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Godfinger All Stars (iPhone/iPad)

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    1 Review
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      19.03.2012 19:05
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      A great app which while requires paitence is pretty fun.

      Godfinger is a freemium game that has been developed by ngmoco for both the iPhone and iPad. To play this game it must be noted that you will need an internet connection and a plus account to play, however the account is easy to set up if you don't have one as when you first play the game, it will bring up a screen allowing you to do so. It does require some patience to play the game, as you do have to wait for buildings to be made or to collect a certain amount of money.

      It is like a city building app, except in this world you are the "God" hence the name, of a small cute planet where you are free to build, grow and design your world however you want. When you first get to this planet, it is just a small little rock with a tiny group of followers on, however you are given the task to make this into your own world.

      Your planet requires you to do certain actions, however they can only be done if you have enough mana. You start off with quite a low amount, but for each level that you increase it increases. Every 7 minutes the mana will increase by 1, which can be quite a long time (this is where the patience comes in handy!). However, Awe is where the freemium aspect comes into GodFinger. Awe allows you to purchase batches of mana, complete tasks needed or purchase other items you couldn't afford or have the right level for.

      Awe is quite expensive, below are the prices
      60 Awe Points - £2.99
      225 Awe Points - £8.99
      500 Awe Points - £17.49
      However, there is not only the option to buy it as the world has random advertisements in its little galaxy and generally every time you open the game, you can click it and gain a small amount of Awe. You also gain a small amount if you level up.

      As the ruler of this little planet, you have the ability to control the weather, whether it be making the sun shine, lightning hit or rain fall, which can both alter your planet and power the buildings. Manipulating weather is probably the main thing in GodFinger which will get you money as it is what powers everything.

      However, you can also use it to change the look of your world. Using the different weather patterns will cause flowers and cactuses to grow, turn the floor into grass or dry it into desert. However, if you tap enough there is also the chance to make mountains and pools, as you can shift the land of the world making it higher or lower. Customising your world is quite satisfying as it is fun designing it with huge mountains, little pools and flowers and can take up a lot of time making it into a personalised cute world.

      Make sure that you remember about your little followers to though as they are who gain you money to spend in the game by doing tasks for your buildings. They have to be cared for, yet this is relatively easy, as all it contains is letting them rest at a specialised building or sit by a pond. Followers also have a nice added aspect in that they can level up individually, and while it takes a long time, it definitely is satisfying. There are little bubbles that will appear over their heads and you have to click them before they disappear to add points to their character, and usually they pop up when they are fully rested or have sun and rain put on them.

      However, you are also encouraged to level your world up, with most of the things that you do throughout GodFinger adding to this. All the little actions you do and all the money you earn gain experience, and as you level up it allows you to do more things, get more followers, have more mana and gives you a little bit of Mojo. I think the level is capped at 100, as I've seen people on forums talk about not being able to advance further than this. It seems as if the developers aren't going to add more to this, so this must be the highest you can go. Levelling up definitely takes a long time, as I've played this game for 6 months daily and I've only got to level 97 today.

      The developers have also put little goals for you to achieve, which are quite time consuming and can take a long time to complete as as you get to a higher level they increase in demand. Usually it will be related to having a set amount of buildings, followers, level or money. However, I liked this feature as it gave me something that was motivating other than increasing levels to achieve.

      There isn't much of a focus on the social aspect of the game, and I only have 1 friend in my "galaxy" to play with. You add them through their plus username and then their planet should be available for you to visit when you zoom out of your own planet. Aside from seeing their planet, the game also lets you enchant your friends followers giving a bit of experience points.

      The graphics are great for a game that is free, as while they look quite simple, they are really bright and have detail where it needs to be. It looks like a cute little world, and I like the feature that they have of the ground changing and plants disappearing if you don't water it often enough. There isn't a backing track to go with this game, however they do have little noises the followers will make from time to time.

      Overall, this is a great free game by ngmoco and while it does require patience it's nice to waste a bit of time on as there is quite a bit to keep you entertained, whether it be through levelling followers or your own experience bar, doing goals or just customising your own world. The only downside is that you do have to have the Internet connected to play.


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