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Garage Inc (iPhone Application)

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Developer: Breakthrough New Media Inc

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    1 Review
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      13.05.2012 12:13
      Very helpful



      A fun game for the iPhone

      Garage Inc. is a game that I first downloaded a couple of months ago but couldn't really get into at first. I then picked it up again while bored about a month ago and found myself fairly addicted to it for a few weeks. Although it's not the best game in the world ever made, it is a very entertaining game that is great to pick up for a bit every now and then.

      == Garage Inc ==

      In Garage Inc, you play Angelo Marito, who has just moved to Chicago from Italy in what would appear to be the 1920s. You borrow money from a relative to open up a garage where you fix cars in order to make a profit and pay back your cousin. When you play through story mode you go through levels and as you progress you get the ability to hire more and better staff members and make more varied repairs on cars as well as being able to fit more cars in the garage. As Angelo you can run diagnostics on cars, make repairs and then take money from customers when this is finished, but your other workers can only make repairs. This means that you have to manage your time and people well in order to get everything done and not lose any customers who are left waiting too long.

      As well as story mode, there is also 'endless day' mode, in which there are no levels. You play through until you have lost three cars and the only real goal is to beat your own high score. This is the mode that I most often play as I find it more entertaining than story mode and as it lasts longer than a level of story mode, I find it makes my thirty minute bus journey to and from university pass much more quickly.

      == My Thoughts ==

      Garage Inc. is a game that I really enjoy playing and that I found quite addictive for a short while. I am a fan of strategy and time management games as it is but I thought that this was a particularly good one for the category. Story mode is entertaining enough but, as I said, I definitely prefer to play the 'endless day' mode.

      The controls are simple enough with everything been done on the iPhone touch screen. The only real problem with controls is that sometimes workers stand in places that mean it's hard to click on a particular one, especially if you have particularly chubby fingers. Also it can be occasionally irritating when scrolling to other parts of the garage as you can often accidentally click on a worker and move them without meaning to.

      Graphics are decent for the iPhone. They are cartoony but not cheap looking and the style works well for this kind of game. Considering it's only an iPhone time management game you can't expect wonders in the way of graphics but these are attractive enough.

      == In Conclusion ==

      At only 69p, this is a great value game for the iPhone. It's enjoyable and since you can continue to play 'endless day' mode to try to beat your high score for as long as you like, it has excellent longevity. I don't play it as much now as I used to a few weeks ago, but I will keep it on my phone as I imagine that I will return to it at some point in the future. Highly recommended.


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