughts ~~

      The game needs to offer plenty of improvements or updates to make it more fun. They suggest when you download the game that it is one of the biggest selling free games there is yet I wonder how many have either deleted the game or stopped playing it out of those people.

      I think the game needs to add new sports and update the overall structure of how the sport is carried out. How can you have one game which plays by the rules and yet the tennis game is actually making you a cheater because this is sort of unfair.

      They say the game is fun to play and it can be if you find at least one game which is fun to play but in terms of the overall game it is not that great.

      I like how the game lets you play easy people first and then advance further but it is the motion you need to hit the ball back and things which is the problem and it is not adding any realism to the game at all.

      My overall rating would be 3 out of 10 and until it improves I think the rating will remain. I have never had an update yet for the game and I am unsure if one is due. It is free of charge to download which is a good thing.


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