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Gangstar: West Coast Hustle (iPhone Application)

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    2 Reviews
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      30.08.2010 12:34
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Massively addictive game with great graphics and gameplay

      Gameloft have really come up with a fantastic game here! Watching the loading screen - a car being chased by police cars looks incredibly realistic! It wasn't until the car stopped and you saw the man's eyes reflected in his wing mirror that it was animated, but in a really high quality way.

      I first downloaded the free iPhone app, as I usually do, just to see if I like the game.
      The free app loaded and I was amazed at the gameplay graphics! For anyone who is a fan of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series of games, I can describe this game being very remenisant to the San Andreas scene. Infact, you start off on the beach pier with the ferris wheel at the end.

      The free app only allowed me to drive so far in the game, alot of areas were blocked off, also after completing the few missions on the free game, I couldn't play it any more when loading. I only had the option to buy full version, so I did for only 59p! Bargain!

      **********WHAT IS THIS GAME?**********

      This a game where you are free to roam about the city and do what you wish - within reason. The city has a beach, buildings, houses, gun shops, auto repair shops, clubs.
      You can do missions when you choose, by going to lit up areas on the streets, or by following to your home symbol on the map. You are greeted by your boss, who states your mission via instructions on the screen (if you forget your mission, you can always return to main menu to view your objective).

      **********WHAT ELSE CAN I DO IN THIS GAME???**********

      *You can steel cars and drive around the city
      *Run people over
      *Beat people up for their cash
      *Buy weapons
      *View the map, where am I?
      *Rent Cars - Why rent when you can steal??!!
      *Bribe police
      WHAT CAN'T I DO?
      Unlike the games console games, you can't
      *Go to a fast food place
      *Go on a date
      *Go to the tatoo parlor
      *Get a new hair do
      *Go to the clothes shop and buy new clothes
      *Go to the gym
      *Go to a bar and get drunk
      *Go to a betting shop and place a bet / Go to Casino
      *You can't swim, you drown
      *You can't jump or climb

      Ok, so quite alot you can't do. However, since this is on the iphone I am so suprised at the size of this game - IT'S HUGE!!! The map gets even bigger with every mission completed!

      **********WATCH OUT, HERE COMES THE FILTH!**********
      Ok, so you can't just walk around beating people up, causing chaos without being caught!
      The police WILL be on to you pretty quick, but ha! Unlike console versions you can get rid of them really easy - just run and hide! The map always shows at top left corner of the game (which is great), when you see the police icon flashing at the top left and you decide it's time to leg it, you can see where the police are based on the map! Just avoid going near them and stay out of sight, using the design and angles of the buildings, outta view, outta mind in this case!
      The police in this game are extremely great drivers and are close on your tail - so be fast. If copper on foot, he won't catch you - too many donuts I guess! LOL :)
      If you do get caught, you can bribe police to keep all your weapons if you have accumilated quite a tidy collection.

      **********MY HEALTH IS LOW**********

      No worries, go to the weapon shop and buy a health kit for 75 bucks! If you are too low or can't be bothered to travel, press your map icon and hit services then weapons! So easy!

      **********HIDDEN GOODIES**********
      Around the city you will find random armour, weapons, health kits and cash.
      There are also great placed ramps. Get in a car, get a good distance for speed and up and over!


      The gameplay in this app is very addictive and seems endless because of the freedom you have in this game.In the settings you can choose from a variety of languages

      **********THE GRAPHICS***********
      Oh the graphics have come such a long way since the original Grand Theft Auto on the the playstation one (a birdseye view of your character and the city, which were very basic, but still fun non the less).
      The graphics on this game are quite smooth and fluid. The scenery graphics are very realistic and appealing. The motion in the game and the angles are great. You can adjust and rotate the screen view around by moving your finger around the screen in the angle you wish the screen to move.
      Even little details like street signs I could easily read and well detailed posters!

      **********THE MOVEMENT***********
      This is kept very simple. Move your character around by the curser on screen, moving the ball curser in the direction you wish your character to go.

      Driving motion is very simple too. When you get in a car, two peddles appear at the bottom of the screen, speed and break! Tilt your phone to steer for direction.
      Driving controls can be altered in options;
      Wheel - Wheel, Stick, Motion
      Throttle - Pedals, Stick
      (I found motion and pedals easiest to use)

      **********THE SOUND***********

      Great quality sound of street noises - traffic, people.
      Sounds of hitting when in a fight, gunfire when shooting.
      character voices aren't as good as I had hoped. My character is not very gangster at all!! Just very plain american accent, no hint of street in his voice. I was slightly disappointed!
      The car sounds when driving are quite good, the engine reving. Beeping. I am a bad driver - in this game. Bangs, bumps, crashes all good sounds. I enjoyed people yelling at me to "Get out of the way!"
      Streetching tyres, the lot! Someone is now yelling at me to get out of my car! - I am off!!!

      I have the ability whilst in a car to play my own ipod music on my playlist! This is a great feature!


      59p from iTunes
      Compatible for iphone and iPod.

      **********GAME INFO**********

      Gangstar was made in 2009 by Gameloft
      Version 1.3.6
      Info and support - www.gameloft.com

      ***********WOULD I RECOMMEND**********

      Totally! Love this game! I already persuaded my colleague at work to download it! It is a little piece of GTA on my iPhone :)
      I would say that this game would be suitable for 15+ due to mild violence.
      I rate this 5 out of 5 stars!

      This review also appears on Ciao under my username theguester


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      15.06.2010 17:49
      Very helpful



      not a great app

      Gangster is a GTA style action game , in which you can roman around the virtual world doing missions , stealing cars and taking down your enemies.

      ===Start up===
      The game takes 11 seconds to load up its menu and story video (very similar style to N.O.V.A).
      The video shows a bank heist taking place and then an exciting police chase through the city.
      We have a simple menu with new game and options.
      To start the game proper , get a cup of tea, it takes 49 seconds, however their are no other loading screens and it is a open world.

      The game follows a very similar path to GTA , your a young man in the sunny west coast , turning to crime and gangs for money and respect.
      Their are 6 chapters to the game and took about 30-45 mins for each, unfortunatley once these are done their is no need or want to go around the city, so the longevity past the missions is very small.
      Missions in this game are simplistic and consist of either , steal this car , shoot this person or take out a gang. Side missions are also thrown in such as delivering pizzas and driving a taxi to get more money.
      Money in this game feels as though it has no real use , playing through it I always had a multitude of guns and ammo from the dead gang members and apart from that their is no need for it.
      The cars and weapons are varied all with different aspects , cars handle differently and have a range of speeds. Similarly with guns, some are more powerful than others.

      Mini map and health bars are found in the top corners. To change weapon you only have to tap the weapon to see what others are in your arsenal.
      Controling your character is done by two joysticks, the left one for movement and the right one for shooting. tapping on someone locks the weapon so you can aim better, and unlike N.O.V.A the camera moves with your character so your always looking where you want to , however their is a difference as this is 3rd person and the other is first person.
      When near a car , a little icon appears above the shoot button , allowing you to jump in and have a drive around. The button system then changes to a handy accelerator and brake, The shoot and get in car buttons are then pushed up so they dont get in the way. driving the car is done on a little steering wheel on the left hand side, although you can use the accelarometer.
      You also have a radio playing , but you can also play all the music from your ipod through the game whilst in the cars.

      Repetitive and lacklustre, the mixture of poor storyline and structure , combined with characters I can neither remember nor care for, makes the gameplay tedious.

      Im not gonna lie , this game is a few stages up from lego. Everything is blocky, now its not a huge problem when you think of the scale, but seeing how gameloft have performed in other games. Its a little bit poor.
      The cars and people all have their own look , albeit in the same style.

      The mexican gang stereotype is rife in this game so expect a continous stream of the words homes and essay, this gets very tiring and takes away from the game.
      The guns do flash and make noise , albeit its more of a "pop" than a BANG.

      The game features achievements , these are just finishing certain chapters , kill a certain amount of people and steal so many cars.
      It also has your statistics such as people killed and highest speed.

      Appstore for £2.99 , their is a free version if you want to try it.

      A game with a lot of potential but doesnt come up trumps, other games such as Chinatown wars and Car jack streets do a better job.


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