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Flick Football Super Save (iPhone Application)

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Type: iPhone Application / Requirements: iPhoneOS

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    1 Review
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      16.05.2011 08:58
      Very helpful
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      A decent enough application

      When you play games you want to be a fan of that particular format you're playing. I adore my football and when I saw a game based around that sport I just had to download the application to my phone.

      This game is known as Super Save football and the game is about you trying to save various football shots which are fired at you in various types of game modes.

      You are in control of a pair of football gloves and you have to guard the goal and you do this by moving the gloves around to save the various shots fired at you. You have four types of games to play and the first is named 3 lives.

      This is where you have three lives to lose and once they have gone it is game over. You cannot miss more than three shots in this game and shots are going to be fired one after the other at you until you lose all three lives.

      The second game is named sudden death and this is where you have one life and as soon as you miss a shot your game is finished with. The third game is named multi-ball and this is where you have 50 shots quickly aimed at you and the aim is to save as many of those as possible in order to get a top score.

      Finally the last game is named Bend It and this is where you have three lives and all shots fired at you have a bend when they are shot. They might take a different direction whilst in mid-air and you have to try and remember that and make world class saves.

      All the games do have some extra features involved to help those scores really go high. You have various saves you can make and they give you different scores. A top corner save will give you a much higher score then a simple one handed save which was easy to stop.

      If you catch the ball you get a bonus for your scores. This happens with every save you make so you have to try and make saves often to achieve the top scores you want to aim for. You can also gain lives back if you can catch the golden ball which is kicked occasionally.

      This game might sound boring to many people because you want to know if there are any objectives and there is. You have to try and achieve some of the 36 objectives on the game. These might be aiming for a set score in one of the game modes mentioned above or trying to execute a particular save.

      The game will then tick each achievement you reach and once you have reached them all then the game is finished with. I have found this game fun because I do love football but there are a few problems.

      The gloves you have show a pair of hands which are close together and yet when a ball is shot directly at you the ball seems to go through the gloves sometimes and into the back of the net. That is extremely frustrating because you know you saved the shot but the game tends to add this score.

      I also have found the graphics pretty good but game play can be slow. You can have multi-ball playing and some shots are taking forever to be taken and then out of the blue 5 shots in a second and then the game slows down again and it just gets annoying.

      I did not pay for this game as it was free to download for me but the price is around 59p currently. You can download a free trial of the game which is around and it gives you an insight to the sort of game you will play.
      I think the idea and concept are good because you do have objectives to reach. I think the graphics are pretty good but there are silly faults on the game overall which can cause people to get very angry.

      I have completed this game and it did not take too long, in terms of updates I highly doubt there would be any for this game in the near future.


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